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He will not find better revenge !!

At 7, we have the traditional ΄΄derby d 'Italia΄΄ between Juventus and the champion Inter with referee him Gianpaolo CalvareseI believe that Antonio Conte will line up in the best possible line-up, as he will hardly forget the curse he ate from Anielli and Nedved in the cup match a few months ago at the same stadium. will find.Option About 4.5 cards in total odds 2.10 at Bet365.

Half an hour later, the FA Cup final between starts in England Chelsea and Leicester with referee him Michael Oliver, with a few people, after several months on the podium. I think that even the absence of people contributed to not having many cards in the games. Here today we are talking about a final, Oliver's average is close to 3, with another we will be paid the selection About 3.5 cards in total odds 2.00 at Bet365.

The trio will close (I hope successfully) the night with the derby of the eternal city between Roma and Lazio with referee him Luca Pairetto. It is one of the games that I think does not matter the scoring situation of the teams. The players wherever they are, all they hear from the fans is the victory in this game to be the bosses of the city and to be able to tease them Their opponents. Couple with a history full of penalties and dismissals, the limit is high (5,5) but it is worth the risk. The Romans, even in the game with Cagliari who won 5-0, got 2 yellow cards !! About 5.5 cards in total odds 1.90 at Bet365.

Good luck with whatever you choose!



Juventus - Inter - Ashley Young to be expelled (51.00) Bet365

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Date   Event   Forecast   Performance
15/05/21   Juventus - Inter

Chelsea - Leicester

Roma - Lazio
  Over 4.5 cards (2.10)

Over 3.5 cards (2.00)

Over 5.5 cards (1.90)
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