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Ray Allen

Day of Disputes (1/2 Funds 3,61)

Update 10: 40 The handicap in Oklahoma has changed a lot. Those who had +1.5 now have to cover -7.5. The absences shown in the latest news about Lebron and Davis are not final, but for this important change to take place, something is at stake.
Program with 7 games today without any special racing.
However, the games Oklahoma - Lakers and Dallas - Philadelphia are interesting.
As far as the betting part is concerned, we can give weight to the sets, but there is interest in handicaps, but they are in pinched numbers.
I predict that the differences will be covered by a favorite.
Houston, Celtics and Denver are called upon to draw almost double-digit limits, but they are within their capabilities.
Houston - Minnesota (+11) # 230 # Although Minnesota has a better streak than the ones inside, I find it difficult to do anything good in Houston. The rockets cover it in the last 3 inside. For high I see the score so Over has luck. Houston (-11) Over 230
Boston - N. Orleans (+9.5) # 224 # One of the same here with Boston inviting you to win with a double digit number to get the point out. New Orleans is not famous for its defense and the points of the ace and Over will cover our choices. Boston (-9.5) Over 224
Detroit - Chicago (+4) # 217 # These teams don't do me any good. I can't even estimate. No bet
Oklahoma (+1) - LA Lakers # 215 # A game that has it all. And watching it is worth betting on. From both points I close more to the handicap, although the total number of points is a challenge with this limit. Not that they cost it wrong but these teams in sets are either the height or the depth. For today we bet on height. LA Lakers (-1) Over 215
Dallas - Philadelphia (+2) # 224 # Other bunches that have it all. One of the same here for eye and points. It's just that here I see a low score, something that will allow us to deal with the Under. As far as the handicap is concerned, everything is open and the choice of the double is typical without the possibility of a proposal. Under 224 Philadelphia (+2)
Denver - Cleveland (+13) # 216,5 # Here we have a point for kamikaze with the existing handicap. One of the best teams in the league, Denver is called upon to cover the 13 points against a team that, however, has somewhat spread its competitive face, regardless of whether there are defeats. He had two back to back games against Detroit from which he lost inside and won outside. With all the points, I can't put an end to it and I will say here that Over looks provocative. But it's hard to give weight when I have to wait for a weak team to help score. Denver (-13) Over 216.5
Portland (+6) - Milwaukee # 228,5 # Everything logically shows and of course the undisputed favorite is the Bucks. But against the handicap and in a Blazers match inside I can't look to the right. The best point, however, is the total points. It is one of the matches that can escape so it has luck. Over 228.5 Portland (+6)
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Date Event Forecast Performance
11/01/20 Boston - N. Orleans
Oklahoma - LA Lakers
Boston (-9.5)
LA Lakers (-1)
11/01/20 Dallas - Philadelphia
Portland - Milwaukee
Under 224
Over 228.5
Overall performance
(Total Odds)
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