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Finally a regular season

Finally a regular season
The new season for the NBA starts on Tuesday the 19th of the month and this year after 2 years we will have a complete season. We will say it often every night with suggestions and analyzes most of the time. 
I will mention some details with players and teams in the next day. 
One thing is for sure, this year there will be a wine cellar but with my own percentages in the points.
 As most of you know and especially those of you who are in my facebook group, I do not agree with the changes of the limits to the smallest percentage. That is, I can not choose a triad e.g. and lower or raise the limits depending on the option close to 1.40 and 1.50. I think a limit close to 2.20 is better in either doubles or triples. 
Patience a few more days. 
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