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Atromitos continues its steady course

Leicester - Bournemouth

Just one win in the last 6 games Leicester (1-3-2). In the last 4 matches, he has conceded 9 goals, facing a problem in defense. Measures 7/10 G / G. Bournemouth has 5/6 over 2.5 as well as 5/6 G / G last. In the last 5 away games he has scored 12 goals, showing that he has no problem scoring. G / G and over 2.5

Atromitos - Xanthi

Atromitos continues its stable course in the championship after it managed not to lose AEK from another big of the championship. In the last 6 games he is undefeated with 4 draws and 2 victories. At home measures just one defeat since the beginning of the season showing that his home is one of his strongest weapons. Xanthi on the other hand shows that away from home they are losing their momentum with only one victory in the last 6 games away. Away from home, he has scored just 3 goals in the last 6 matches. 1 and under 3.5

Eindhoven - Utrecht

Eindhoven comes from the great away victory against Feyenoord. He is running an undefeated streak of 10 games with 2 draws and 8 wins. Measures 8/10 over 2.5. Utrecht comes from four consecutive victories and is undefeated for 8 games. Measures 6/8 G / G. Away from home, he has scored 6 goals in the last 12 games, showing that he has an appeal in scoring regardless of home. G / G and over 2.5

Zulte Waregem - Anderlecht

Zulte runs a 3-2-1 run. It has 5/7 G / G. At home, he has conceded goals in all 6 of his last matches (11). Anderlecht have just one win in their last six matches (1-2-3). In these six matches, he has conceded 13 goals against 14 who have scored. Measures 4/6 G / G and 4/6 over 2.5. G / G and over 2.5

Naples - Roma

Napoli have nine wins in a row, showing that they will claim the championship until the end. It has 5/6 N / G showing that one of their strong points is their defense. Roma with just 3 wins in the last 10 matches does not convince anyone. In the last 6 matches he has only 2 wins, nevertheless he has scored in 4/6 of these games. 1 and over 2.5

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Date Event Forecast Performance
03/03/18 Leicester - Bournemouth FC
Atromitos - Skoda Xanthi
PSV Eindhoven - Utrecht
Zulte-Waregem - Anderlecht
Napoli - Rome

G / G & Over 2.5 (2.08)
1 & Under 3.5 (1.85)
G / G & Over 2.5 (1.97)
G / G & Over 2.5 (1.95)
1 & Over 2.5 (2.30)
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