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The defenses are getting wet!

Good morning to everyone! Another Saturday that the column is with you with a trinity proposal for a fund. I will stay away from the "favorites" and chasing the goals I will go with a low bet to slowly build my bank.

Trinity @ 5.44

MANCHESTER G. - CRYSTAL PALACE: Strange year for babies. Many changes have taken place and the people of the team are moderately optimistic that some stars (eg Pogba) will finally unfold their virtues on the field. However, and because many of the optimistic views are based on overrated English players (eg Maguire), I do not see it as very likely. Both today against the beautiful Palace. G / G

VERONA - ROMA: Roma are capable of the worst and no one knows how serious they will be this year. I see him conceding the first goal so I will go with the goal-goal. G / G

REN - MONACO: No hope for the two defenses. Rehn may be more solid, but we expect a lot of goals this year as supports from both teams. G / G

Good luck to everyone!

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Date Event Forecast Performance
19/09/20 Manchester United - Crystal Palace
Verona - Rome
Rennes - Monaco
G / G
G / G
G / G

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