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New 8/9 points with two (2) Funds by Guru L ___ Fund (108.00) with 5/6 Over 3.5 in the column Over of the Day by Guru L ___ New absolute with 6/6 points and two (2) Funds (6.98 & 5.09) with 35.57 odds from Conte Latino ___ New Fund (6.47) from Alogomouri.

Ray Allen

The weight in Spurs & Blazers seats (1/2 Funds 3.61)

The weight in Spurs & Blazers seats (1/2 Funds 3.61)
The duo passed in the handicaps while in the one with the Over that was lost on the point in the match Clippers - N. Orleans, at least those who played it slower were paid because the limit was lowered.
She was also close with the Under in Minnesota - Memphis since only the guests scored 4 points in the 38th!
However, the day was not easy, so it is positive that we did not lose. 
His transfer is one of the highlights of the day James Harden in Brooklyn. The Rockets made fun of us and disappointed us as many times as we showed confidence. 
ΠLet's see today's program.
Philadelphia - Miami (+10.5) (222.5) Their team returned to victories 76ers after 3 consecutive defeats due to absences. It was quite difficult I would say after he almost lost the game from Miami at normal duration. Great score even before extra time in a match that ended 137-134.
The Miami will have until Saturday 16th of the month at least 7 absent players like him Avery Bradley until the 25th of the month. However, he did well the day before yesterday, despite his absences.
He has a curious streak from the beginning where in 9 matches he has alternately defeats and wins. One loses, one wins and logically today this will be broken since he will lose for the first time 2 consecutive matches from the same team. I still see the total points as low as the day before yesterday despite the big score. Defensively, the teams count 110.9 the hosts and 112.7 the guests. Philadelphia (-10.5) Under 222.5
Toronto - Charlotte (+8.5) (220.5) A clear favorite Raptors but do not you think that for a team that counts 2-8 series is big? They may have had 7 of their 10 games out but both of their victories were against weak teams like New York means (100-83) and Sacramento out (144-123).
The Charlotte came from 4 consecutive wins before losing yesterday from Dallas in (104-93). I consider it a difficult choice in the handicap, although the ace seems possible.
With such a handicap, however, we do not get particularly involved. I was looking to see if this limit exists for its possible absence Gordon Hayward but most likely to play. I give priority to the set of points. Under 220.5 Toronto (-8.5)
San Antonio - Houston (+7.5) (218) Now if this game has no gaming value then it has more; I have been looking at the handicap at 6 points since the morning and I wanted to see if there will be any absence for them Spurs. But when I read that he returns DeRozan after the absence of 2 matches for personal reasons, then what luck the rockets have against their neighbors. 
Neighbors are relevant to the 360 ​​kilometers that separate them but America is there and I say it more because they belong to the same state Texas (as well as Dallas).
Any result other than handicap coverage will surprise me. I do not see the rockets staying in it, let alone winning, especially if it is left out John wall for guests.
Possible increase of the handicap, although from the morning it went up 1.5 points. In the total points and here I see During due to the weakness of the Rockets offensively in the last 2 matches with Lakers where he scored 100 and 102 points. But it got the downside since before I started writing it had a 221 point limit!  San Antonio (-7.5) Under 218
Denver - Golden State (+5) (225.5) It is noteworthy that Western teams such as Denver, which are in 8th to 11th place, have a better odds in away games and not a positive odds at home. In 8th place Spurs (5-2) 9th position Denver (3-2) 10 position Memphis (4-1) and Oklahoma (5-1).
On the match points now if I did not see this tragic development for Denver the day before yesterday in Brooklyn I would have it from the strongest points on the ace. They went and got a difference of 18 points at the beginning of the 3rd period (74-56) and managed to lose 116-122. In other words, they accepted a series of 66-42. However, I believe that they can win the match against them Warriors returning for away matches after 7 consecutive home games.
Out at the beginning of the season and on tour in the East in 4 matches they lost the first 2 Brooklyn  (99-125) and Milwaukee (99-138) while winning the next two in Chicago (129-128) and Detroit (116-106). From the two points that I will choose, I can distinguish the Under slightly better, but with a limit that I expected close to 228.
In the handicap Denver he can cover it but his instability as a team does not allow us to pass it on in a sentence. What I am saying probably proves if we look at the handicap later at 4 to 4.5 points. Under 225.5 Denver (-5)
Portland - Indiana (+3) (229) The defense played Indiana the day before yesterday in Warriors and took the match (104-95) and for this reason we see a relatively low limit for Portland just one point above the match at Oakland (228). How to limit them today though in Moda Center, when the Portland beyond the 4 consecutive victories he has 118,6 points offensively and 126 in the last 4.
Η Indiana stable generally with 114.6 and 114.2 in the last 4. Both points, if you ask me, are worth our attention.
If the match goes as I expect, both the ace and the Over have value for 2 teams that count 7-4 overall series so far. The only negative I see for it Portland are the 8 players who actually played yesterday in Sacramento after the Rodney Hood in 10 minutes he had nothing in his statistics except only 2 fouls!
 But there are two gamblers who pull everyone else and get help either from him Nurkic (18 points 12 rebounds the day before yesterday) or by Robert Covington and of course him Gury Trent (11,3 points) but who lives in the shadow of the players Damian Lillard (27,4 points) and CJ McCollum (28.1 points). I expect more from him Carmelo Anthony since yesterday he had only 6 points in 20 minutes.  Portland (-3) Over 229
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14/01/21   San Antonio - Houston
Portland - Indiana
  San Antonio (-7.5)
Portland (-3)
14/01/21   Toronto - Charlotte
Denver - Golden State
  Under 220.5
Under 225.5
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