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Overthrow in modern football

** Manchester City - Paris Saint-Germain: Manchester City gained a clear qualifying lead with the winner (1-2) in Paris in a match that until 60 'showed that Paris had more luck.

After 60 'Manchester City dominated with Guardiola making the move of the match by replacing Cancelo with Zinchenko who helped a lot in building the game, and justly got the victory, although the two goals conceded by Paris Saint-Germain were very "Cheap" for the level of the top institution.

The first goal, a weak hanging diagonal "lob" with the necessary fakes of De Bruyne in order to fill the area, finds Navas and the defenders with half a thought, to go out, not to go out. It is a phase that those of us who have played football have experienced, it is a phase of weakness that the goalkeeper expects from the defenders, and the defenders from the goalkeeper.

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It makes the goal even cheaper "the fact that it is not from a free set, but it is done in a normal flow of the game. In 90% such phases are done from freely set up.

Navas is not at the level of the top Oblak and Courtois, he is a level two because he is "short" for modern football, but he is arguably the fastest, most explosive goalkeeper in the world with amazing reflexes, hence his course. And yet in this easy phase his reflexes betrayed him, as well as his height, because simply if he had 10 points and the given ratio in his hands he could repel the ball because he had a relatively good position. It's just things.

In the second goal of Manchester City, the ball passes through the wall, something prohibitive and disappointing for the whole team at the same time.

From there we saw a Manchester City play without a forward even though they had Jesus, Aguero and in a second choice Sterling and Ferran Torres available.

What made Guardiola play without a clear net, considered a reversal in modern football, lined up six players (Gundogan, Rodri, Silva, De Bruyne, Mahrez and Foden) from the center and in front where at least four, if not all, they can cut, create, press area, score from a "second striker" position in a trailer role, with the same ease, with the main feature being the awesome runs that give them the dominance of the game.

On the other hand, Paris is a team that is good in the defensive part, with its great advantage of bringing the opponent's defense into imbalance with the rocket-propelled Mbappe, Di Maria, Neymar. Only fast players can bring imbalance to the opponent's defense. Of course, it lags behind the creative midfielders, something very important. The fact that he scored 3 goals in Bayern, 4 goals in Barça and 2 goals in Manchester United in the last 3 away matches of the CL must be evaluated accordingly.

I will bet G / G & Over 2.5 in a match that will be judged by its evolution. G / G & Over 2.5

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The rest

15:00 ** Citantela - Entela: Corrections by Citadella with undefeated in the last 4 with 2 wins and 2 draws. Good image in the last 4 inside with just 1 goal. On January 22, the last victory of Entella, which is only last in the standings. Cittana Over 1.5 and - 1 -. Stats

** Empoli - Cosenza: Defeat in the last league game for Empoli after 28 games. Remains 1η with 6 points difference from Lecce. Cosenza in general a few things. In the last 6 except with (2-12) goals. With 3 Over 2.5 in the 4 most recent teams. Employ Over 1.5, in total Over 25 and - 1 - .Stats

** Monza - Lecce: Monza with 5 G / G in the last 6 games. From 3 G / G comes Lecce which scores in the last 6 away scoring 14 goals. Monza scores in the last 5 inside. G/G and Over 2.5. Stats

** Regina - Ascoli: Despite the rise of Ascoli, Regina is a better image and a fair favorite of the race, albeit marginally. - 1 -. Stats

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** Spal 2013 - Frosinone: The victory over Pisa, left aside a bad period with only 1 goal in the attack in the 7 immediately preceding without a victory. Moderate, but more balanced, Spall scores in the last 6 games. - 1 -. Stats

19:00 ** Notts County - Sutton United: Sutton in the socket after the victory of Torquay which is now 4 points ahead but with 2 more games. From 2 wins she comes back to the winners with the problem that she failed to score in 3 of the last 4 away games. From 4 defeats 2 draws comes Notts County with 5 of them giving them away from home. -- 2 -. Stats

** Javor - Proletarian Novi Sad: (Serbia) Proletar Novi Sad comes away from a 1 draw with the most negative (2-20) goals in the last 6 away games. From 2 victories comes Javor having 1 defeat in 8 games. - 1 -. Stats

19:30 ** Holstein Kiel - Sandhausen: It is a good team and Holstein Kiel shows it at the end of the season. Her mediocre recent image has implications for the fact that she has given the last 5 games away from home. In the last 3 inside he counts an equal number of victories. Losses in the last 6 home games for Sandhausen with a negative goal ratio that they hear at (5-12). Holstein Kiel Over 1.5, in total Over 2.5 and - 1 -. Stats

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** Munich 1860 - Kaiserslautern: The positive sign with 6 wins 2 draws in 8 games brings Munich 1860 just 4 points behind 1η position of the score. Kaiserslautern improved their image in recent form with the problem of just 3 wins in 17 away matches, Munich 1860 Over 1.5, in total Over 2.5 and - 1 -. Stats

** Le Havre - Toulouse: Objective problem for Toulouse without a win in the last 6 away games. Least team Le Havre, does not win in the last 5 home games, with 1 victory in 10 games. - 2 -. Stats

21:00 ** Luton - Rotherham: The recent form leans clearly towards Luton, which comes from 3 wins 2 draws, against 5 defeats 1 draw of Rotherham which does not score in the last 4 away games.Satts

** Charlton - Lincoln: Difficult match. Lincoln has greatly improved its image since mid-March with a remarkable 3 wins and 1 draw in the last 4 away games. Only from Peterborough did Charlton suffer defeats in the last 12 games. He would split it in half, not to mention give it a slight favor over Lincoln. Stats

** Blackpool - Doncaster: From 2 away victories comes Blackpool who is fighting for the 3rdη place with Lincoln and Sunderland, Just 2 defeats for Blackpool in the last 20 games. With 8 defeats in the last 12 inside out Doncaster. Blackpool Over 1.5 and - 1 -.Sats

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** Le Mans - Creteil: Wins in the 2 most recent for Le Mans with undefeated in the last 3 games. In the last 5 at home with 3 wins 1 draw 1 loss. With 7 defeats, 2 draws in the last 9 games, the bad Creteil with also a negative 6 defeats in the last 6 away with (3-15) goals. - 1 -. Stats

22:00 ** Al Arabi - Al Nasser: (Kuwait) Al Arabi is a team with 10 wins and 2 draws in the last 12 of the league. Just 1 win in the 7 most recent Al Nasser. - 1 -. Stats

00:30 ** In Algeria Saura, Setif, MC Alger and Campbell win.

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04/05/21   Manchester City - Paris Saint-Germain   G / G & Over 2.5   1.90
04/05/21   Empoli - Cosenza
Monza - Lecce
Citadel - Entella
  Over 2.5
G / G & Over 2.5
Citadel (Over 1.5)
04/05/21   Holstein Kiel - Sandhausen
Munich 1860 - Kaiserslautern
Blackpool - Doncaster
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