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Ray Allen

In Dallas the match of the day (0/2 Funds)

To see what we have today. I may not have written for so many days, but I was watching the games.
There were days when Under walked as well as Over some days.
Just a score I saw a few weeks ago impressed me.
Miami - Toronto 84-76. That is, Euroleague score.
So let's go to today with 9 games and at a first glance I threw them early to see that there are limits that have value in total points.
Indiana - Miami (+1) # 211 # With 5-5 in a row in the last 10 Pacers and with 7-3 Heat, there is no clear favorite according to the handicap. Indiana is based in its hometown while the Heat is not one of the best teams in the 1st 4 in the East with 9-9. Value in the ace but also in the total points with a clear Under base and limit. Under 211 Indiana (-1)
Orlando - Washington (+10) # 219.5 # Strange couple. The numbers are good, but this crazy Wizards team can stay in the handicap and still win. Value in the percentage that exists because it comes from two consecutive victories. On the whole, however, things are confusing. It can go anywhere but due to Orlando I choose the low score. Washington (+10) Under 219.5 Washington 4.75 (s.s. The rate dropped from 5.5 to 3.75 while I was writing something that shows that WIZARDS will fight).
Boston - San Antonio (+5.5) # 220,5 # I can't say that it will bother me much somewhere. The fact that I see an ace and an under is completely typical. Boston (-5.5) Under 220,5
Charlotte (+2.5) - Toronto # 207,5 # Both are bad. With 5-5, Toronto, which also comes from defeat. With 3-7 Charlotte who also comes from defeat and with the curious usually in the Eastern region teams with a negative streak to fight or be in the top eight. Orlando 17-20 in 7th place and Brooklyn 16-20 in 8th place. Charlotte now from below with 15-24 will have a difficult task until the end of Regular Season. From here only the whole. Under 207,5
Dallas - Denver (+3) # 220.5 # Whoever endures, let's see. I predict a match with a high score but unpredictable in the handicap. Total value while the double standard. Over 220.5 Denver (+3)
N. Orleans - Chicago (+3,5) # 224 # Chicago was doing well but the 4 consecutive defeats ruined the image of the last 10 games with 4 wins in the last 6 last. New Orleans after the crescendo of four consecutive victories against strong teams has 2 defeats in the last 3. He is a clear favorite here, however, but in unstable teams we cannot say that he has great value for a point of proposal. The whole may be better though a low limit for Pelicans just their defense was the one that helped them make some victories in their last. Under 224 N. Orleans (-3,5)
Utah - N. York (+12.5) # 216 # Utah took the lead and has the best streak in the entire NBA in the last 10 since it is the only one with just one defeat in them. New York after the rather unpredictable 3 consecutive victories against Brooklyn - Washington - Portland and in fact relatively easily returned to normal and counts 3 defeats in its last 3. Here you cover the handicap despite the double-digit number while the total points are roulette. We don't even touch it. Utah (-12.5)
Golden State (+13,5) - Milwaukee # 218 # We leave the handicap and deal with the total number of points and teams that can play free basketball and exceed the limit. Over 218
Update 10:35 p.m.
S.S. There are some changes and even significant ones at the borders. In those that are out of proposals like Over 219.5 in Golden State went 218,5 as I wrote and 217 now.
+5.5 for Spurs in Boston went to +7.
In our proposals now and in the Utah handicap, -12.5 became -14.5!
Our bomb that had 5,50 when I wrote it and passed it to 4,75 now has 4,50 as well as the handicap from 10.5 to 9,5 now.


Orlando - Washington - Washington (4.75) Bet365

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Date Event Forecast Performance
08/01/20 Charlotte - Toronto
Dallas - Denver
Under 207.5
Over 220.5
08/01/20 Orlando - Washington
Utah - N. York
Washington (+10)
Utah (-12.5)
Overall performance
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