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Barcelona-Efes Anatolia : Lucky Ataman the day before yesterday. Itoudis is about to end his career. Tragic management by the Turkish coach. As long as the player Micic endured, everything was fine. She left him in for almost 37 minutes because she simply did not know what to do if she took him out. When the man burst out and came out with a foul at 37 the ball was lost. My opinion is that he is a mediocre coach and the Spaniards have the weapons to face him. The Spaniards are a better team while the Turks have tremendous points. Kalathis' injury is a problem and even if he plays, it is unknown in what situation he will appear, but I believe that there are solutions beyond him. I expect a game with over 162,5 points. So my first choice is a combination bet with Barcelona winning and over 162.5 at odds of 4,35. I also believe today that it is time for Mirotic to make a difference and I expect him to be the top scorer of the match at odds of 4,00, XNUMX.

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Date   Event   Forecast   Performance
30/05/21   Barcelona-Anadolu Efes   1 & over 162.5   4.35
30/05/21   Barcelona-Anadolu Efes   Mirotic top scorer   4,00
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