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What luck to have in Utah (0/3 Cash, 1/2 BOMBS 3,70)

What luck to have in Utah (0/3 Cash, 1/2 BOMBS 3,70)
Our handicaps returned to the box office yesterday with her ace Philadelphia opposite Boston while the Clippers who seemed to easily cover the 13 points from the 3rd period, reached the difference of 25 but had a little difficulty since he was playing from 13 to 16 points in the 4th.
In the sets of points away we were at Spurs - Dallas while in Indiana - Orlando we lost it due to extension.
Let's go see the 7 current matches.
Minnesota (+8) - N. Orleans (220) He may be an underdog Minnesota and logical since you come from 4 consecutive defeats but the handicap they give them is excessive. Even without him Towns show fighters Timberwolves and towards them Pelicans coming from 4 defeats and a victory in the last 5 can oppose them. The ace here is due to a handicap but also to a simple victory due to the percentage, while in the total points the limit that exists I consider low in relation to the possibilities of the two teams. THE New Orleans puts 108,1 and accepts 110,9 while the wolves put 106,1 and accept 116.2. Slightly better set of points. Over 220 Minnesota (+8)
Brooklyn - Miami (+7.5) (232.5) If 5 days ago someone told us that Brooklyn will lose two puff games from Cleveland we would tell him to change sport. A team that scored with the dropper and had less than 100 points offensively put in two matches against Brooklyn 272 points! The point is, we will take it now Brooklyn with a handicap that they are able to cover. The set of points has an issue for high since Heat play more control basketball than the hosts. Typical choice without proposal chances. However, it got a rise since it was earlier at 231 points. Brooklyn (-7.5) Over 232.5
Detroit (+7) - Philadelphia (218) I do not consider it an easy match for her Philadelphia despite their bad course pistons with the 3-12 series. The 76ers in the first place of the East with 11-5 will have a difficult night. The very difficult program of pistons in the last 4 has a win and 3 losses but one defeat with overtime the other in the point from Houston (102-103) and the other inside Miami (107-113). It seems provocative the limit for the Over which is logical to choose. THE Philadelphia does not have the best defense since it has the worst of the first 4 teams in the East. Over 218 Detroit (+7)
Utah - Golden State (+7.5) (228) They're kidding there at Golden State. They win outside of them Lakers (115-113), crash into San Antonio (121-99), and the havals make them Knicks at their headquarters (104-119). What luck to have in Utah which without drumbeats plays like "most team" of all and that is why it has the best series with 7 wins. I find the total points excessive for a team like Utah who knows what he is asking for on the pitch and receives 106 points. Only the Lakers have better defense (105,2) than them and Knicks (102,8) that they both bring low scores in defense and attack. A few days ago I came up with proposals for the first time this year and both points from a team match and that was hers Utah. Typically to say that both passed. He was in the match Denver - Utah with double and Under 220. Confidence in the most formed team. Utah (-7.5) Under 228
Chicago (+9.5) -LA Lakers (227.5) Very close to victory inside Lakers it was the Chicago 2 weeks ago. He lost 115-117 but in the last 5 seconds o LaVine missed a three-pointer with the score 115-116. However, it is questionable how they give such a handicap home team that comes from 3 consecutive victories. It is questionable that in a team that won easily and with a relative difference away teams like Dallas (117-101) such as Charlotte (123-110) and as Houston within 125-120 to underestimate it so much. For this, of course, we will go out with the ace in the handicap and with the simple victory for a bomb. In the total points from the best points of the day in Over and priority ratio at the proposal point, and bomb ratio this will be included in the proposal. Over 227.5 Chicago (+9.5)
Phoenix (+2.5) - Denver (216.5) Welcome children. I do not know how and why but for a lifetime I remember that the slower we went to the games of the day (of course it made sense to refer to games in the West), the better my points. Everything will of course be judged by the result. Here we now have the following. If he finally plays Dean Booker I will have it as one of the best points in handicap. Yesterday, however, the two teams gave a recital and the match was extended. There he won the Denver with 130-126. The protagonist is once again the Serb Nikola Jokic for Denver while for them Suns ο Dean Booker. If he finally plays as everything shows today, the ace has the first word and I will tell you bites that you put my handicap on the left for the hosts .. In the total points, what can we say now. It looks low but I am tired of seeing teams that are for 200 points to put 240 and teams that are for 250 to put 200. The point is typical. Phoenix (+2.5) Over 216.5
Dallas - Houston (+9) (219) From the day he lost it Houston within the Dallas on January 4 with 100-113 has only 3 wins in 10 matches and yesterday went through very difficult through Detroit with 103-102. Everything shows that he will make another defeat today in a team that returned to victories and in fact in two consecutive away games in Indiana (124-112) and in San Antonio (122-117). I can not give weight due to handicap while there is doubt Christian wood for Houston. If he does not play, the ace has very good prospects but I find it unlikely that we will not see him inside. I find the whole even more cunning and difficult. Why so low for these groups when the Dallas especially shoots in the last two. Although low, I do not see it as possible in the Over that I will choose. I generally do not like a point that could be put into a sentence. Typically everything. Dallas (-9) Over 219
Update 22: 15
Significant changes in points due to absences. In Detroit - Philadelphia, the limit was lowered to the total points due to the possible absence of Embiid. In the Suns out possible Boker. D 'Angelo Russell out in Minnesota. In Houston out half the home team. Apart from Wall and Oladipo, with Wood out, Houston goes like a sheep to the slaughter. I will necessarily pass a 3rd sentence to save the situation because with the Over in Detroit and the ace in Phoenix - Denver things became difficult.


Minnesota - N. Orleans - Minnesota (3.70) Bet365
Chicago - LA Lakers - Chicago (4.50) Bet365

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Date   Event   Forecast   Performance
23/01/21   Utah - Golden State
Phoenix - Denver
  Utah (-7.5)
Phoenix (+2.5)
23/01/21   Detroit - Philadelphia
Chicago - LA Lakers
  Over 218
Over 227.5
23/01/21   Dallas - Houston
Detroit - Philadlephia
  Dallas (-9.5)
Detroit (+6.5)
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