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The Sunday of the hosts

The Sunday of the hosts

Another championship throws its curtain with a final. English Ligue 1 and today we will find out which of Blackpool and Lincoln will be in the Championship next season. Like whether Rosenburg will continue to chase Bodo Glib from a distance or allow her to escape early. Many questions for today, but one is the clear answer. See them here forecasts euro 2020 with daily predictions and match analyzes.


It easily qualified for today's final as after the emphatic 0-3 away from home with Oxford United, it drew 3-3 at home and thus confirmed its participation. He was surprised by conceding a goal before the tenth minute, but he answered with two goals in three minutes and that's where it all ended. With the exception of the last draw, he has a five-game winning streak without conceding a goal.

She had beaten Sunderland 2-0 at home and believed she had cleared the qualification. But in the first half he leveled it and she should probably feel lucky that she went to the locker room with only 2-0 against her. But in 56 'he took advantage of a defensive mistake of the home team and scored the necessary goal and is now in the final looking for another overtaking.    

Ready at the right time shows that it is Blackpool who will not let go of the opportunity presented to her. Better quality and better prepared is expected to prevail over the otherwise combative Lincoln. Our choice the ace at odds of 2.40.


As long as he scores he wins. This is how Christiansund writes the script of this year's presence in the category. After the first two chills, she decided to watch her defense and become more efficient in attack. And he succeeded and thus reached a mini series of three victories. Even if the last one against Sparta Sarpsborg came with the poor 0-1. And since you do not change a successful recipe, we are not expected to see anything different today.  

Lillestrom had a similar course to its current opponent in the first two games. Of course she scored, but her defense had many issues and this resulted in conceding three goals in the first two games. And of course to lose. Against Odd Greenland she was able to maintain zero and so the "standard" goal she achieves in each of her matches was enough to reach her first victory. .

Teams that started with two defeats and along the way began to change the way they play. And today we expect them to be cautious in defense and to try to take advantage of every opportunity that will be given to them. Closer to victory the home team. Our choice the ace at odds of 1.95


Shock at home with the 2-3 defeat by Molde with a reversal in 87 'and 90'. In a match that until that moment showed that she had it completely under her control in the previous match. However, she was able to react and it was her turn to take the away victory over Sunderford with 1-2 with a goal she scored in the 2nd minute of the delays. The two losses have already brought her two points away from Bodo Gilb and with one more match. It has no room for other point losses, especially at home.

First victory with 2-0 over Bran after two consecutive draws. Better against a bad team, he had the initiative throughout the game, created many phases, but was able to take advantage of only two of them and missed the opportunity for a more emphatic victory. Significantly more difficult mission today and will have to score if you want to get something out of the match.

Although the season is still in its infancy, Rosenburg has lost the luxury of being relaxed. Already at a distance - albeit a small one - from the champion, a fact that has made victory in all its games one way. Of course he will get today, but we find betting value in conceding goals. And there we will bet. We will choose G / G at odds of 1.76

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