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Box (5.00) with 5/6 points by Guru L


The kick will go cloud !!

2 in 3 again yesterday, after I was vindicated for the Derby - Sheffield Wen. and Spezia - Napoli but I fell out of Man City - Chelsea. (Man, give the penalty to Sterling and red to Zuma to get paid !!). Let's go below to today:

Yesterday I got a little out of the five big leagues and got to the Championship and I was right. In Scotland at noon we have the cup semi-final between St. Mirren and St. Johnston, at the άHabten Park΄΄ in Glasgow. The only match of course, with extra time and penalties if needed. William Collum, Champions League level. I consider the pair balanced and I choose About 3.5 cards in total odds 1.80 at Bet365.

At the same time in Italy we have the final stay in the category between Benevento and Cagliari with referee him Daniele Duties.Final stay in Italy means the cloud will kick.Option without a second thought About 4.5 cards in total odds 1.72 at Bet365.

Finally, in Germany we have another six-point stay in between Hertha and Arminia B.. with referee him Bastian DankertAlthough the Germans are frugal with the cards, I think the limit of 3.5 cards in this match is low. Selection About 3.5 cards in total odds 1.61 at Bet365.

Good luck with whatever you choose!


Valencia - Valladolid - Valladolid to score a penalty (7.00) Bet365

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Date   Event   Forecast   Performance
09/05/21   St. Mirren - St. Johnston

Benevento - Cagliari

Hertha - Arminia B.
  Over 3.5 cards (1.80)

Over 4.5 cards (1.72)

Over 3.5 cards (1.61)
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