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Ray Allen

In the shadow of Covid-19 (0/2 Funds)

In the shadow of Covid-19 (0/2 Funds)
I can not understand why some groups send them like sheep for slaughter.
Η Philadelphia in the last 3 he has 3 easy defeats because especially in the last 2 he had 2 or 3 players absent with a leading role like Ben Simmons, The Tobias Harris and Seth Curry
Yesterday can only be played by Joel Embiid but as a center he is, he dropped the ball, he shared, he cut, he scored points even with a three-pointer.
This of course favored us to the point after we countered it but when 3 first class players are out except for injury but especially when at least two of them have Covid, I think it is not fair for the league.
Ο Ben Simmons of course there was no reason for a knee injury something that today as everything shows will return for the first of 2 Back to back games with Miami within. Of the key only Seth Curry is now struggling with a problem Covid but there are substitutes as well as several injured.
On our Miami now there are 8 players are questionable today so everything is open even about whether the match will take place. With 3 players out one team with half out the other what match to take. 
However, I see the situation getting worse, so the 10 racing that I was waiting for to start, they actually put us in .. "quarantine" for how much we can now open.
It will be difficult to give a point, to have played and after 2-3 hours to have developments to our detriment.
At 3:30 pm now and one of the 7 matches today (Bulls - Celtics) has been postponed and out of the remaining 6 only one has bet365 prices at Spurs - Oklahoma. The Americans have given one more to Golden State - Indiana.
Will exist Update the night with whatever developments and whatever matches they give. 
Update 21: 15
Let's go see today's matches. If there are significant developments I will update with an update. The latest news leaves out 2 Cleveland players and for this handicap he has gone up 3 points.
Philadelphia - Miami (+7) (209.5) Half the Heat team out while Philadelphia has returns and only Curry and Harris out. I think we will have a handicap rise later. On the whole points things are difficult with a small call to the Under but I saw it a little low. Philadelphia (-7) Under 209.5
Cleveland (+12) - Utah (208) With Mitchel in high spirits, Utah made 2 doubles in Milwaukee and Detroit after defeats in New York and Brooklyn. Cleveland just 2 wins in its last 8 does not lose so easily but with the possible absences today of Sexton and Garland things are very difficult. Especially if Drummond, who you consider doubtful, is also absent. The handicap from Utah can be easily covered by opening the limit, in fact, after the possible absences of these players, the handicap got 3 points from the afternoon. Cleveland concedes 98 points in the last 6 but here I think Cleveland Under 98,5 points in the attack has value .. In the overall total and here with a low score. Utah (-12) Under 208 Cleveland Under 98.5
Brooklyn - Denver (+1) (230.5) There may be big scores in Brooklyn's last games but today Denver will lower them. In his mini tour in Antoli so far in 2 matches he has received 96 points. Brooklyn comes from 2 defeats and the battle for victory seems ambiguous, something that will give us as the first point of choice the Under and then the handicap with the ace. Under 230.5 Brooklyn (-1)
Houston (+4.5) - LA Lakers (222.5) Marginally in the basket did not come out the day before yesterday Over this couple. The Lakers may have won easily, but apart from the difficulty I see today, I single out Over as the first choice. Again I will oppose the Lakers but no luck for a point of proposal. Over 222.5 Houston (+4.5)
Oklahoma (+2.5) - San Antonio (218.5) The Spurs are a clear favorite despite the absence of DeRozan. Here, however, I will give priority to the set of points with a limit that I find in a reasonable context. The day before yesterday's disastrous game of the Spurs in Minnesota with 184 points does not exist for today. Over 218.5 San Antonio (-2.5)
Golden State - Indiana (+3) (228) I favor Indiana and give luck to the big score. Golden State has no particularly defensive team to keep below the 115.7 points set by the Pacers. Slightly better set of points. Over 228 Indiana (+3)
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Date   Event   Forecast   Performance
12/01/21   Philadelphia - Miami
Cleveland - Utah
  Philadelphia (-8)
Utah (-12)
12/01/21   Houston - LA Lakers
Golden State - Indiana
  Over 222.5
Over 228
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