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For a great score in Sacramento (1/2 Funds 1.90)

For a great score in Sacramento (1/2 Funds 1.90)
Too far in the handicaps yesterday. But the Under kept us in the coffers. In Portland, Nurkic broke his wrist. In San Antonio the Spurs were ahead 99-91 4 minutes before the end and lost by 4. In our fund the disastrous 4th period paid us after 34 points were scored while in the first period 34 only the Hornets and 35 the Raptors scored!
Let's go to 8 today with two more being postponed. 
Cleveland (+2) - N. York (196.5)  Cleveland comes from 3 defeats and New York from 4. Lead in the ace while in the total points low score with both teams scoring with the dropper. Under 196.5 Cleveland (+2)
Milwaukee - Dallas (+7.5) (228) The match will not be easy for the Bucks. Handicap due to the double but also simple victory with the bomb at 3.40. The existing limit is passable for the Over that we will choose. Dallas (+7.5) Over 228
Boston - Orlando (+3) (213.5) The handicap with the absences of the Celtics is logical. Tatum out but Brown's possible return motivates us for the ace but more towards the low score. Under 213.5 Boston (-3)
Minnesota - Memphis (+1) (224.5) Although we gave the double the day before yesterday for Memphis it is difficult to repeat today. I will close again to Under since it is difficult to see the Grizzlies reach the limits of the day before yesterday's match. Under 224.5 Minnesota (-1)
Oklahoma (+1) - Chicago (224) Chicago is tired of playing away from home since in the last 9 games only one was away. Because most of the games I've seen are probably Bulls I think can get double. Let me say that as long as I wrote the +1 was for Chicago and now they put it to the hosts. The total points are unpredictable and look small for Chicago but big for Oklahoma. Most likely the Bulls will pick up the pace of the match for a big score. Chicago (+1) Over 224
Utah - Atlanta (+6) (227)  Utah did well on its Eastern tour with 3 wins and one loss while the game with Washington was postponed. Atlanta after 4 consecutive defeats beat Philadelphia but of many absences. I do not see it enduring today and ace has the first say. Under also looks good but not to such an extent for a Hawks game. Utah (-6) Under 227
LA Lakers - N. Orleans (+10) (220) Although New Orleans is coming from 4 consecutive defeats, I will prefer it because of a handicap but also in a simple bomb victory with an odds of 5.00 since the participation of Lebron and Anthony Davis is doubtful. The limit on the whole is covered. N. Orleans (+10) Over 220
Sacramento (+7) - LA Clippers (227.5)  Value in both points that I will choose. First the Over with two crazy teams that if they catch performance we will have a great score. The double reservation handicap reason. Over 227.5 LA Clippers (-7)


Milwaukee - Dallas - Dallas (3.40) Bet365
LA Lakers - N. Orleans - N. Orleans (5.00) Bet365

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Date   Event   Forecast   Performance
15/01/21   Minnesota - Memphis
Sacramento - LA Clippers
  Under 224.5 (post)
Over 227
15/01/21   Oklahoma - Chicago
Utah - Atlanta
  Chicago (-1)
Utah (-6)
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