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Weight in handicaps 2/3 Funds (3,61 + 3,61)

Weight in handicaps 2/3 Funds (3,61 + 3,61)
Yesterday was not a good day with many of our points deviating very easily. Only our bomb went to do something but Batum with a three-pointer and a shot turned the match around for the Clippers. This LaVine, however, almost got it on his own for Chicago. He scored 45 points and in the end his fatigue appeared in an airball three-pointer he attempted.
The others had 3 players non-stop. Kawhi Leonard, Paul George and Lou Williams scored 84 of the Clippers' 130.
With 8 games the current NBA program. Without the big match and from what I saw early on there are points in the handicaps that have some interest. 
Let's go see them in detail. We are basically starting the free bet as I mentioned in previous articles with only the thorn in the side of the teams due to Covid-19.
Cleveland (+2) - Memphis (205)  He beat Memphis the day before yesterday in his 4th series in Brooklyn, but this is a reason for absences for the guests. The previous day he lost to his current opponent 90-94. Now, because Cleveland is an underdog, I think that everything is due to the possible absence of Collin Sexton (25,1 points), but you consider it doubtful. Low total points in one's the other tight game. I give a chance to the hosts despite the possible absence of Sexton while in the whole Under can appear if we consider the last score between them 4 days ago. Cleveland (+2) Under 206
Orlando (+10) - Milwaukee (225) The handicap is too big for a home team that lost its last 2 but difficult away games. There is also the possibility of the return of Evan Fournier (14.8 points) who lost the last 5. I give a priority to the set of points with the Over that we will choose. Although he receives easy points, Orlando scores with difficulty. Let me say that he started with 4 Over in his first 4 games while in the last 6 he has 6 Under. Boundary ratio and Bucks point. The point of the ace as I said second choice handicap. Over 225 Orlando (+10)
Charlotte - New York (+4.5) (212) A simple game with small and medium teams gives us a point of suggestion. Charlotte gained momentum and comes from 3/3 victories with the two in fact outside inside New Orleans 118-110 and twice Atlanta 2-102 and inside 94-113 outside. New York's remarkable course in the first 105 games brought 8 wins but in its last 5 easily lost to Oklahoma 2-101 and Denver 89-114. A difficult program starts today with the away games since in the next 89 only 9 will be at home. The ace here, as we said, has value, while in the total of points with the 2 points that New York scores in the last 98 matches, Under can enter the cards with many options. Charlotte (-4.5) Under 212
Washington (+6.5) - Phoenix (231) As long as Westbrook is still out with a quadruped problem, it will be difficult for Washington to raise its head with only one player (Bradley Beal 35 points average) who is returning today since for safety he should be left out in at least one game. which took place the day before yesterday with Miami (124-128). I find the Over and the ace as better points and regardless of whether we rely on the ace and the handicap I think the total points is slightly better. Over 231 Washington (+6.5)
Atlanta - Philadelphia (+6.5) (222) Here we have Atlanta with 4 consecutive defeats but on the other hand Philadelphia has not yet cleared up with Covid's problems. Embiid is probably coming back but with Tobias Harris, Seth Curh and Ben Simmons out things are very difficult for the 76ers. For Atlanta, Trae Young's wrist injury the day before yesterday in Charlotte was not serious enough to leave him out today. Tony Snell available for the first time this year. Kevin Huerter (12.2 points) also had no problem. In his last 2 games, although he was playing, he had an ankle problem. I find both points of interest with priority in the handicap due to the absences of the guests. Atlanta (-6.5) Over 222
Dallas - N.Orleans (+3.5) (218.5) POSTPONEMENT! Dallas went up in points with its 3 consecutive victories while on the contrary New Orleans came down with its 3 consecutive defeats. With Tim Hardaway scoring the day before yesterday (36 points), Dallas has scoring solutions even for teams like New Orleans that started well this year but conceded close to 116 points in their last 4. The score can be missed even while I find the ace attractive but also the total points.Dallas (-3.5) Over 218.5  POSTPONEMENT!
Sacramento (+5) - Indiana (227) This incredible hole defense of the Kings in its last 4 games where it receives an average of 132.5 points will lead us to the points and these are normally the Over and the double. Easy Over was scored yesterday by Indiana in a not so open team like Finikas (117-125). I have reservations about the handicap now and the double because Sacramento is not a bad team, it just does not last in its game. But I bet on the double since the Pacers team shows better data and today starts this tour in the West with 5 games and in relation to the other teams, if the victories win, the most logical thing will be against the Kings.  Indiana (-5) Over 227
Portland - Toronto (+5) (230.5) The bubble of Toronto that found the rubble of the Kings the day before yesterday and turned and took the game very easily exploded yesterday and do not be fooled by the fragile score (105-106) since in the 4th period they lost by 17! It is not that this will be the 4th game in the West with only one victory as we said against the Kings. It plays with one of the best attacking teams in its last games since Portland has averaged 122.6 in its last 5 while Toronto despite the low score yesterday receives 120 points in its last 5. Good point for all the points but I give priority to the ace out of the two.Portland (-5) Over 230.5
Update 20: 30 
I made a change in the 2nd pair and put it Cleveland - Memphis in his place Dallas - N. Orleans why it was postponed
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Date   Event   Forecast   Performance
11/01/21   Charlotte - N. York
Atlanta - Philadelphia
  Charlotte (-4.5)
Atlanta (-6.5)
11/01/21   Cleveland - Memphis
Porltand - Toronto
  Clevleand (+2)
Portland (-5)
11/01/21   Sacramento - Indiana
Washington - Phoenix
  Over 227
Over 231
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