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Σήμερα Premiere today at EURO with Turkey - Italy at Olimpico in Rome. A very different tournament with objective difficulties that will be held in 12 different cities with the final phase ending with the semifinals and the final in London.

Πρώτη My first assessment is as follows:

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** Italy: It is known that I have been an Italian national team player since I was a small child. I have adored this team, I had influences that decided my choices, in general the culture, the style, all this magic with the good and the bad at the end of the story that Squadra Azzurra has is unique. In my opinion, the Italian footballers are by far the most intelligent in the world, as well as that the Italian coaches are the best in the world.

But because in betting the emotion is prohibitive, we will go to a realistic basis taking into account the available statistics and the offered odds for winning the EURO.

We are dealing with a team whose last defeat was on September 10, 2018 in Portugal (1-0). Since then he has been undefeated in 27 games with 22 wins and 5 draws with a very positive goal ratio that he hears in the amazing (74-7), coming from 8 consecutive wins with (25-0) goals.

Immobile, who finished this year with 20 goals and 6 assists in Serie-A, is the one who will shoulder the offensive weight. The price offered on Imobile for the top scorer of the tournament can be found at 20.00 francs.

To win the tournament, Italy fell from 12.00 to 10.00. Winner and top scorer, Italy & Immobile pays 105.00 odds.

Finally, it is worth mentioning last year's statement-confidence of Roberto Mancini who shortly before the final postponement of the tournament stated that: "Whether it happens this year or next year, we will take it".

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** France: Has the best, most quality roster by far of the tournament. The truth is that France as the first favorite has taken a lot of play on it, that automatically an exclusion of it, will do good to all of Buk. I'm skeptical, I do not like this slow stick of theirs, the boring type, the arrogant one, without wanting to underestimate them, and to question their favoriteness.

** England: The semi-final and the final will be held in London, a big lure for England which is clearly one of the best England in its history. He has the rebound H. Kane who finished this year in the Premier with 23 goals and 14 assists, just one of the big favorites for top scorer. Winner and top scorer, England & H. Kane at 28.00 odds.

** Portugal: Very strong team, knows how to defend as few. The talent abounds from the center and in front with names like Bruno Fernandes who has been eyeing Manchester United for 1.5 years. In this season he finished with 18 goals and 12 assists in the Premier. Also Diogo Zota with great numbers having 9 goals in 19 Premier games. Κρ. Ronaldo, Andre Silva, Z. Felix complete the loss of the ball. I expect a lot.

** Belgium: Without De Bruyne and Azar, or rather with De Bruyne coming from injury and Azar not reminiscent of the old Azar, I see things very vaguely for Belgium.

** Germany: Something is playing with Lev. The team does not justify confidence, with strong defensive weaknesses and a team that has quality solutions from the center and in front, with questionable final finals that will be challenged as it has been for quite some time.

** Spain: And here the instability of Spain as stated by the 4 victories in the last 9 matches that he gave is not reminiscent of the trusted Spanish National Team of the recent past. I do not have it for many things.

** Netherlands: It will not be an easy task for anyone, if Van Dyke was available, we would have another conversation.

** Denmark: If we were talking about a possible underdog Denmark would be my first choice, as a team with just 2 defeats (both from Belgium) in the last 2 games it has given since September 28. 'As usual most major tournaments have an underdog in the final four. Similar cases are covered by present-day Denmark.

. In general any prediction is dangerous, especially in such a tournament that is special conditions. We will have a first taste on the grass, with the conversation being followed by the image of the teams.

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Let's go to today.

** Turkey - Italy: The premiere is always difficult, especially for the favorite. In this case, Italy faces Turkey in Rome, which comes from a positive series with 4 wins and 2 draws. We said the above about Italy coming from 22 wins 5 draws with (74-7) goals. Tufan, Tsalhanoglou, Yilmaz, that Turkey of Gunes has the best. We keep it Italy Over 1.5, in total Over 2.5, to score Imobile. - 2 -.

The rest

PM20:00 ** Energy-BGU Minsk - Gomel: After 5 defeats and 3 draws, Energetic-BGU Minsk managed 2 victories, escaping from the last group of the scoreboard. Gomel is consistently good with 5 wins, 2 draws and 1 defeat in the last 8 away games. Gomel Over 1.5, in total Over 2.5 and - 2 -.

** Liverpool Montevideo - South America: (Uruguay) With 3 wins, 1 defeat in the last 4 matches with its attack to score at least 2 goals per game, Liverpool Montevideo. Sud America has not scored in the last 2 matches with 1 defeat, 1 draw, with its attack scoring only 3 goals in the last 4 games. Liverpool Montevideo Over 1.5 and - 1 -.

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PM21:30 ** Bray - Selbourne: Selbourne is undefeated with 7 wins and 3 draws with (22-9) goals. Moderate image from Bray who won only 1 of the 4 home games. Selbourne Over 1.5 and - 2 -.

PM21:45 ** Galway United - Athlown Town: The teams put eating with (14-13) and (16-12) goals in the 10 games they gave. Over 2.5

** UCD - Comp Ramblers: Only from Selbourne did UCD lose with 5 wins and 4 draws in the other games of the league. The 25 goals of UCD in the offensive part is the best performance of the league. With 4 defeats and 1 victory in the 5 most recent, Comp Ramblers is in the penultimate position of the standings. At least 2 goals per game are scored by UCD in 8 of 10 games. UCD Over 1.5 and - 1 - .

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** Dundalk - Waterford: (6-30) goals with 12 defeats 2 wins in 14 league matches Waterford. Just 2 defeats for Dundalk in the last 10 games. 1 & Over 2.5

** Derry City - Bohemians: The easy goal characterizes Bohemians with 23 goals in 14 games. In the last 5 he scored 15 goals with 4 wins and 1 loss. Derry City has not won in 7 home matches. Bohemians Over 1.5, G / G, in total Over 2.5 and - 2 -.

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Date   Event   Forecast   Performance
11/06/21   Turkey - Italy
Liverpool M. (URU) - South America
UCD - Cobh Ramblers
  Italy (Over 1.5)
Liverpool M. (URU) (Over 1.5)
UCD (Over 1.5)
11/06/21   Energetyk-BGU - Gomel
Galway United - Athlone Town
Derry City - Bohemians
  Over 2.5
Over 2.5
G / G
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