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Resident of Manchester

Resident of Manchester

By January 2021, Manchester United had extended the loan of Nigerian striker Odion Igalo.

The 31-year-old striker, who was loaned out by Shanghai Senua last January, will remain a resident of Manchester, counting 8 appearances with 4 goals and 1 assist for the "red devils".

United have reached an agreement with the Chinese club to extend their loan until January 2021, without having a purchase option.

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Nugelsman: "We can't do anything"

Julian Nagelsman explained the situation regarding the future of Timo Werner.

Leipzig coach Julian Nagelsmann has taken a stand on the million-dollar dance set for Timo Werner.

The German coach stressed that the team, for its part, cannot do more than what it is already doing for the 24-year-old's stay, while he himself has spoken to him many times.

"It simply came to our notice then. He knows what he has in Leipzig and what he has with me. I show him that and he gets a lot of opportunities to improve. I don't know if it will help him that much, if I tell him every day.

A player needs to feel that he can improve. If he doesn't feel this way, it wouldn't be good for him to tell him to stay here.

In the end, it's his life, his career and it's his decision. I don't know what else to tell him, "said the young coach.

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Klopp: "Directly on the field and not through a computer or a screen "

Jκrgen Klopp accepted with great ... relief the decision to return to the games and restart the season.

The Liverpool coach is excited about returning to action: "We have never had 9 weeks without training in our entire lives since we started playing football. It was something different but also interesting. But to be honest, it's a big difference for us to be together and have that contact, directly on the pitch and not through a computer or a screen. "

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"Bernabeu" is reminiscent of a construction site

The "Santiago Bernabeu" is reminiscent of a construction site, as the improvement work at Real Madrid's headquarters continues at a feverish pace.

Real Madrid has officially announced that the remaining 6 home games will be held at the Alfredo Di Stefano Stadium (with a capacity of 6.000 seats), the headquarters of the youth team, as work on the Santiago Bernabeu continues at a feverish pace.

The bulldozers have already started their work, with the ultimate goal of a space effect that you can see in the last photo, with the predictions that the project will be ready for delivery in early October.

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There are many scenarios

Ten Premier League teams are pushing for no relegation if the season is not over.

There are many scenarios for the continuation of the English championship, as no start date has been set after the interruption that occurred due to the pandemic of coronavirus.

According to a report by the SkySports network, ten Premier League clubs, which are in the middle of the standings, are asking for and insisting on the issue of relegation.

In particular, these teams want there to be a cancellation of relegations if the playing period fails to be completed on the field.

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When does New Balance come out and when do the Ranks put Nike?

In the midst of the loss of the pandemic in Liverpool, they were called upon to resolve the change in the clothing company.

The solution was found and confirmed today. Liverpool will extend their contract with New Balance until July 31 and then, from August 1, will "run" the new deal with Nike, which due to the developments threw water in its wine.

Liverpool have been wearing New Balance since 2015/16 and with the jersey of this particular company they will lift the trophy to win this year's Premier League.

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Paris bought the rights of Mauro Icardi from Inter.

Paris Saint-Germain's official player is Mauro Icardi. The club announced its purchase from Inter and the Argentine forward signed until the summer of 2024.

According to French media, the "nerazzurri" will receive 50 million euros, plus another 5 million euros in the form of bonuses.

The initial agreement provided for a purchase option of € 70 million.

The stay of Icardi, who had 20 goals in 31 appearances in all competitions, probably means that Edinson Cavani will leave the Paris team for good.

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Zlatan returns

Milan are waiting for Zlatan Ibrahimovic to return to Italy and find out how long it will take to return to action.

The Swede was hit in training last week and was allowed to return to Sweden to be tested. The Rossoneri have announced that the 38-year-old has suffered a calf injury and his condition will be reassessed in 10 days, so he will not be ready for the rematch of the Coppa Italia semifinals against Juventus in Turin.

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"Tonali is the greatest talent in world football"

Sandro Tonali is the new great talent of Italian football and Juventus and Inter are "fighting" for his acquisition.

The 19-year-old international midfielder of Brescia, who is characterized as a new Pirlo, has impressed with his appearances this year and has attracted the interest of other major European clubs, as Manchester City and Paris Saint-Germain have expressed interest in acquiring him. "SportMediaset" reports.

According to the relevant report, Inter is pushing harder to include him in its potential, while Brescia is also waiting for the official proposal of Juventus.

However, the effort to acquire him will not be easy, as the president of the Italian team, Massimo Cellino, recently stated that Tonali is the greatest talent in world football and set the sale price at 150 million euros! However, according to the same report, if he accepts a proposal of 60-70 million euros, he will consent to its concession.

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From September 1 to October 5 in Italy

In Italy, a topic that Serie A teams are discussing is the summer transfer window, which is no longer possible, so they are looking for other dates.

According to "Corriere dello Sport", the transfer window will start on September 1 and end on October 5, while the period from June 1 to August 31 will be for contract renewals.

The Italians are being led to these dates so that there is no ... chaos with the season in progress and the teams trying to renew player contracts for a few months, since several expire at the end of June.

Hennes: "I think we are on the verge of a relatively great generation"

Uli Hennes spoke about the brilliant present but also the most important future of Bayern Munich, who also referred to Sane and Haverz.

Uli Hennes appeared very optimistic about the future of Bayern Munich in his statements. The honorary president of the Bavarians sees the existing roster, but also the possible arrivals and does not hesitate to state that his team is ready to present another great bunch.

At the same time, she acknowledged her interest in Leroy Sane and Kai Haverj. But their cases are quite different, as can be seen from Hennes' words.

These are two of Germany's greatest hopes for the future. So next they are to be included in the transfer list of Bayern Munich. But as Uly Hennes has said, only Sane is in the plans for the big Bayern that is being built. For the time being, Haverj looks quite pale.

His statements regarding the big plans of Bayern are detailed:

"I think we are on the verge of a relatively great generation. When I think we've managed to renew our partnership with Manuel Neuer and we already have Joshua Kimich, Nicklas Soule, Robert Lewandowski and we're hoping for David Alaba and Thiago Alcantara. I also hope for Leroy Sane with Koman, Gnabri. We have a young, evolving team. I can imagine that if all goes well, a new generation will start in Bayern Munich.

We would definitely like to take Kai Haverj as well. But for now it's difficult, as no one knows what the financial situation will be in the future. I would like to see him in Munich from a competitive point of view. But as things stand today, I honestly can't imagine. Even though I would like to see it. "

Eventually the deal broke down

The Spanish team had reached an agreement with Marcus Rasford two years ago, as Mundo Deportivo revealed, but in the end the deal was ruined.

The Blaugrana have taken a breather from the acquisition of the talented Manchester United striker. In 2018, the Spanish team had contacted Rasford and in the beginning everything showed that the transfer was locked.

According to Mundo Deportivo, as soon as the first blow was made at the beginning of the season, the English ace showed great enthusiasm for the possibility of his transfer to Barcelona. Something he described as a step forward in his career. In fact, his two brothers were the ones involved in the discussions with the Catalan administration.

So initially, the case was moving fast and it showed that Rasford would move to La Liga. However, in the end, the player's side decided that it would be better for him to stay on the "Island". In other words, it was judged that it was not the right time for him to change the environment with a different culture and language.

Of course, the contract proposed to him by the international star may have helped him in this. The 22-year-old had signed a contract with a weekly salary of 200 thousand pounds. For its part, Barcelona turned and made Antoine Griezmann its own.

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Press Releases

Champions League again! City - Real and Juve - Lyon with 0% rake!

The action in Champions project League returns with two great games! Manchester City - Real and Juventus - Lyon, with the English and the French having gained the lead, after the first games. As for the match of Real, the "merengues" had been defeated in front of their audience by City (1-2) and they must win in order to hope. It is recalled that the two teams had met in the semifinals of the institution in the period 2015-16, when Real Madrid had qualified and finally won the prestigious trophy.

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Regarding the game in Turin, Juventus seems capable of overcoming the obstacle of Lyon that had been imposed with a score of 1-0 on French soil. Tradition shows a "bianconeri" with three wins in four games.

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The summer is hot with the big games in the Champions League and Europa League playing at Pamestoixima.gr with 0% rake * and super odds! The 16 phase of the Champions League is completed in the middle of the week, with the replay of the matches! Manchester City - Real Madrid, Bayern - Chelsea, Juventus - Lyon and Barcelona - Napoli are games that take your breath away and magnetize the interest of all football fans!

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The phase of 16 is completed at the Europa League level, however! THE Olympic will compete on English soil and its headquarters Wolves, seeking qualification for the next round. Copenhagen - Basaksehir, Leverkusen - Rangers, Shakhtar - Wolfsburg, Basel - Eintracht and Manchester City G. - Lincer are the other repeaters, while the games Inter - Getafe and Sevilla - Rocheh will be Duisburg, respectively).

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First League Cup and then NBA!

Summer is hot in Pamestoixima.gr with football and basketball! Today's coupon is dominated by the big French final of the League Cup at the "Stand de France" but also the reappearance of Giannis Antitokoumbo on the floor.

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At 22:10 Paris Saint-Germain and Lyon compete for the League Cup trophy. Tuhel's team wants to ideally close the "stumped" during the other seasons with a treble. The big news, of course, is none other than the injury of Killian M 'Bape. The French star will be absent after the hard marking he received in the victory and conquest of the French Cup, 1 week ago. Life and death matches for the mediocre, this year, Lyon. Finished at 7η position of the championship, which means that she only needs a victory to be able to put a European ticket in her suitcases. The big battle of the French League Cup is being played at Pamestoixima.gr with 0% rake *!

For the… overnighters, Giannis Antetokounbo returns to action tonight (01:30). Today's program may start at 9:30 with the matches Nets - Magic, Wizards - Suns and Blazers - Grizzlies, but the match of the day is the match between the Bucks and the Celtics. John returns to action after a while and is ready for a rich spectacle. The menu of betting options with over / under players is also rich.

Will Giannis manage to exceed 27 points? Will Tatum exceed the 23 point limit? In the Pamestoixima.gr you will find markets from its magical world NBA with super odds!

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Napoli - Inter with 0% rake and Serie A with Victory Boost!

The temperature rises to Pamestoixima.gr me Series A! The Italian championship is essentially the only major European championship left. The penultimate match starts tonight with 2 matches, Parma - Atalanta and Inter - Napoli.

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Pamestoixima.gr takes you to Milan. Where Inter and Napoli clash. Two teams belonging to the Italian elite. After securing the title from Juventus, the hosts have no hopes for the title, but have returned to second place after the draw of Atalanta. Conte's team wants to close the league in the best way (on Sunday it travels to Bergamo against Atalanta) and then prepare for its European battle against Getafe (August 5). The cup winner Napoli has lost the "train" of the Champions League for next season, but she also wants a good finish (she faces Lazio on Sunday) to go with all her might in the rematch of 1-1 against Barcelona.

Her penultimate match Series A opens in the best way in Pamestoixima.gr! The big Inter-Napoli battle is played with 0% rake * and therefore super odds.

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The duel Liverpool - Chelsea plays with 0% rake!

Η 37η her racing game Premier League ends tonight with the derby Liverpool - Chelsea to dominate the program. Jürgen Klopp's team was crowned champions while Frank Lampard's team is trying to finish third in this year's marathon. The opponents faced each other twice this year, at the cup level Chelsea prevailed 2-0 while at the league level Liverpool defeated "Stamford Bridge" with a score of 2-1. "Reds" against "blue" in historic Anfield and you have every reason to get back in the game!

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The action continues with Serie A and the game Parma - Napoli! The hosts have been kept out of danger, the visitors have high hopes for the top five and want to exhaust them. The "Partenopei" count five consecutive "2-3 goals" in their trips, do you think that this record will be expanded in "Ennio Tardini?

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