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Fund (12.17) with 4/4 points from Don Corleone

Ray Allen

The Star of Oklahoma (0/2 Funds)

The Star of Oklahoma (0/2 Funds)
We saw it all yesterday. All 7 games despite one point in the Golden State - Cleveland match would come Over.
They again put 67 points in the 3rd period and 42 in the 4th while with 43 our proposal would come out complete and not with a point at this point since we got it from the 227 who came to the match.
They passed our points in the handicaps with the outsiders Bulls and Knicks. Let me say that the Bulls took the Over with an extension against Indiana.
The point we actually lost was the handicap in the match Washington - Houston since the absences of Tucker and Gordon became known late and in combination with the well-known ones of Oladipo and Wood they went like sheep to the slaughter.
 But the strange thing I want to note is that it is possible that the limit was raised so much from 228.5 to 232.5 and yet air passed. We went against the form of the teams with the consecutive Under and passed the Over but I did not give him luck for a proposal.
In the matches Utah - 76ers, Clippers - Miami, Kings - Nets we averaged over 253 points!
They passed the special bets with Harden triple double (2.90) and Over 20 points him Heald (1.97)
Let's go to today that will bother us in a proposal. The rest are typical.
Boston - Denver (+2) (221) Good match with the Nuggets coming from 3 wins and the Celtics from 2 defeats. We will deal with the total points from these teams with Boston scoring 110.9 and Denver 115.5. The Nuggets especially in the last 5 have 4 Over. Boston in the last 6 has 3 Over. Proposal point from this match the whole. Over 221
Memphis - N. Orleans (+1) (231.5) They give it high according to the statistics of both teams. Not that they are not in their potential but Memphis scores 111,3 and New Orleans 113.2. Due to the guests the limit after I counted in their last 15 quite large scores and essentially only 2 Under if we count that incredible series where in 3 of the 4 matches he had exactly 227 points with the limit in 3 of them at 227.5! Memphis now after the postponement of 5 consecutive games has in 9 matches 8 Over and the only Under with the current opponent 109-118 in New Orleans 10 days ago. The score is high here and I am curious to see where it will go slower. I guess upwards rather than as we have said the low averages so far. The latter count the bucks. Over 231.5
Minnesota (+6) - LA Lakers (222.5) We will not care. I give luck to the Lakers and Over but I do not see it clearly in its points. Typically. Over 222.5 LA Lakers (-6)
Oklahoma (+5.5) - Portland (225) I consider the costing of the handicap very wrong. Not only is it on the left but it is also huge for a team that has been eyeing the last few games and almost dropped 2 bombs inside the Lakers after playing 2 overtimes. The point is that the Books are counting on the absence of Alexander, but Portland has had two very important absences of Nurkic and Mc Collum for a long time. The day before yesterday, the Thunder beat the Bucks, while inside Denver, they had escaped with about 20 points and lost the match in the basket. Oklahoma (+5.5) 
Milwaukee - Toronto (+6) (236) Toronto is not so outsider. As long as Jrue Holiday is left out for the hosts, we can oppose them. He is missing in 4 matches and the Bucks have 3 defeats in the last 3. Unpredictable defeat for the Raptors the day before yesterday by the wolves, but they still count 5 victories in the last 8. Toronto (+6)
Phoenix - Brooklyn (+5.5) (231.5) I give luck to the ace while in the total points things will not be as easy as in the last 2 with Kings (135-125 and Warriors 134-117). In the last before them with a difficult team he brought a low score (Indiana 104-94). Except again Durant. Typically the points. Under 231.5 Phoenix (-5.5)
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Date   Event   Forecast   Performance
16/02/21   Boston - Denver
Memphis - N. Orleans
  Over 221
Over 231.5
16/02/21   Oklahoma - Portland
Milwaukee - Toronto
  Oklahoma (+5.5)
Toronto (+6)
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