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Box (5.00) with 5/6 points by Guru L


Ready for the Euro!

On Tuesday it was PSG that failed to score, yesterday it was Real that failed to find the way to the net depriving us of a very good performance.

Nevertheless, I will follow the same philosophy today in the Europa League for the game between Arsenal and Villarreal with the referee Slovene Slavko Vincic since I do not find any reason to bet on the other semi-final between Roma and United after the 6-2 last Thursday. So in London I do not see that no both teams will score and in fact I will combine it with over 2.5 goals since I do not think it stays at 1-1. To all this, of course, we will add the cards, since I believe that the qualification will be open until 90΄, maybe even more. THE Vincic is not given away, he is preparing for the upcoming Euro in which he will whistle, so a choice to accept more than 2 cards for each team, we may see some expulsion as in the first game.

The combination of all these gives performance 9.00 at Bet365, expulsion like a bomb on its own.

Good luck with whatever you choose, see you next Saturday!


Arsenal - Villarreal - Red card (4.00) Bet365

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Date   Event   Forecast   Performance
06/05/21   Arsenal - Villarreal   Goal / Goal

Over 2.5 goals in total

Arsenal over 2.5 cards

Villarreal over 2.5 cards
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