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New absolute with 5/5 points with 19.00 odds and Bomba (4.35) by Guru L

It's okay for the extensions to help us somewhere in the funds, not just to break our funds.
The oxymoron is that at a point like Portland with (-8.5) the chances were slim. We do not have to cover handicaps of 2-3 points.
In the final funds to come out and as they say let's go out. Green listings of arranged bets to see.
Today he has 6 games with a difficult selection of points when he has derbies like Dallas - Boston and Clippers - Toronto.
Still unpredictable places with couples like Warriors - Utah and Oklahoma - Houston.
We make a resume and take out what the data gives us.
Detroit - Minnesota (+1.5) Detroit inside has a relatively higher dynamic. Minnesota in the last 4 only won Warriors in overtime but lost to the weak Memphis, easily lost to Milwaukee while yesterday they were defeated in overtime by Denver in a parody match since with that they entered 198 points! However, the match is difficult from every betting point of view with Minnesota counting 5-4 in a row and Detroit 4-6. The set of points has tendencies for high but you do not offer for proposal. Detroit (-1.5) Over 223.5
San Antonio - Memphis (-11) # 224.5 # The Spurs are a clear favorite with the handicap to cover. Memphis with 2-7 streaks and 0-3 out will simply expand the defeats. Spurs, despite losing to Boston the day before yesterday, have a 5-4 run with 4-2 at home. I consider the total points to be a good point despite the pinched limit, since in such matches the points of the weak team are also needed. But here I see the Spurs for over 120 points. San Antonio (-11) Over 223
Boston - Dallas (+4.5) # 218 # The team that has the longest and best duration in its game will win and at this time Boston has these points. I close to the ace speech and the relatively non-existent handicap, while in the whole I have doubts, but I consider that it is gambling and it is interesting. I will be concerned with Over since such teams that do not have a problem scoring can easily cover it. Boston (-4.5) Over 218
N. Orleans (+5.5) - Houston # 242.5 Of course, we should not look so high in terms of total points since I expected it to be lower since the rockets in their last 5 have an average of 113 points in the attack. New Orleans has one more in the last 5 to 114 which I expect somewhere there a little higher to reach today. Sure, we expect these teams a little more than their average, but I say again, I was expecting the whole below, so it's hard to look at Over. The double is much better as a point than this match compared to the whole. Houston (-5.5) Under 242.5
Golden State (+10) - Utah # 212.5 # Here now we have a match with a clear favorite, as the handicap states, but with a team that is only 1-3. On the other hand, the Warriors with the 2-8 series and the 1-4 inside offer as easy prey. The handicap is what makes it difficult to work in such matches, so there is no point in proposing here. In the total points now with the image of Utah the low score will logically make its appearance so one click better the total points. Under 212.5 Golden State (+10)
LA Clippers - Toronto (+10.5) # 222,5 # I also saw yesterday's 10-point handicap as today against the Lakers for Toronto. The champions won, but today again with 10 points on their side in an ambiguous match for me where, possibly, they will not win but will remain in the handicap. With 3-2 away from Toronto while the Clippers within 5-1 series. Here, however, I single out the total points, although the 222 points do not keep pace with the last of the teams. I think it will drop 1-2 points by nightfall. Over 222.5 Toronto (+10.5)
4:15 p.m. As I wrote from the beginning and until I uploaded the column, the 3.5 points in Boston became 4.5 and the 4.5 in Houston became 5.5 while the Under we got in Golden State went down 1 point.
4:30 p.m. There was a change in the handicap of Boston again and he got 3,5 points again but in Stoiximan we got it he had an odds of 1,97 while now at 3,5 in 1,88
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Date Event Forecast Performance
TBU Boston - Dallas
N. Orleans - Houston
Boston (-4.5)
Houston (-5.5)
TBU Golden State - Utah
LA Clippers - Toronto
Under 212.5
Over 222.5
Overall performance
(Total Odds)
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