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Announces Werner

Announces Werner

Chelsea are expected to officially announce the transfer of Timo Werner in the next few days, whose theoretical deadline of 53 million pounds has expired.

According to reports in England, Chelsea will announce the German striker much earlier, but due to ... a corona, it was not possible. Because Werner was not examined by Chelsea's medical team, which due to quarantine could not fly to Germany, nor, of course, the striker, not Leipzig, could not go to London.
However, everyone thinks that the issue is closed and the announcement is just left.

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Leipzig decided not to count on Timo Werner for the Champions League.

August may seem far away, but Leipzig already know that they cannot count on Timo Werner to continue their efforts in the Champions League.

According to the report of "Bild", the management of the team cannot rely on the German striker, as his transfer to Chelsea has essentially been completed and from the moment the championship in Germany is completed, he will leave.

His next club is still in the competition, but the exclusion seems to be a given with the 3-0 defeat in London by Bayern Munich.

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UEFA wants to "compensate" Turkey in some way

The European Confederation is expected to determine the final of the 2021 Champions League at the Olympic Stadium in Istanbul.

UEFA is expected to proceed with changes in the seats of the Champions League finals in the next four years.

As it is known, due to the pandemic, the European Confederation will transfer the seat of this year's final (scheduled to take place in Istanbul), to Lisbon, which will be formalized at the meeting of the Executive Committee on Wednesday (17/6).

According to the latest information, UEFA wants to "compensate" Turkey in some way, setting the final of 2021 at the Olympic Stadium in Istanbul. In such a case, the next finals will go back a year, which means that in St. Petersburg it will take place in 2022, in Munich in 2023 and in London in 2024.

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We will have a return of fans from September, according to the Times.

According to the Times, we will have the return of the fans on the stands of the English stadiums from September. The English federation is doing its best to enable the fans to attend the stands.

According to the Times, from the end of September, there will be a trial period for the distances between the world. This way they will be able to see if the fans can coexist harmoniously next to each other again.

The Premier League returns on Wednesday (17/6) and everyone's wish is for the world to return to the field as soon as possible.

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Diney: "There's definitely at least one gay or bisexual in every football team."

Troy Diney made very controversial statements that will be discussed if nothing else.

Troy Diney does not mince his words and is not afraid to speak openly about taboo issues in football.

After his statements about his refusal to play, the Watford ace spoke about homosexuality and bisexual male footballers, emphasizing that there is at least one in each team.

In detail his statements:

"There is definitely at least one gay or bisexual in every football team. Definitely there are! 100%! I think they are certainly worried about being able to come forward and be the first to say so. As soon as the first one does, a big wave will come. As soon as one comes out, another 100 will come. They just don't want to be the first. "

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Ancelotti wants Thiago Silva

Carlo Ancelotti wants to make Thiago Silva a resident of Liverpool on behalf of Everton.

After 8 years in Paris Saint-Germain, the experienced Brazilian defender, Thiago Silva, will terminate his contract on July 1.

According to reports in Italy, Carlo Ancelotti's Everton offered the 35-year-old a one-year contract with an extension option for another one with the discussions between the two sides continuing.

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London's "Blues" cost Zorzinho and Marcos Alonso close to 80 million euros

Juventus has long been known for its interest in Zorzinho. But now he also wants Marcos Alonso, while he is ready to give Chelsea two players plus money.

According to "Calciomercato", the Torino team wants to strengthen with the two Chelsea players for the new year and in order to succeed, it is willing to give two players and money.

London's "Blues" cost Zorginio and Marcos Alonso close to 80 million euros, with Juventus considering offering Federico Bernandeschi and Adrian Rabio plus money to be able to "close" the agreement.

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Kaiserslautern is experiencing the worst moments of its history

The historic team, with the four German leagues, has applied to the regional court.

The "red devils", who are now competing in the third division of Germany, have debts that exceed 20 million euros and for this reason they filed for bankruptcy in the competent regional court of the city.

"In the 82 days that football has not been played due to the pandemic, the situation has worsened significantly. The aim of the process is to quickly repair the financial damage, "said the group's chief executive, Soren Oliver Wight.

