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Box (5.00) with 5/6 points by Guru L

Guru L

Set of atalant football players

** Finland - Russia: (St. Petersburg) The presence of Russia in the first match against Belgium was so disappointing that it makes you wonder. Without beginning, middle and end with striking weaknesses that start from the defensive line and end a bad set of atalant footballers. Finland got a big double from Denmark in the first game, with all the unbalanced factors at this juncture advocating in their favor. We are talking about a collision of football icebergs. The seat will decide in favor of Russia. - 2 -.

** Turkey - Wales: (Baku) Turkey could not meet in the first match against Italy with the whole team set up behind the center, it was just a matter of time. The bad thing for Turkey is that it did not find conditions, except for a phase in the last minutes, in the offensive part. Wales on the other hand Wales which is a team that will have the opportunity to look for two or three phases in the match… and whatever arises. I can not psychograph them, on them, no money, no buttons.

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** Italy - Switzerland: (Rome) Writing samples from Italy against Turkey with its record now recording 23 wins 5 draws with (77-7) goals in the last 28 games from September 10, 2018. Against Turkey took a walk with the main feature of high pressure from the center and in front with double and treble team stealing very easily balls that ended in counters (see third goal).

Turkey, by conceding the first goal, increased the distances in the lines, where Italy showed how dangerous it is when it finds empty spaces with the speed and excellent technical training of its players, an element that will benefit and make a difference. in knockout games.

Spinazzola was the most influential player in the Italian national team, although with the opposite foot, he took many attacks, stepped on an area creating cracks, and he was the one who changed the balance in the opponent's defense, and the rhythm of the game. I always had the question, why did Juventus leave him?

On the other hand, Switzerland left very good impressions, despite the final 1-1 with Wales with Embolo being the difference player (in all phases). Fast, strong, he knows the ball, I would put him in the 2-3 players who had a special presence in their team in the first games of the groups.

Finally, Switzerland has 5-6 first line players, and the match will not be easy for Italy alone, with its headquarters giving an additional psychological advantage. Italy Over 1.5 and - 1 -.

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PM17:00 ** Anglianese - Prato: (Italy | Serie D) Top balances are recorded by Anglianese coming from 3 wins, having a record of 7 wins and 1 defeat in the last 8 games. Prato is a mediocre image with 3 victories in the last 10 games. He embraced Over 1.5 and - 1 -.

19: 00 ** Bodo Glimt - Stromsgodset: Bodo Glimt reached the top with a record of 5 wins, 1 draw and 1 defeat. After 2 defeats and 1 draw, Stromsgodset managed to win coming from 2 Over 2.5. Bodo Glimt Over 1.5, in total Over 2.5 and - 1 -.

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** Molde - Sarpsborg: Molde without the required rhythm (only 2 wins in a row) in 7 games. The (17-9) goals in the 7 mentioned above show ease in defensive attack. With 3 draws 1 win 1 defeat Stromsgodset.

PM21:00 ** Fram - Throttur Reykjavik: (Iceland | 1. Deild) Fram scored 19 goals in 6 matches with 6/6 victories. (10-14) goals in the same 6 games by Throttur Reykjavik with 6/6 G / G & Over 2.5 of which 5 Over 3.5. Habits do not change. Over 3.5

** Keflavik - Kopavoyur: (Iceland | vrvalsdeild) From 4 Over 2.5 comes Keflavik, from 6 G / G with 5 Over 2.5 comes Kopavogiur. Over 2.5

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** Valerenga - Aud: Valerenga puts eating (G / G) in 6 of the 7 games so far with (13-11) goals coming from 3 G / G & Over 2.5. Od gave two fewer games with 1 win 2 losses 2 draws. Over 2.5

PM21:15 ** Widad Casablanca - Kemi Zemamra: (Morocco) Ra two ends of the standings with Widad Casablanca remaining at 1η position coming from 3 wins and undefeated in the last 9 games with its attack scoring 41 goals in 21 games. After 5 defeats and 1 draw, Wintad Kemi Zemamra managed to win the last game, having 8 defeats and 2 victories in 10 outings. Widad Casablanca Over 1.5, in total Over 2.5 and - 1 -.

PM22:00 ** Ceramic Cleopatra - Al Masri: (Egypt) With 10 G / G in the last 12 races, Ceramic Cleopatra. G / G in the last 6 except Al Masri with (10-10) goals. G / G

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PM23:15 ** Valur Reykjavik - Braidablik: (Iceland | vrvalsdeild) Braidablick's 16 goals in 7 games are the best offensive performance. Valur Reykjavik is coming out of 2 unsuccessful. Bradley Over 1.5, G/G & Over 2.5

PM23:30 ** Itihad Tanger - Raya de Casablanca: (Morocco) Itihad Tanger scores in the last 6 home games with 5 G / G with (10-10) goals. Raya de Casablanca has scored 10 goals in its last 5 away matches. G/G

PM03:00 ** At America | USL win Rio Grande and Charlotte Independent.

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Date   Event   Forecast   Performance
16/06/21   Italy - Switzerland
Wydad Casablanca - Renaissance Zemamra
Value - Breidablik
  Italy (Over 1.5)
Wydad Casablanca (Over 1.5)
Breidablik (Over 1.5)
16/06/21   Bodlim / Glimt - Strømsgodset
Fram - Throttur
Vålerenga - Odd
  Over 2.5
Over 3.5
Over 2.5
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