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& quot; We had a heart & quot;

"We had a heart"

In the bravery shown by the Liverpool players throughout the match, the "Reds" 's victory over Paris Saint-Germain in the delays was attributed to Jύrgen Klopp.

The German coach of the Champions League finalists stressed that they had to give 100% of their strength to get the three points, something that finally happened and they got a great victory.

Detailed: "Today we did not learn something we did not know. You can't even play against Paris with 95% of your strength. Only if you give it your all can you win. It was great, my players were brave and they showed great heart. It was great.

Firmino had no chance of playing the day before. He didn't look good in training. But, it was nice to see Sturridge, who compensated me in the absolute ".

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Lopetegui:I'm taking my hat off to Zidane "

Julen Lopetegui spoke at the press conference about his debut in the Champions League with Real Madrid before the match with Roma for the group stage.

The current coach of the team, Julen Lopetegui, spoke about the pressure that exists when you are on the bench of Real Madrid, in the Press Conference before the game with Roma for the group stage of the Champions League.

Lopezgi's statements in detail:

For his debut in the Champions League: "It simply came to my notice then. I will not explain what Real is for the Champions League and the Champions for Real. "

For not having Cristiano: "We are focusing on the players that exist and our roster is ready to claim all the titles, we are sure of that."

For the Vinicius and Mariano: "Mariano can play at any time, he will help us. Vinicius is doing very well at Real Castilla and when the time comes we will decide ".

For Courtois-Navas: "It simply came to our notice then. We have great options at the end. We will see it little by little. "

For Roma: "He left Atletico behind and later ruled out Barcelona. I expect an opponent even stronger than last year. We expect a strong and aggressive team. "

On whether he is under pressure after Zidane's three Champions Leagues: "First of all, to say that I take my hat off to Zidane and the team, they have the absolute recognition on my part. Pressure for me? You have to have ambitions and a vision in every event. There is always pressure on Real. "

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Ramos: "We have to fill the gap left by Cristiano"

Sergio Ramos spoke about the life that continues without Cristiano, in the press conference he gave before the match of Real Madrid against Roma, while he also responded to Antoine Griezmann.

He spoke about the goals of Real Madrid and life without Cristiano

Sergio Ramos in the press conference before the match between the "Queen" and Roma for the group stage of the Champions League.

In addition, the leader of the "Merengues" responded to the statements of Antoine Griezmann that he is on the same level as Ronaldo and Messi.

The statements of Sergio Ramos in detail:

For Cristiano Ronaldo: "Now we have to fill the gap left by Cristiano and we will continue to compete at a high level. He created a season at Real, broke all records, but we can no longer live with what Ronaldo did. Life goes on".

For Antoine Griezmann: "His ignorance can be very daring. When I hear this kid talking, I remember Totti, Xavi, Raul, Iniesta, Iker ... players who have a lot of titles and don't have the Golden Ball. People with values ​​should be advised to 'Cholo' or Godin. It would do him good. I never doubted, however, that he is a great player. "

For the three Champions League series: "Pride and responsibility. These three Champions Leagues are not a coincidence, we have to keep our ambition and we want to win ".

For the final at "Wanda Metropolitana": "Real must be competitive. Although it is motivated that the final takes place at the headquarters of the direct opponent, we still have a way to go "

For Barcelona: "Barcelona is a direct opponent and one of the favorites in the tournament. It makes perfect sense that they want the Champions League, because it's the most beautiful event, at least for me. "

On whether he prefers the Champions League or the Copa del Rey: "I prefer the Champions League. It is more difficult to conquer it and that is why you have to give more weight. It is not normal to win so many trophies in such a short time. I assure you that we all prefer it, rather than three Spanish Cups ".

For Asencios: "I have a special love for this child, because he reminds me of myself when I was young. We trust him a lot and he will become a decisive player. "

For Benzema and Varane: "They have won everything and have dedicated a lot to the club."

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Guardiola: "Mahrez will soon prove why this money was given"

Pep Guardiola has expressed his belief that Riyad Mahrez will help Manchester City more in the near future.

Maprez's modest start with the Manchester City jersey was justified by Pep Guardiola.

The Spanish coach promised City's friends that the Algerian midfielder will improve immediately, as his quality is a given.

"Riyadh is a player who knows English football. Sometimes a footballer needs more time to adapt to a new team. We expect him to bring out the same quality as he did with the Leicester shirt. "

As for the money spent on its acquisition, he stressed: "The money spent is 100% justified. Mahrez will soon prove why this money was given. "

Mahrez, so far, has played in two of the five total games in the Premier League without scoring a goal or an assist.

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Zirou: "It was fair for Morata to start as a key player"

Olivier Giroud considers the decision of Mauricio Sari to start Alvaro Morata key.

The French striker, anyway, lost a significant part of the preparation of the Londoners due to his presence in the World Cup.

