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Manchester and Madrid in derby rhythms

Manchester and Madrid in derby rhythms

Local derbies are the spice of football. Especially when two fellow citizens are from the strongest teams in the country, then we are talking about something more than a simple football game. A series of such great matches awaits us next weekend. Apart from Sunday's Aris-PAOK derby in Thessaloniki, two great matches between fellow citizens-giants of European stadiums are held on Saturday and have a strong competitive and betting interest. Click for more and for the full football voucher of the day.

Manchester United-Manchester City

United and City have a long history of coexistence in Manchester. It was not until 1881 that they first met (under names different from their current ones), when Newton Heath, the "mom" of United, defeated St. Mark's 3-0, which was later renamed Manchester City. Until World War II, the two rivals were almost equal, but from 1950 onwards United opened the gap and did not look back. Until about 2011, when City took the reins as the city's boss.

On Saturday they will face each other for the 183rd time in their history. None is on a particularly good moon. They have no stability in their game and are capable of the best and the worst. United currently have 19 points in the Premier League and City 18, and are five and six points away from the top respectively. Even so, the host City clearly has a better roster and the best bets in Greece offer it at a clear favorite odds, even below 1.80. On the contrary, the victory of United plays even at prices close to 4.20. At 4.00 the tie, a result that has been confirmed only once in the matches between them at "Old Trafford" in the last fifteen years.

Favorite prices are given over (1.60 vs. 2.30). It is not just the fact that both opponents have strong offensive and defensive problems. It is tradition that advocates this. In the last fifteen years, United and City have met 17 times at Old Trafford. The over was confirmed in 12 of them, while three matches ended with six goals and more (4-3, 1-6, 4-2).

An interesting special bet is that Koon Aguero may score, if he plays. With one goal he catches Joe Hayes and Francis Lee in the first place of City scorers in derbies, while with two he catches Wayne Rooney, who with 11 goals is the top scorer in the Manchester Derby.

Atletico Madrid-Real Madrid

A few hours later, the big Madrid derby begins, between Real and Atletico. From 1906 until today, the two big teams of the Spanish capital have met 225 times. What is remarkable is that in a derby with a history of 114 years, Sergio Ramos has played in 1/5 of the matches between the two teams (42 appearances in the Madrid derby). If he competes on Saturday, he will overtake Hedo and Sanchez and will be only first on the list of participants.

At the moment, the two opponents are in opposite directions. Atletico is doing well on the pitch, is first and undefeated in the league (one point ahead of Sociedad, having two matches less), while Real is in bad shape. The big away win against Sevilla last Saturday was her first in the league since October 30, while in the Champions League she wants a victory only against Gladbach to qualify for the "16", while a wrong result can still leave her and completely outside Europe.

Even so, betting offers Real a favorite, albeit a marginal one. The Queen plays at 2.50, while her double Atletico is at 2.85. At 3.25 the draw, the favorite result in the Madrid derby in recent years. Of their last ten games, in all competitions, Real have three wins, while the other seven ended without a winner. Of these, in fact, four were 0-0. In general, goals are scored with the dropper in the Madrid derbies, which is why we see the under at odds of 1.75, instead of 2.10 of the over.

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