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Three (3) Funds with 8/8 points with 90.00 return from Guru L ___ Fund and from Point Guard

Ray Allen

Suggestions Thursday

Suggestions Thursday

Last day before the all star game with several games. I singled out two doubles with handicaps and sets of points.

In handicaps, Boston is the favorite in the match against Toronto and the coverage of the handicap.

Something similar in the Phoenix - Golden State match with the given absences of Curry and Green for the warriors.

In the set of points I chose the Over from the matches Indiana - Denver and San Antonio - Oklahoma. 

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Date   Event   Forecast   Performance
04/03/21   Boston - Toronto
Phoenix - Golden State
  Boston (-8.5)
Phoenix (-11.5)
04/03/21   Indiana - Denver
San Antonio - Oklahoma
  Over 227.5
Over 219.5
Overall performance
(Total Odds)

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