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He passed the singles game yesterday. I couldn't stick to anything as much as I was looking for them, although late at night I ended up somewhere.
Many people in the group we are talking to personally were asking for at least one more choice and I gave many the Under in the Indiana-Philadelphia match.
That's why I made the team to ask and talk or to analyze some points especially if you have already played them.
However, yesterday I was in a difficult position when I saw bulletins with Indiana Over and some friends of the column were forced to change it to Under.
I can suggest a point before it is played but whatever one chooses I find it difficult to tell him to change it after it is his choice.
The fact that I see it at that moment does not mean that the player must change it. Another to make a suggestion for a match before the player chooses a point.
Now imagine my position to change the point of a player who has already played it and not come out.
But you will tell me. Say one fine, I see your point and you get rid of it. I am not a magician with a magic wand. The points given by the bookies are 50-50 in whatever the player chooses.
How I see each other is his personal assessment and can be respected by all. I just didn't like Over in the Indiana-Philadelphia match and I wouldn't play it.
Twin for today. There are two games where Over has value because of teams and limits.
Free basketball from these teams.
I'm talking about the matches Milwaukee - N. York and LA Clippers - Cleveland
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14/01/20 Milwaukee - N. York
LA Clippers - Cleveland
Over 227
Over 224
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