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Ancelotti: "Juve in the final"

Ancelotti: "Juve in the final"

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~ The coach of Bayern Munich, just before the press conference in view of the premiere of the top inter-club competition, took a bigger "look" at Italian football.

Carlo Ancelotti spoke on the "Radio Anch'io Sport" show of the Italian radio station "Radio 1" and referred to the current team of Bayern Munich, the former Juventus, Milan and Francesco Totti.

When Carlo Ancelotti speaks to the Italian media, it is impossible not to mention, even a small one, the national team and the possibility of taking over the technical leadership.

«Who knows; It is the realization of my greatest desire to work every day with footballers. Working three days a month with a team is not something that excites me. "

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Chapter 1o: Milan

Regarding the transfer of Milan's shares, with which he wrote the most important chapter of his career so far, he said to the Chinese: "It is the end of a cycle. The circle of a great president like Berlusconi. There is a tendency to forget what he offered to football, in Milan in particular, what he achieved will remain unrepeatable. There is a new ownership status and we hope, I hope, that they have the will, the desire and the enthusiasm to bring the club back to a high level.».

Chapter 2: Juventus

«Juventus will be the protagonist until the end of this year's Champions League. Whether he wins the trophy will depend on one point and then a few details. Two years ago he reached the final, last year he was eliminated at 16 by Bayern", While a special mention was made of Gonzalo Higuain"He was born to score, he did it everywhere and he will do it at Juventus».

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Chapter 3: Bayern

«It's a great club with a great organization, led by former footballers and that's what makes the difference. The fact that Rummenigge is president is a big advantage for locker rooms. It's a family. The environment is as it once was in Milan».

As for the premiere against Russian Rostov, he said that "made excellent qualifiers and eliminated Ajax, which is not easy. They are a tough team, well organized, without top-level players but solid.»

Regarding the goal of the season, the Italian coach stated: "We dream and we want to reach, like everyone else, the final and then win the title»

As for the differences between the Bundesliga and the Championship "... in Germany they have great infrastructure, stadiums always full and people having fun. German football requires a very good level of fitness because it has a very high pace. But football is now globalized and little by little there are no differences. "

Chapter 4: Totti

The discussion did not lack the reference to the emblematic leader of Roma, Francesco Totti. «They taught me one thing. Others will not tell you when to stop, you will decide. The same was true for Maldini, the same was true for Francesco. He has the desire to play and he has to play. It's nice for the sport to see players of this level still active».

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The climate in Paris Saint-Germain has deteriorated

Unai Emery's move to leave Hatem Ben Arfa out of action for the match against Arsenal dug up the ax of the war in Paris Saint-Germain.

Big ships, big storms, say the thymosophical people, and in the case of Paris Saint-Germain, a glove fits. The atmosphere inside the French champions is not good at all, as two new acquisitions are now openly challenging Unai Emery.

Shortly after the murmurs of Jesse Rodriguez, who openly commented after the game with St. Etienne, where a change was made in the 57th minute, that: "I did not come here from Real Madrid to be a substitute for anyone", came the turn of Hatem Ben Arfa.

Unai Emery, who last week said he was unhappy with the Frenchman's appearances ("in Nice he made the difference individually, but here he has to work more together. I'm not happy with his contribution to the defense") was ruled out. for technicians from the match with Arsenal to dig up the ax of war.

How Ben Arfa's environment reacted. With a leak that said, "Emery must stop treating Hatem as if he were no child." War…

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Definitely knock-out in the premiere of the Champions League, Mitroglou

The Greek forward remains injured and was "cut" by the Portuguese mission for tomorrow's game.

Costas Mitroglou was finally knocked out of the premiere of the Champions League.

The Greek striker has not overcome the annoyances of the players, a problem that he acquired from the game of the National Team with Gibraltar and is not in the mission for tomorrow's opening game with Besiktas.

Normally, the "elite" of the Portuguese is our other compatriot, Andreas Samaris.

Ronaldo: "Real is a big challenge to win the Champions League again this year "

Cristiano Ronaldo appeared optimistic, claiming that Real Madrid can lift the Champions League again this year.

