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Important points in the total points (1/2 Funds 3,61)

Important points in the total points (1/2 Funds 3,61)
I will be late to make suggestions. Become a loser with limit changes due to absences.
Nothing yesterday. Only in the Houston Over with Orlando were we close. We wanted a point for the duo while in the bomb Chicago had the opportunity to win the match after the last shot of LaVine from 5 meters with the score at 116-115 found a wreath.
Let's go to today's 8 matches from which there were huge changes today as I wrote at the beginning about the limits due to absences and not. Philadelphia, that is, from a favorite inside, now has a handicap (+5.5)! Out their holy trinity and 3 other players. Charlotte from (-4.5) to (+5.5)! And in total we had changes to our detriment because San Antonio Over 231 became 234. Dallas Under 220.5 became 218,5.
Washington from (+3) to (+7) but Philadelphia went from (+5.5) to (+13.5) !!!
Philadelphia (+13,5) - Denver (214) Philadelhpia continues to have the best streak with 7-2 and 5-0 inside despite the defeat the day before yesterday in Brooklyn with 109-122. The point is that today almost half of the 76ers team will be left out for this and the handicap we see in the hosts. Joel Embiid, Tobias Harris and Ben Simmons until the 11th of the month at least out. What to rely on now and how. In the handicap we do not touch the point seriously and the standard has to do with the absences as I mentioned. Just a priority in the whole.  Under 214 Denver (-13,5)
Charlotte (+5.5) - Atlanta (228) According to the image of the two teams, the total points are drawn. Atlanta's incredible average in attack with 125,8 points in its first 5 games dropped to 3 in its last 97,6 games! The day before yesterday, the two teams in the match between them in Atlanta had a score of 102-94 for Charlotte. Close to his score Charlotte at 105,2 in his last 5 games. In the handicap, the limit and the side on which it exists are logical, but I do not consider it better than the total of points. We will just go with the team that has the best form in the last 2 as the hosts count 2 wins and 2 losses for the guests. In the last 5, however, there remain 2 wins for Charlotte and one for Atlanta. There are no significant absences for both teams but the fact that (-4.5) points for Charlotte became (+5,5) raises suspicions. We can not give anything special to the handicap.  Under 228 Charlotte (+5.5)
Indiana - Phoenix (+3,5) (216) With 6-2 in a row the Pacers come from 2 wins while with 6-3 the Suns come from defeat. The visitors have the worst attack from the top 8 zone of the West with just 109.2 points. But they also have the best defense in the entire NBA, conceding 103.2 points. There is no favorite here and I give priority to the Suns without relying entirely on the help of the handicap. The total points may seem low but Under has the first say in a match that I predict will be judged marginally. Phoenix (+3.5) Under 216
Washington (+7) - Miami (230,5) The last defense of the Eastern Wizards has the worst defense, receiving 122,1 points. Slightly worse than the last team in the West, Minnensota with 121,9. Miami now, in order to escape with a victory through the capital, will have to limit them to the attack, something they did well in Boston yesterday, keeping them very low offensively at 107 points. Difficult match in both points, however, since if the Wizards catch their game, the match will get a crazy rhythm. However, I see Beal not having much help since yesterday, although he did not play as many minutes as he usually does due to the evolution of the score, he scored 41 points in 38 minutes out of 107 in total in Washington. Possible ace despite the characterization of the underdog due to the home team handicap. The difficult thing is that with the Heat they do not exceed 104,4 points offensively in their last 5. How many more to put to escape the score. Rating for Under.  Under 230 Washington (+7)
Milwaukee - Cleveland (+12,5) (221)  We see a low limit for a Bucks match because of Cleveland. They have the 2nd best defense after Finikas as we wrote above with 103,3 points. On the other hand, we have the Milwaukee that puts 124,4 points and receives well above the Cavs average offensively. 102 puts Cleveland and 113,8 accepts Milwaukee. In a match where the guests can be seduced by the rhythm of the Bucks, I do not find the reason why we should not honor a passable limit in the total points. Yesterday with Utah, regardless of whether the Bucks lost, they scored 250 points. A Utah that puts and receives 111 points. I give luck to the ace but I single out as the best point the total of points. Over 221 Milwaukee (-12,5)
Minnesota (+4,5) - San Antonio (234) As we wrote the day before yesterday, LaMarcus Aldrige entered the game for San Antonio after an absence of 3 games and the day before yesterday he had a party in Los Angeles against the Lakers. Top scorer for his team (and game) with 28 points 5 rebounds 3 assists. Demar Derozan with 19 points and 8 assists the day before yesterday, as well as Dejounte Murray with 18 points and 8 rebounds helped the Spurs escape with a victory while they had lost within 2 consecutive times to the Lakers a week ahead. I do not see a better team having a problem against the weak Minnesota that receives 122,1 points. Let me say that tomorrow they will play together again in the same stadium. Although both points have value, I slightly distinguish the handicap and then a total of points. San Antonio (-4,5) Over 234 
Dallas - Orlando (+6) (218.5) It is not to trust Orlando since he cheated the 4-0 streak at the beginning and the 6-2 later. He was dragged from Houston yesterday 90-132 and if we look at his victories almost all against weak teams. Two wins against Washington, two against Cleveland but one against Oklahoma. Only against Miami on the first day, however, it shows that it was probably the most difficult. The Dallas more organized team does not rely on just a couple of players like Orlando who expects everything from Vucevic. He has several three-point shooters apart from Doncic, although the day before yesterday 40% on three-pointers was not better than his previous games. It is very difficult to choose the set of points. I can not psychologize it from both sides. Orlando yesterday deprived us of cash in the Over for one point because in the first half it achieved only 33 points which it achieved only in the 4th period. Let them tell you that you have a limit of Over 222.5 and one team will score 132 points and you will lose it. Unbelievable but it happens after the Magic ate ​​42 points difference in the head! Dallas (-6) Under 218.5
Sacramento (+6) - Portland (237.5) Sacramento did not even come out on the field yesterday in the second half against Toronto. After the 2 of the first half he put 74 in the second and while he was in front of the end of the half 49-74 he lost with 71 points! He shoots Portland. After Washington and Brooklyn, it has the best attack with 21 while it also has the 117th worst defense since it receives 4 points. Many points are accepted by the Kings since with 118 they are slightly better than the two worst defensive teams, Minnesota and Washington. I find the limit in the situation of the two teams reasonable and the Over can be passed. Both points are equally satisfactory. Over 237,5 Portland (-6)
I try to change the boundaries according to developments. If you see different limits somewhere in the match and different in the options, the proposals will change permanently when and when.
Update: 22: 30
As things stand Covid and absences in the first 3 games of the day and especially in the game of Philadelphia we do not deal. I will give some points from the rest
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Date   Event   Forecast   Performance
09/01/21   Indiana - Phoenix
Dallas - Orlando
  Phoenix (+3.5)
Dallas (-6)
09/01/21   Minnesota - San Antonio
Sacramento - Portland
  Over 234.5
Over 236.5
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