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And the Bucks confuse some score (1/1 Fund 3,61)

And the Bucks confuse some score (1/1 Fund 3,61)
Good day yesterday after a while. There were also points out of proposals and especially the Lakers' double came out very easily when it became known that Lebron and Davis would be absent.
The handicap was launched on the other side at 8 and so in combination with the easy ace of Boston the handicaps passed. 
The easy Under in Dallas, however, went awry after in Portland - Milwaukee the 4th period went awry with 46 points.
Today there is no game analysis and we will be satisfied with a sentence with set of points.
I saw that in some matches there were big differences from the logical limits. Washington e.g. brought some low scores in the last 3 and even with Over teams like Atlanta.
Against Utah, which owes us a big score, it will be one of the match points in Over.
The other point comes from the Memphis - Warriors match. The difference between the bears and the previous years is huge. They score roughly and will give us the second point.
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Date   Event   Forecast   Performance
12/01/20   Washington - Utah
Memphis - Golden State
  Over 223.5
Over 221
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