Cristiano Ronaldo returned to the field eagerly, scoring a goal against Osasuna just in the 6th minute of the match. As he stated in the Spanish "Marca", he is convinced that the "merengues" can keep the scepter of the European champion this season as well.

«It is a great challenge in which Real can come out victorious again. We know it's a difficult event, nothing is easy. We have to go game by game starting with the groups that I think we are in a pretty difficult groupSaid the Portuguese.

«For me it is a special match against Sporting Lisbon, they have a good team and a very good coach. It will be a difficult game for us».

They will raise 30.000 flags of Catalonia

Their team may have been penalized again in the past, but Barcelona fans will raise 30.000 Catalan flags in the match against Celtic on Tuesday.

Barcelona, ​​in combination with local players, will give 30.000 Catalan flags to the fans who will watch the game against Celtic for the first match of the Champions League groups.

The goal is to post every 17 minutes and 14 seconds of each half, a number that dates back to 1714. On September 11 of that year, the Catalan troops were defeated by King Felipe V's forces.

The Catalans' initiative is symbolic and aims at freedom of expression, following UEFA's punishment of Barcelona for displaying the same flag in the 2015 Champions League final. The European Football Association imposed a € 30.000 fine on Spain, as it bans the display of political symbols. However, this does not seem to discourage the "blaugrana", although they are expected to be punished once again.

Lakazet is unlucky, a month out

Alexander Lacazette will be out for at least a month due to injury in the match against Bordeaux.

Alexander Lakazet was unlucky in Saturday's game against Bordeaux. As if the defeat for Lyon were not enough, the 25-year-old striker suffered a thigh injury. No official opinion has been given yet, but initial estimates suggest that they will be out of action for at least a month.

Lacazette's executive ability will be greatly missed by Lyon's team and valuable ground is expected to be lost in the battle for the title with Paris Saint-Germain.

This season has started dreamily for the Frenchman, who has already scored 6 goals in 3 league matches, more than any other player in the 5 biggest leagues in Europe.

€ 609 record revenue for Man. United

Revenue for the record amount (for an English club) of 609 million euros was announced for 2016 by Man. United. Mammoth compensation to Van Haal.

What if he didn't win a major title or even made it to the Champions League? Mann. United showed its huge commercial power by announcing that in 2016 it had a total revenue of 609 million euros!

It is the first English club to break the half-billion-pound barrier. United's revenue increased by 467 million euros compared to 2015 and its net profit amounted to 81,4 million euros!

The "explosion" in the team's income is attributed to the conquest of the English Cup, but mainly to the increase in television revenues and the announcement of 14 new sponsorship agreements.

At the same time, it became known that 9,9 million euros were needed for the dismissal of Louis van Gaal and his associates.

The club's total debt as of June 30, 2016 was estimated at 308m euros, more than 6,7m euros compared to last year.

However, the global revenue record still belongs to Barcelona, ​​which in July announced that it had put 674 million euros in its coffers for this year's use.

Anyway, 14,5 million Euros for Jovetic

Jovetic's participation with Pescara makes his purchase mandatory by Inter.

Stevan Jovetic came on as a substitute in the 75th minute of Inter's match against Pescara, but that short time was enough to activate the clause in the Nerazzurri's agreement with Manchester City. According to Calciomercato, last summer, when the Montenegrin moved to Milan on loan for 18 months, a clause was introduced in his contract which provided that with his first participation for the 2016/17 season his transfer would become permanent against the amount of 14,5 million euros.

Even if he didn't play a minute, Inter would have to buy him anyway if they were above the relegation zone in December, if we believe the Italian media's information.

It remains to be seen whether the use of Jovetic by De Boer means that the player is considered normal, given that in the summer there were rumors that he was for sale.

Wenger: "Let's give Lucas some time"

Arsene Wenger raised the "shield" of protection for Lucas Pereth after the match of Arsenal against Southampton, emphasizing that the Spanish striker wants time to adjust.

