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The Over of "death" (1/2 Funds 3,61 - 0/3 Bombs)

The Over of "death" (1/2 Funds 3,61 - 0/3 Bombs)
Update 00: 45 Half an hour ago it was announced that Donsic will be out because Mavericks and Houston will play tomorrow as well, so they preferred to leave him out to rest in the first match. The limit was lowered as it is logical from 225 to 223.
Nothing yesterday. For a total jackpot we went rather than one match. We will see other such days as the absolute of course. However, we do not care about this as much as the day before yesterday, which was worse because if it passed 4/4 for everyone, we would have air for such a jackpot.
Let's go to today's 8 matches. 
Detroit (+8.5) - Boston (213.5) Back to back game in the same home with the Pistons winning the day before yesterday with 96-93. Tough team that relies on defense. Even without the presence of Blake Griffin who is doubtful, we can say that the ace plays with the help of the handicap, of course, regardless of whether the day before yesterday we gave him an ace and like a bomb. Exactly the same set of points as the day before yesterday and they do not cost it wrong. The Bucks are just waiting for a bigger score today in the attack of the Celtics with the first violins Jaylen Brown with 27.5 points and Jason Tatum with 24,3 while of course Kemba Walker is late to return. Probably by the end of January to return to active action. As a first choice the set of points here and the ace always with the help of the handicap. Under 213.5 Detroit (+8.5)
Memphis (+9.5) - LA Lakers (219,5) I only wish there was one player in Memphis out of the 7 absent. The favorite is logical here, but we will go again on the basis of defense with the help of the handicap for the ace. Even as I said about a player Ja Morant absent, the point goes for a bomb. The news that always concerns LeBron about whether he plays or not in every game that follows has stopped bothering me. Whether they put him to play or not the ace here along with a simple bomb win will have their honor. And here for the low score but I do not consider it better than the previous game in Detroit. However, it got a drop of 2 points as much as I wrote since it was at 221,5 points  Memphis (+9.5) Under 219,5
Brooklyn - Washington (+7.5) (242) Set Over without comment on the limit. Probably the most spectacular game of the day at Barklays Center. There are no absences for Washington while Dinwiddie's long-term sails are known for Brooklyn. Over as the first choice, while despite the favoritism and justifiably of the Nets, we can not help but count this crazy team where it is capable of the impossible. The double even at 3.55 can be counted as a bomb along with the 3 today.  Over 242 Washington (+7.5)
San Antonio (+4.5) - Utah (220.5) In the situation of the teams, despite the two consecutive defeats of the Spurs by the Lakers, I believe that the ace has the first say even without the help of the handicap. I consider the most difficult point in the Under / Over to be from this match. Although I close the limit to Over, I wanted it 3-4 points lower. San Antonio (+4.5) Over 220.5 
Minnesota (+8.5) - Denver (226.5) Due to handicap I believe that the ace has value something that will give us the opportunity for a bomb. Denver is not a subgroup and the couple will play each other today and on Tuesday. The Over in the total points is typical since the limit is pinched. However, it got a point increase.  Minnesota (+8.5) Over 225.5
Phoenix (+3.5) - LA Clippers (215.5) Another spectacular match was predicted today between these two teams. The total points I admit that I expected it above but I do not think that they cost it wrong. However, I believe that these teams can dissolve it, so we will choose Over. In the handicap I now give weight to the ace even with the help of the handicap in a derby of essentially the West since both teams have one of the best series with 5-1 Finikas and 4-2 the Clippers.  Phoenix (+3.5) Over 215.5 
Chicago (+6) - Dallas (225)  Favorite here and justified with Dallas having the first say. With a little seriousness you cover the handicap. But there is no reason for a proposal. In total points I see one of the best points of the day. There are no defenses from either team regardless of how many points they concede in each match. The way they play with the existing limit pushes us to the point for a proposal. Over 225 Dallas (-6)
Golden State (+5) - Portland (235) Second consecutive game between them in 2 days with the first match the day before yesterday ending 123-98 for Portland. Something similar today but with more points for the Warriors and less for Portland. The whole is difficult to overcome. Portland (-5) Under 235


Detroit - Boston - Detroit (3.90) Bet365
Memphis - LA Lakers - Memphis (4.50) Bet365
Minnesota - Denver - Minnesota (4.10) Bet365

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Date   Event   Forecast   Performance
03/01/21   Brooklyn - Washington
Chicago - Dallas
  Over 242
Over 225
03/01/21   San Antonio - Utah
Phoenix - LA Clippers
  San Antonio (+4)
Phoenix (+3.5)
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