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Sunday football predictions

The matches in Sunday's Italian coupon are of great interest. Of these, we single out Atalanta, which welcomes Roma and the important match between Lazio and Napoli.

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He got the point of the draw with the 1-1 draw away from Juventus. A result that creates mixed feelings in Bergamo's team. Atalanta found themselves behind the score in the first half, in the second they managed and balanced and reached the goal in the 57th minute. Almost immediately after, she was awarded a penalty, which was caught by her goalkeeper, while shortly before the end she lost a great opportunity to leave Turin with the double.

Continuation of the game transitions for Atalanta, which apart from the match of the previous game with Fiorentina does not show the face of last season. And things are probably not at their best. Last incident. Gomes was "arrested" by the cameras singing the anthem of Juventus before the start of the match. The return of striker Ilicic is positive, while stopper Toloi and midfielder Pasalic will not play.

Betting Statistics: Four G / G in the last five home matches.


Dominance with 3-1 over Torino at the Olympic. Until the 68th minute when it became 3-0 there was only one team and that was Roma. After the third goal, the Romans dropped speed and Torino managed to score a goal in the only opportunity they created with Bellotti.

Continuation of the excellent performances for Roma, which after the triumphant 1-5 in Bologna shows that it is regaining its playing rhythm and is only four points away from the top. Today's obstacle is difficult, but the people of the capital are called upon to pass another test of endurance and quality. Without the extremists Gianniolo, Pastore, the mission to which the midfielder Tristante returns.

Betting Statistics: Has brought four over 3.5 in its last five away matches.

Highlights: Goals and better phases from last year's game https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C4sFByiNDMc which ended in a 2-1 victory for Atalanta

PROPOSAL: Roma is on a productive moon, which can seduce Atalanta, which "has" the aggressive style.

Our choice is over 3.5 at odds of 2.10



Once again he showed that he "suffers" from huge defense problems. And it is indicative that an attacking team by nature like Lazio has a negative goal ratio. In her last away match against Benevento, she was better again and was ahead with the usual suspect Imobile in the 25th minute. But another usual inactivity of her defense brought her 1-1 just before the last whistle for half time.

In the continuation of the match he could not do anything more, as he was trapped in the defensive tactics of the hosts and threw another two points. Which left her far from her goals which is one of the European tickets. With several absences today as well, as the goalkeeper Proto will be missing, the defenders Acerbi and Vavro and the midfielders Fares, Lukas Leiva and Lulic as well as the striker Mouriki.

Betting Statistics: Has brought G / G in its last six home matches.


He lost away to 1-0 in the derby against Inter. Although she was better for most of the game, she could not transform her superiority into a goal. And somehow the game reached the 73rd minute where the phase that decided the match took place. The referee awarded a penalty in favor of Inter, Insigne insulted him and he was sent off and Inter scored and scored the goal that shaped the result.

This defeat stopped a small winning streak of three games that helped the Neapolitans to rise significantly in the standings. And everyone in the team is furious with the refereeing as they consider that they have been deprived of a further development in the scoreboard. The punished winger Insigne will not play, but also the injured forwards Osimen and Mertens.

Betting Statistics: N / G four of the last five away matches.

PROPOSAL: A game that will take place in very strange conditions for both teams. Dealing with points is difficult and with a lot of risk. Safer game with goals.

Our choice is G / G at odds of 1.70.

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