Luke Pereth was far from his good self in his debut with the Arsenal shirt against Southampton and was at the center of criticism, both from the British media and from the friends of the "gunners".

Nevertheless, Arsene Wenger made sure to immediately defend the Spanish striker, emphasizing that he needs credit time and a reasonable period of adjustment.

"Let's give Lucas some time. We have scored a lot since the beginning of the season, but we have brought in another striker, because we thought we needed reinforcements. Let's give him time and not judge him so quickly ", he initially stated on the Arsenal site and added:

"I hope he scores a lot of goals. I think he had 17 last season. In the second half, I think he worked much better. It's not that easy to make your home debut. There is a lot of pressure and everyone had their eyes on him. "

Schweinsteiger will receive mammoth compensation of 8 million euros

Title ends in the collaboration of Bastian Schweinsteiger with Manchester United, with the German midfielder getting ... crazy money as compensation. See how many.

It was a matter of time.

Bastian Schweinsteiger was not considered by Jose Mourinho at Manchester United, with the German midfielder hoping to convince the Portuguese coach that he still has things to "give" things to the team.

In vain, though.

The "red devils" are expected to announce the termination of their cooperation with the 32-year-old, who, however, does not leave the English North with empty hands.

Schweinsteiger, therefore, will receive a mammoth compensation of 8 million euros! In fact, at the time when United had been disbanded a few months ago, when they had given 10 million euros to Van Haal, in order for the Dutchman to leave, to be replaced by "Special One".

The German midfielder will be released soon, although it is not ruled out that, as they write in his homeland, he will hang up his football shoes.

Research for the transfer of Arthur Mazuaku

West Ham officials are investigating to find a person who has received more than a million pounds and is not in agreement with the transfer of Mazuako to Olympiacos.

Investigators of West Ham have been conducting an investigation into the transfer of Arthur Mazuaku from Olympiacos in recent days.

According to British media reports, the president of the English team and other members of its board believe that they have paid at least one million pounds more than the agreement they had and it is written in the official documents of the transfer.

In fact, the "Daily Mail" claims that a few days ago they sent to Athens a person who will investigate if this information is correct. What they want to find from the English team is whether there is a person who has received money for the transfer, which is not listed in the official documents that have been signed.

"By order of President David Sullivan and Secretary Andrew Pincher, the researcher has been charged with trying to identify who received the contract as there is a fear that the price for Mazuaku will be inflated," the report said.

"It is estimated that the hierarchy in the team wants to make sure that the transfer was done properly by both sides of the agreement.

Greek football is in chaos with the championship being delayed as the government tries to end corruption. Also, the participation of the president of Olympiacos, Vangelis Marinakis, as a member in a system of set up games is being investigated by justice ", the relevant publication concludes.

Rotation by Souza with PAOK

According to the Florentine press, Paulo Souza is expected to make a rotation in Fiorentina in the match against PAOK, since the derby with Roma follows.

With several different faces, Fiorentina is expected to line up in Thursday's match against PAOK in Toumba.

According to the Florentine press, Paulo Souza is focused on giving breath to several of his "key players" and using a mix of eleven, with 5-6 players who are usually out of the starting line-up.

So, in the end, it is possible that instead of Tataroussanos, one of Lecerini or Dragowski will play, in the defense, De Mayo and Salsedo, in the center, Vecino, and in the attack, Kieza, Bernandeski and Babacar.

A football player "extinguished" on the field in France

International football player with Burkina Faso, Ben Intrisa Derme, who suffered a heart attack during a match in Corsica, passed away at the age of 34.

34-year-old footballer Ben Intrisa Derme, who suffered a heart attack on the field, lost his life in the battle.

The international with Burkina Faso "extinguished" during a match for the third round of the French Cup held in Corsica, despite the superhuman efforts of the medical team of the teams and the stadium.

The 34-year-old collapsed on the field a few minutes after the start of the second half and was taken to hospital, where he was pronounced dead.

Dermé has had a long career in lower division teams in France and his last stop was the sixth division club, AJ Biguglia.

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