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Ray Allen

Affordable points without great matches (0/2 Funds)

I didn't expect both of us to get the opposite flow from what we chose yesterday. I said that the 213.5 in the Under from Denver-Portland match may go down more slowly but I saw that it became 214.5.
In the other Detroit - Dallas match we chose Over 220.5 I saw it at 219,5 which showed that our choices were contrary to the evolution of prices, regardless of whether they favored those who chose them more slowly with these limits.
They usually go out where they move but yesterday it didn't happen in either of them, making our proposal especially in Denver, marginally in the basket.
With 9 games today the program but without any significant visual except maybe Miami - Lakers.
In the rest, as far as our choices are concerned, there are points that seem provocative but do not stop hiding dangers.
Especially in points, the games Bulls - Charlotte and Atlanta - Indiana show up high, which means that they have a place for the proposal in the sets.
In the handicaps, the ace of Philadelphia now stands out against the weak New Orleans, where he is defensively, but dogs are grinding.
We have a big handicap to cover in the second point, but the non-existent Golden State that managed and lost the day before yesterday, even from New York, I don't think will resist Utah, which made a healthy walk in Minnesota the day before yesterday (127-116).
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Date Event Forecast Performance
13/12/19 Philadelphia - N. Orleans
Utah - Golden State
Philadelphia (-8.5)
Utah (-13.5)
13/12/19 Atlanta - Indiana
Chicago - Charlotte
Over 223.5
Oover 213.5
Overall performance
(Total Odds)
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