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You will throw but you will also eat !!

The last match of the Championship is being held in England at noon and in three games that decide to stay in the category, Premier League referees have been appointed. The Derby - Sheffield Wayne. so is the definition of σουyour death, my life΄΄ since whoever loses probably bids farewell to the class.Referee, the most experienced Englishman, the favorite Μike Dean, who does not accept a fly on his sword. There is a battle until the end, choose it About 4.5 cards in total odds 2.20 at Bet365.

At the end of this game, the battle between Spezia and Napoli for Serie A will start in Italy with the referee Massimiliano Irrati with the hosts wanting the three-pointer for their stay and the Neapolitans chasing the exit to the Champions League. With coach Gattuso constantly shouting from the edge of the bench, you will throw and eat many kicks, choose the About 4.5 cards in total odds 2.00 at Bet365.

Third and last choice for today, the rehearsal of the upcoming Champions League final, between Man. City and Chelsea with referee Anthony Taylor. Chelsea is interested today, since City has locked the league. The fatigue from the midweek games is expected to play an important role today and I think we will see a battle with strength and passion. In the semifinal of the cup 5 cards came out, today one less is enough. Option About 3.5 cards in total odds 2.00 at Bet365.

Good luck with whatever you choose!


Barcelona - Madrid Madrid - Red card (4.00) Bet365

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Date   Event   Forecast   Performance
08/05/21   Derby - Sheffield Wayne.

Spezia - Naples

Man City - Chelsea
  Over 4.5 cards (2.20)

Over 4.5 cards (2.00)

Over 3.5 cards (2.00)

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