"There has always been fair competition between us, we will both try to strengthen the team to achieve our goals. Alvaro made a good start, he played in the whole preparation. It was fair to start basic. I'm happy to have a teammate like him, it pushes me to do better. It is positive for both of us ", stressed Zirou and added, fully justifying the decision of Mauricio Sari:

"I didn't play at the beginning of the season because I was late to return from the World Cup. I had to be patient, I had to reach a decent physical level. "

Antonioli: "It's always safer to" bet "on an Italian player who knows the league"

Former Roma goalkeeper Francesco Antonioli has spoken about his statements about the team's goalkeeper, Robin Olsen.

Former PAOK goalkeeper Robin Olsen came to fill the gap left by Alison's departure for Roma on behalf of Liverpool. In the first four games, in which he has played as a key player, he has conceded a total of seven goals, with the "Jialorosi" having scored just one victory in them.

In his statements, Francesco Antonioli, who had won the "scudetto" in the 2000/01 season, said, among other things, that it would be better for Roma to get either Matthias Perrin or Gianluigi Donaroma after the departure of Alison Becker.

"I have watched Olsen with the Swedish national team. He seems to be a good goalkeeper and here in Italy he can improve, "he said.

"If it were up to me, I would have signed Matthias Perrin or Gigi Donnaroma as they would have been ideal substitutes for Allison. It is always safer to "bet" on an Italian player who knows the championship ", he added.

"We are planning, one after the other, the remaining steps to become No. 1"

According to the Financial Times, the transfer of Cristiano Ronaldo is expected to lead to a doubling of Juventus' revenues from its major sponsors over the next three years.

Constantly new information is coming out about the positive economic impact that the transfer of Cristiano Ronaldo to Juventus has. This time it was the Financial Times' turn to host a related report. According to this, Juventus will renegotiate the agreements with its main sponsors, Adidas and Jeep. Revenue from existing agreements is currently estimated at 114m euros, and with new agreements expected to reach 235m euros over the next three years.

The report also features a statement from Juventus president Andrea Anielli, who said: "This is the first time that Juventus' business and football partners have worked together to see the cost and benefits of such an agreement. The opportunity to acquire Ronaldo was thoroughly analyzed and made sense, on and off the field. We need to be able to buy the next Cristiano at the age of 25. We plan, one after the other, the remaining steps to become No. 1 ".

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Mourinho is particularly annoyed with the stadium of Young Boys

Jose Mourinho is particularly worried about his team's match against Young Boys tomorrow!

The Portuguese coach of Manchester United is used to our complaints. On the occasion of the match between the "red devils" against Young Boys in Switzerland, the "special one" seems to be particularly annoyed, as his team will be called to play on a field with plastic grass, something that may cause problems in the players' competitive image. of.

He has repeatedly stressed that the use of such pitches should be banned, especially at the level of the Champions League, as they reduce the quality of matches.

On the other hand, the Swiss coach claimed that it is not possible to change their headquarters just to satisfy the wish of Jose Mourinho, emphasizing that the quality of the United footballers is huge, something that will help them adapt quickly.

Given that in the event of a misstep, however, the Portuguese will have the excuse ready!

Ronaldo: "It's worth dying to write history"

Real Madrid has released the documentary for the 13th Champions League and in it there is the last speech of Cristiano Ronaldo with the white shirt.

Real Madrid is used to releasing a documentary after each Champions League win. Of course, the historic 13th of the "Queen" could not be an exception.

A while ago, the trailer that showed the players in the locker room shortly before they went out on the field was released to the public.

Cristiano Ronaldo, who was last seen in Real's locker room, stole the show in this show.

Once the shot is in the locker room of the "Queen" one can see the leading figures of Sergio Ramos and Zinedine Zidane.

Cristiano was the last to speak, but his words show the winning spirit that distinguishes him throughout his career.

"It simply came to our notice then. Not to play, to win. It is worth dying to write history ", were the words of the Portuguese.

Moments later, the 32-year-old kissed an amulet and went out on the field to become European champion again.


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Η εβδομάδα ξεκινάει με Λίβερπουλ – Άρσεναλ και 0% γκανιότα!

Στις 22:00 στο «Άνφιλντ» θα φιλοξενήσει το σπουδαίο ματς μεταξύ της Liverpool and Arsenal που ολοκληρώνει την 3η αγωνιστική της Premier League.

Αμφότερες οι ομάδες προέρχονται από νίκες σε επίπεδο League Cup, με τη Λίβερπουλ να διασύρει τη Λίνκολν (7-2) και την Άρσεναλ να ξεπερνάει το εμπόδιο της Λέστερ (2-0). Στη βαθμολογία, Λίβερπουλ και Άρσεναλ ισοβαθμούν στην τριάδα έχοντας από έξι βαθμούς.

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Η Άρσεναλ μετράει τέσσερις ήττες σε ισάριθμα παιχνίδια σε επίπεδο Premier League όταν αντιμετωπίζει τη Λίβερπουλ εκτός έδρας. