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Martin Luther King Day

Martin Luther King Day
A day dedicated to Martin Luther King today's with the NBA program to include as every 3rd Monday of January several matches of which half and more start very early. So from 8 to 10 at night we will have 5 games. Let me say that all the teams will compete discreetly on the shirts in the memory of the black leader. The NBA honors ML King every year in this way. How could he be missing after all with so many black people inside.

The good thing for us is that every year on such a Monday we have a lot of games too early.

Let's go ...

Cleveland (+1.5) - Dallas With two attacks more than 102 points the two teams and with 3/3 last Over Dallas and 2/3 Cleveland the 209.5 are covered. And the teams put and receive more than 110 in these Over with the exception of Cleveland's 117-109 against Denver on Friday, as well as the Mavs' 110-107 against Finikas on the same day. Over 207.5 stoiximan

Detroit (+3.5) - LA Clippers Only with the handicap I have no appetite to deal with Pistons. And from this match, the total of points with 105.6 in the attack of the Clipps and the 99.4 of the Pistons is worth the Over marginally better. Besides, the last 5/5 matches of the guests and the 3/5 for the pistons show upward trends. Over 203.5

Washington - Philadelphia (+9.5) The match turns out to be an ace and a great score. Over 207.5 Washington (-9.5)

Charlotte (+5.5) - Toronto  There is no edge in the handicap while in the total points the limit (187.5) is low for the Under that I like from this pair. Just to say that the Raptors count 7 under in the last 10 and the wildcats 8 over in the same matches. No bet

New York (+1.5) - Brooklyn  The Knicks are rightfully handcuffed, coming from 3 consecutive defeats with the Nets counting only one defeat in their last 7 games. A distant dream in 113-83 early December New York in Brooklyn. Despite the 3 Over series of Knicks today with the limit and the opponent seems to be breaking. Brooklyn (-1.5) Under 193.5 stoiximan

Update the rest of the matches that start after 12 midnight.

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Date   Event   Forecast   Performance
20/01/14   Cleveland - Dallas
N. York - Brooklyn
  over 207.5
during 193.5

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