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Ray Allen

I'm waiting for the limit to rise (0/2 Funds)

Let's go see today's matches. Yesterday, the day didn't go well for us, with our proposal looking strong, but the extension to Charlotte - Toronto spoiled the point. !
In Washington alone, we were far behind after eating 34 points on the head. The Utah train did what it had to do and easily gave us the spot despite the double digit handicap.
In general, the handicaps did not go well in the column yesterday either, as they were defeated in Indiana and Boston. Apart from Utah, only New Orleans did well. Denver's double in Dallas, however, we didn't pay much attention to.
For today's 4 games again I believe that the sets have better prospects while in the handicaps I singled out only the ace for the pistons.
Detroit - Cleveland (+7) # 220 # The ace here has value with Detroit coming from victory while Cleveland very weak coming from 5 consecutive defeats. Overall for high I see it but it is not better than the handicap. Detroit (-7) Over 220
Philadelphia - Boston (+2) # 216.5 # Interesting game but also insidious betting. Boston is in better shape than yesterday's Spurs yesterday. It is 7-3 in the last 10 while Philadelphia is 4-6. In total points now which looks low but very reasonable. Let me say that I am now correcting it from 214,5 to 216,5 because it went up as I expected. I believe that despite his rise, Under has the first reason, regardless of whether yesterday's Boston match went too far. I do not have a clear estimate in the handicap which I will formally pass but the whole has value. Under 216.5 Boston (+2)
Minnesota (+2.5) - Portland # 224.5 # If any team has a chance, the hopes for eight are this Blazers team with 16-22 series while the wolves have 14-22. The series doesn't count as much as the image of the teams, regardless of whether they both count 4-6 in the last 10. To say that in the last 4 Minnesota have 3 wins but not on particularly strong teams when Cleveland and Golden State are included. (Brooklyn the other team in overtime). The guests are the right favorite here, while the limit on all points has an issue. Logically, as they give it, one would say that it is looking upwards and the limit is reasonable. In some of their last ones, however, there were much lower scores than the limit they give. Under stands out from this pair of handicaps in second place. Under 224.5 Portland (-2.5)
Oklahoma (+2.5) - Houston # 223,5 # As I said at the beginning, the set of points is better today. There is a limit now here which surprised me I can say why I did not expect it so low. I saw it at 222,5 and as time goes by I see it at 223,5. I'm waiting for another ascent until late at night. Let's see. In the handicap, two teams that have the same series (8-2) will now compete, which makes the point quite difficult. I give luck to the guests who have won the Thunder at home once this year at the beginning of the season. Here I can say that the whole may look a little better but I give the same value to the handicap. Over 223.5 Houston (-2.5)
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Date Event Forecast Performance
09/01/20 Minnesota - Portland
Oklahoma - Houston
Under 224.5
Over 223.5
09/01/20 Detroit - Cleveland
Philadelphia - Boston
Detroit (-7)
Under 216.5
Overall performance
(Total Odds)
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