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New Fund (5.23) with 4/5 points from Guru L


Closed game.

Schalke - Freiburg

Schalke comes from 5 consecutive victories having conceded just 1 goal. Measures 5/6 under 2.5. Freiburg comes from 4 matches without a win with two draws and two defeats. Measures just two wins in the last 10 league games. Away from home he has to win for 6 consecutive games. Ace

Brighton - Leicester

From a series of 3-1-2 comes Brighton which at home measures 4 consecutive victories with an equal number of over 2.5. Nevertheless, at home, he concedes goals for 7 consecutive games. Leicester from the other measures just one victory in the last 6 games. It has 6/6 G / G for the championship. In the last 4 away games he has scored 11 goals. Let's go to G / G and over 2.5

Las Palmas - Real Madrid

Las Palmas, which is in the relegation zone with 6 points difference from Levante, will hardly be saved this year. Seven games without a win after 3 defeats and 4 draws. With just two wins in the last 15 matches. Real, on the other hand, are far behind in the title hunt. Just one defeat in the last 8 games and 7 wins. In these 8 games he has scored 28 goals and conceded 11. Over 3.5

Willem - Utrecht

From a series of 2-1-3 comes Willem who tries to escape as much as possible from the relegation zone. At home for the championship measures 3 consecutive victories without conceding a goal. Utrecht measures 9/12 G / G for the championship, showing that they are quite vulnerable defensively. Away from home in the last 5 games he has conceded 11 goals and scored 9. G / G

Juventus - AC Milan

We have a derby in Italy with Juventus at the top of the table and two points behind second-placed Napoli and Milan chasing a place that will lead them to the Champions League. Juventus has to concede 10 consecutive league goals and 9/10 under 2.5. Milan is undefeated for 9 games in the league. Away measures 4 wins and 2 draws. End away from home has 4/6 under 2.5. Neither team will take risks, I think. Milan will first look at their defense and then look for the goal. I think it will be a closed game. Under 2.5


Date Event Forecast Performance
31/03/18 Schalke - Freiburg
Brighton - Leicester
Las Palmas - Real Madrid
Willem II - Utrecht
Juventus Milan
Over 2.5
Over 3.5
G / G
Under 2.5
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