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PAOK will easily or hardly leave with the double

Sparta Rotterdam - Willem

Rotterdam will hardly save the class. He has 10 games without a win (0-2-8) where he has conceded 26 goals. He concedes an average of 2.6 goals per game. Measures 7/10 over 2.5. Willem has 10/11 G / G. He concedes goals very easily but on the other hand he scores. Measures 8/11 over 2.5. He has scored in all the last 5 away matches. G / G and over 2.5

Augsburg - Eintracht Frankfurt

Augsburg has only one victory in the last 6 games (1-3-2). 4/6 G / G has last. He has conceded 10 goals and scored 8 in the last six matches. Eintracht is having a great season watching Europe. It runs a series of 3-2-1. He has conceded goals in the last 5/6 matches. Let's go to G / G.

Zulte Waregem - Ostend

Julte has the second worst defense in the league with 43 assists. It has 5/6 over 2.5 and 4/6 G / G. Ostend has 5 consecutive G / G and over 2.5. It comes from two defeats with the same score (3-2). Open match let's go to over 2.5

Liverpool - Tottenham Hotspur

Liverpool have found their footing with just one defeat in the last 10 games in the league (6-3-1). At home, Liverpool is undefeated with 5 wins and 5 draws. Measures 7/8 over 2.5. Tottenham come from the great victory over Manchester United (2-0). He is having a very good season. It runs 4-2-0 in a row. He has scored 15 goals in the last 6 games. I believe in the headquarters and that is why I will bet on the ace.). Ace

Atalanta - Chievo

Atalanta is chasing Europe. It is in good shape as it runs 3-1-2 in a row. Measures 4/6 over 2.5. Chievo is without a win 8 games. He has conceded 18 goals in these last 8 matches and has scored only 4. I believe in Atalanta. 1 and over 2.5

PAS Ioannina - PAOK

PAS has only one victory in the last 6 matches for the championship (1-3-2). However, at home they are still undefeated in the championship. It has 4/6 under 2.5. PAOK on the other hand is in excellent condition as it is alone at the top. He has to concede 7 goals in the league. Measures 4/6 over 2.5. I believe that PAOK will easily or with difficulty leave Giannina with a double. 2 and under 3.5


Date Event Forecast Performance
04/02/18 Sparta Rotterdam - Willem II
Augsburg - Eintracht Frankfurt
Zulte-Waregem - Oostende
G / G & Over 2.5
G / G
Over 2.5
04/02/18 Liverpool - Tottenham
Atalanta - Chievo
PAS Giannena - PAOK
1 & Over 2.5
2 & Unfer 3.5
Overall performance
(Total Odds)
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