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Checkout (5.00) with 7/9 points by Guru L ___ Checkout (25.96) with 3/4 draws in the Draws of the Day column by Conte Latino


Two favorites and an underdog


Together again here for another Sunday full of football games. The goal of the column is to separate those matches from the coupon that will be sent to the coveted box office. Let's go see our current trinity!


Trinity @ 11.77


SOUTHAMPTON - TOTENHAM: He struggled but Tottenham finally won the Europa League qualifiers the day before. Bale's loan for a season also mediated, so there is relative calm and euphoria in the locker rooms. at 2.32 I buy roosters against colorless Southampton. Double


SOSIEDAD - REAL: The big favorite for the title is the Queen Real and especially if she takes Ebape at the beginning of 2021. I expect Sociedad to be serious but not to make last year's course. Double


VOLFSBOURG - LEVERKOUZEN: Wrong set odds here. I consider Wolfsburg a more prepared team than the aspirins and I expect to be right at 2.90. Ace


Good luck to us!

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Date   Event   Forecast   Performance
20/09/20   Southampton - Tottenham
Real Sociedad - Real Madrid
Wolfsburg - Leverkusen
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