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& quot; Azar is the best in the world & quot;

"Azar is the best in the world"

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Εν Eden Hazard's performance has convinced his teammate in the "blue" Ross Barkley to characterize him as the best player in the world.

Eden Hazard has surpassed the level of Cristiano Ronaldo and Messi as, according to his teammate at Chelsea, Ross Barkley is now the best player in the world.

The main difference with Ronaldo and Messi is that the Belgian international plays more for the team than himself, as the "blue" midfielder claims.

"Compared to them, they are not as selfish as they are, they are probably much more selfish. He is happy even if he only shares two assists and the team wins. He scores goals and continues to improve. What he did with Liverpool, he honestly does every day in training. We are not surprised since he is the best player in the world, "said Barclay.

"You should not be surprised when you see him play such games. It has shown what it is worth in the last five, six years and belongs to the three best players in the world. He is probably the best player in the world ", added the 24-year-old Englishman for the" blue "ace.

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Jola: "It was an incredible goal "

Gidranfranco Tzola praised Eden Hazard, while emphasizing that the Belgian has even more to show.

With the beautiful goal he scored last night (26/9) against Liverpool, giving Chelsea the qualification, Eden Hazard "forced" the whole football world to speak with flattering comments about him.

Another of the many is Mauricio Sari's assistant, Gianfranco Zola, who stressed that the Belgian is rightly described as one of the top footballers on the planet, while revealing that he has not yet shown everything he can achieve.

Referring to the goal he scored against Liverpool, he said: "I think it was a fantastic goal, especially if you think about the moment you scored it," Jola told Skysports at first, adding:

"He was all alone among four defenders, it was an incredible goal"

He then spoke about the dire situation of the 27-year-old Belgian, and expressed his belief that he could play even better.

"He's not just one of the best players in the Premier League, if not the best. It is one of the best in Europe, if not the whole world. Eden is improving very fast in terms of his maturity and the choices he makes on the pitch. In my opinion, we have not yet seen his best self. It's fantastic, "he added.

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Poketino: "We always see the next game first"

Only Saturday's game with Huddersfield has Pochettino in mind without thinking about Barcelona.

A possible defeat by Huddersfield will bring a storm, as Mauricio Pochettino said, and so he does not have the luxury of thinking about next week's game with Barcelona, ​​for the second game of the Champions League.

Asked if the game with Barcelona had a lead in mind compared to Huddersfield, he said: "No, no, no. We always see our next game first and try to make the best possible decisions that will help us win it. When you are in Tottenham you have to win. In the games with Watford, Liverpool and Inter we lost and there was a lot of criticism, as if the end of the world had come. You can't say, "No, I'm not going to be competitive in this game," because you know that if you don't win, there will be a tsunami or a storm. That is the truth, "he said.

"That's why when we talk about the team, it's because we need a strong team available, with 24, 25 players along with the young people who will come to the first team and help when we need them. In a whole season, you will need the whole team, not just some players who are always available, "he added.

The Argentine coach will not have Serge Orie and Christian Eriksen at their disposal, while Yoris and Worm, who have not overcome their injury problems, continue to be out of the plans. So Paulo Gazaniga will sit under Tottenham's beams again.

Speaking about the third goalkeeper of the team who finds time to participate, with the absences of Yoris and Worm, he said: "It is very important to have three goalkeepers who can play and perform like Paul. It is very difficult to be a goalkeeper and you have to wait for your chance to come. They are not like other footballers in other positions who can play 5, 10 minutes or half an hour. The position of the goalkeeper is very different and special and it is really difficult to wait for your opportunity ".

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Carvajal enters with Atletico

Danny Carvajal has overcome his injury and will be available for Lopetegui for the Madrid derby between Real and Atletico on Sunday.

After its "heavy" away defeat by Sevilla with 3-0, but also the… side loss of Marcelo, Real Madrid learned a good news, with Danny Carvajal overcoming his injury and putting himself at his disposal. by Zulen Lopetegi…

Specifically, the Spanish defender normally participated in today's training session of the "merenges" and his coach can count on him in his plans for the upcoming derby between Real and Atletico, next Sunday.

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Cristiano is a racer

Cristiano Ronaldo will normally be present at Juventus' match against Manchester United, after UEFA punished him with a single match for the red card against Valencia.

Good news for Cristiano Ronaldo and consequently Juventus, as the Portuguese ace will play against Manchester United next month for the third game of the Champions League group stage.

That's because UEFA decided to punish Ronaldo with a single match for the red card he received in the "old lady's" match against Valencia, where Juventus prevailed 2-0.

The Italian team travels to "Old Trafford" on October 23 and the 33-year-old superstar will lose only the next match, on October 2, and the match against Young Boys.

He dedicated the goal to his father

After his goal, Paulo Dybala "bent", with the result that Cristiano Ronaldo hurried next to him to support him.

