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Difficult night !! (Fund 4.76)

If we have reached the point of discussing whether the AEK to exclude Velez Mostar something is wrong with the yellow camp. The yellows need a victory with a two goal difference and must enter from the beginning with the throttle pressed, since a possible failure will amount to disaster, not only financially but also in the prestige of the club. The Bosnians will counteract power, maybe .... delays, and I expect to get several cards. I choose with a handicap Velez Mostar -0.5 cards in total odds 2.30 at Stoiximan, ie to accept the guests more cards than their opponents.

On the contrary, in the other game of the Greek team, in Kl. Vikelidis, between Mars and Astana Things are clearly more difficult. The Thessalonians are called to overturn a difference of two goals with a more difficult opponent than the Union. The Kazakhs are a team with several European appearances in recent years and the 2-0 of the first match makes them favorites for qualification. If a quick goal does not come for Aris, the presence of people after a while will be on the feet of the players.Mars +0.5 cards so, with performance 2.07 at Stoiximan, that is, we are paid in case of the same number of cards in both groups.

Good luck in whatever you choose !!

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Date   Event   Forecast   Performance
29/07/21   AEK - Velez Mostar

Mars - Astana
  Velez Mostar - 0.5 ah cards (2.30)

Mars +0.5 ah cards (2.07)
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