For his part, General Manager Dirk Eichelbaum gave the slogan for the future: "The bankruptcy petition must be considered an opportunity. That is the starting point for Kaiserslautern, "he said.

One of the people who has associated his name with the team is Otto Rehhagel, as with him at the helm, Kaiserslautern in 1998 became the first team in Germany to win the Bundesliga championship as a newcomer. In total, he has four championships, two cups and a German Super Cup.

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"Apart from some players, I don't think we have key players and substitutes."

The Barcelona coach spoke ahead of the match against Leganes and stressed that the fact that one player was playing in one match does not mean that he will play in the next one.

Barcelona coach Kike Setien spoke about the players he will use against Leganes in the press conference ahead of the match.

The Blaugrana coach stressed that, with few exceptions, there are no key or substitute players in the team, while he also referred separately to Suarez and Griezmann.

"Apart from some players, I don't think we have substitutes and substitutes. The fact that they played in the first match does not mean that they will play in the second. There will be a lot of rotation. I want the whole roster to participate and I want everyone to be ready, he stressed.

"Griezmann has played in almost every game. It is true that there are more players now, and the minutes should be shared. We will see how the event goes. Griezmann will continue to play a leading role, he is a very important player ", he said for the French forward.

"I have not decided whether Suarez will start. It is a choice. We'll see. I need to talk to him. We have to be careful with him, because he has suffered a lot of injuries, "he added.

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Criticism and self-criticism from Napoli's boss

Aurelio Del Laurentiis lit fires in view of the final Cup between Napoli and Juventus. The president of Napoli put up with the former coach of the "partenopei" and now of the "bianconeri", Mauricio Sari.

"He angered me with his excuses and led me to change coach even though he had a two-year contract. Until the last game, it created uncertainty in the team. Everyone says that we had an unforgettable season with him, but in football you also need an excellent manager to succeed. Who brought Cavani, Matsari, Benitez and Higuain here? Sari? But when I chose them, I saw people protesting against me, "said the Napoli bomber.

At the same time, he called Carlo Ancelotti a wrong choice for the successive situation. "He reminded me of my father, he is a very sweet man, a football philosopher, but I had to understand that he is not made for the football that people want in Naples. I made a mistake with his choice ", said Da Laurentis, who has now chosen for the bench the most compatible with his tastes, Gennaro Gattuso.

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Favre: "Haaland Continuing to play Haland can be dangerous"

Lucien Favre wants to be careful with Erling Haland, as the risk of being "burned" by consecutive games is not negligible

Erling Haland's dedication and thirst for racing and training has driven Lucien Favre crazy. However, the Dortmund coach advised the young striker to manage his strengths, as this is an important factor in football.

After all, there are many cases of young players who started their careers impressively and in the process "burned". So, Favre wants to be careful to have an attacker with the Norwegian.

"I think everyone knows we need a center forward behind Haland. It makes sense, as Erling is only 19 years old. It makes sense to get tired when we have 3 games in a week. He cannot do everything alone.

It is still in a process of maturation. He has been injured twice since he came to us and that is something we need to be careful about. Continuing to play can be dangerous.

He has to figure it out himself, as it doesn't make sense for a player to play non-stop. We need Haland in every match, but what matters is that he is healthy.

I like his mentality, I like that he wants to play and win all the time. But he must learn to manage some things. He has a lot of future ahead of him and if he is healthy he will do incredible things. "

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Press Releases

Champions League again! City - Real and Juve - Lyon with 0% rake!

The action in Champions project League returns with two great games! Manchester City - Real and Juventus - Lyon, with the English and the French having gained the lead, after the first games. As for the match of Real, the "merengues" had been defeated in front of their audience by City (1-2) and they must win in order to hope. It is recalled that the two teams had met in the semifinals of the institution in the period 2015-16, when Real Madrid had qualified and finally won the prestigious trophy.

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Regarding the game in Turin, Juventus seems capable of overcoming the obstacle of Lyon that had been imposed with a score of 1-0 on French soil. Tradition shows a "bianconeri" with three wins in four games.

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The summer is hot with the big games in the Champions League and Europa League playing at Pamestoixima.gr with 0% rake * and super odds! The 16 phase of the Champions League is completed in the middle of the week, with the replay of the matches! Manchester City - Real Madrid, Bayern - Chelsea, Juventus - Lyon and Barcelona - Napoli are games that take your breath away and magnetize the interest of all football fans!

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The phase of 16 is completed at the Europa League level, however! THE Olympic will compete on English soil and its headquarters Wolves, seeking qualification for the next round. Copenhagen - Basaksehir, Leverkusen - Rangers, Shakhtar - Wolfsburg, Basel - Eintracht and Manchester City G. - Lincer are the other repeaters, while the games Inter - Getafe and Sevilla - Rocheh will be Duisburg, respectively).

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First League Cup and then NBA!

Summer is hot in Pamestoixima.gr with football and basketball! Today's coupon is dominated by the big French final of the League Cup at the "Stand de France" but also the reappearance of Giannis Antitokoumbo on the floor.

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At 22:10 Paris Saint-Germain and Lyon compete for the League Cup trophy. Tuhel's team wants to ideally close the "stumped" during the other seasons with a treble. The big news, of course, is none other than the injury of Killian M 'Bape. The French star will be absent after the hard marking he received in the victory and conquest of the French Cup, 1 week ago. Life and death matches for the mediocre, this year, Lyon. Finished at 7η position of the championship, which means that she only needs a victory to be able to put a European ticket in her suitcases. The big battle of the French League Cup is being played at Pamestoixima.gr with 0% rake *!

For the… overnighters, Giannis Antetokounbo returns to action tonight (01:30). Today's program may start at 9:30 with the matches Nets - Magic, Wizards - Suns and Blazers - Grizzlies, but the match of the day is the match between the Bucks and the Celtics. John returns to action after a while and is ready for a rich spectacle. The menu of betting options with over / under players is also rich.

Will Giannis manage to exceed 27 points? Will Tatum exceed the 23 point limit? In the Pamestoixima.gr you will find markets from its magical world NBA with super odds!

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Napoli - Inter with 0% rake and Serie A with Victory Boost!

The temperature rises to Pamestoixima.gr me Series A! The Italian championship is essentially the only major European championship left. The penultimate match starts tonight with 2 matches, Parma - Atalanta and Inter - Napoli.

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Pamestoixima.gr takes you to Milan. Where Inter and Napoli clash. Two teams belonging to the Italian elite. After securing the title from Juventus, the hosts have no hopes for the title, but have returned to second place after the draw of Atalanta. Conte's team wants to close the league in the best way (on Sunday it travels to Bergamo against Atalanta) and then prepare for its European battle against Getafe (August 5). The cup winner Napoli has lost the "train" of the Champions League for next season, but she also wants a good finish (she faces Lazio on Sunday) to go with all her might in the rematch of 1-1 against Barcelona.

Her penultimate match Series A opens in the best way in Pamestoixima.gr! The big Inter-Napoli battle is played with 0% rake * and therefore super odds.

The main menu comes tomorrow with 8 matches! Now you play at Series A me Victory Boost ** and Bet Builder ** to multiply your winnings and make your own bet!

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The duel Liverpool - Chelsea plays with 0% rake!

Η 37η her racing game Premier League ends tonight with the derby Liverpool - Chelsea to dominate the program. Jürgen Klopp's team was crowned champions while Frank Lampard's team is trying to finish third in this year's marathon. The opponents faced each other twice this year, at the cup level Chelsea prevailed 2-0 while at the league level Liverpool defeated "Stamford Bridge" with a score of 2-1. "Reds" against "blue" in historic Anfield and you have every reason to get back in the game!

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The action continues with Serie A and the game Parma - Napoli! The hosts have been kept out of danger, the visitors have high hopes for the top five and want to exhaust them. The "Partenopei" count five consecutive "2-3 goals" in their trips, do you think that this record will be expanded in "Ennio Tardini?

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