Something about the arrival of Cristiano Ronaldo, something about the good performances of Federico Bernardeschi, the time of Paulo Dybala has been significantly reduced at Juventus.

However, the Argentine striker in the home game of the "Big Lady" against Bologna found the net and made it 1-0 for his team at 11 ′ with the hosts prevailing 2-0.

Shortly afterwards, the former Palermo player cried. He bent down. It broke. Something inside him was suffocating him. He had hidden his eyes behind his palm and with the other hand raised it to the sky.

He dedicated the goal to his father. The one who has left him. A few days ago, Cristiano Ronaldo was the one who cried - for different reasons - but the Portuguese forward did not miss a moment and immediately went next to his teammate.

A meaningful hug was enough to give him strength to keep going. After all, the 33-year-old striker had a difficult time with his father, with whom he had a special relationship.

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He is positive about keeping Sessions

Very close to renewing his partnership with Fulham, it seems that is the great talent of English football, Ryan Sessions.

From the age of 16 he entered the. Difficult. Ryan Sessions has started his career at the academies of Fulham, where he became a footballer.

In the "cottagers" he already has more than 100 appearances, despite the fact that he is only 18 years old! However, we are not talking about a child with talent. We are talking about Talent and one of the greatest in England, if not the greatest.

The Londoners know this very well, and from now on they want to "tie" him with a new contract that will be valid for the next five years.

In a good way…

The people of Fulham have been in contact with Sessions in recent days. The young footballer - who can play from left back, even left midfielder - looks positive in staying at "Krevin Cottage".

After all, the London team is the only one that knows and trusts for the time being. So she doesn't "burn" to leave her immediately.

Tottenham are "licking" him

Sessions have scored 16 goals in the Premier League last season with the Fulham shirt. Of course, many scouts have checked him out. Their conclusion? Always positive.

In fact, Tottenham had recently approached him in order to make him their own. However, the transfer did not go ahead and the talented midfielder remained in the team of his heart.

Totti: "You made him a simple tackle and he left ten meters away"

In his autobiography, Francesco Totti referred, among other things, to former Juventus player Pavel Nedved.

With the release of his autobiography, Francesco Totti celebrated his 42nd birthday. In his book, the emblematic leader of Roma makes a special reference to Pavel Nedved and expresses his opinion on the 46-year-old former Czech international midfielder.

Looking back in time to the 2006 World Cup in Germany, he mentioned the meeting with Nedved in the Italy-Czech Republic match for the group stage.

"Nedved was in terrible shape that day, it hurts me to say that because I couldn't face him on the pitch," said the 42-year-old former Gialorosi captain.

"She is OK. You gave him a simple tackle and he left ten meters away. It made you want to punch him and that says something. Of course, even though I said all this about Nedved, I can't help but say that he was an excellent player. He was so good in that game that Buffon had to intervene 3-4 times, "he said.

"As I said before, I could have hated him as a player, a feeling I admit I never hid from him, but I acknowledge that he approached me in the Champions League draw and asked me how I was feeling now that I had finished my career." Totti added.


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Midtjylland won last year's Danish championship on foot, leaving no room for reaction in the state of Copenhagen. Brian Priske, a former international defender for Portsmouth and Bruges, remains her coach who managed to lead her to the top. Young Boys comes from a double in Switzerland, revealing her superiority after the break due to COVID-19. He played attacking football and was justified, with the protagonist Gerardo Soane continuing on the edge of the bench of the "yellow-blacks".

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The "eagles" duel in Toumba at 21:00 steals the impressions in the context of 3th Champions League qualifying round.

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The 1η Premier League match continues tonight with eyes on Brighton, where the homonymous local group hosts Chelsea which has been unimaginably strengthened in this year's transfer market.

Tradition is overwhelmingly in favor of the Blues who in 10 games count 9 wins and just 1 draw.

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Taking a look at the statistics, we will see that Brighton avoided defeat in the 5 games they have given on Monday at the Premier League level, counting the absolute number of draws (5/5). For its part, Chelsea starts the new league on Monday and it is noteworthy that the last two times she was crowned champion (2014-15, 2016-17) she had her debut again on Monday.

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The game starts again with a French "classic"!

Η French Ligue 1 continues with a big derby, lime hatred, between her PSG and Marseille.

Paris started with a defeat in Lens, a result that is due to its many and important absences while Marseille passed victoriously from Brest in the premiere, scoring three goals (3-2). The German Thomas Tuchel will face the Portuguese Andre Villas-Boas in the interesting duel of the two benches that attracts the eyes of the French football fans!

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The tradition at Ligue 1 level mentions 81 matches between the two teams. The victories of the two opponents are shared, with 31 each while there are also 19 draws. In total, they have faced 97 times, with 43 victories of the Parisians, 32 of the Marseilles while 22 draws have been recorded.

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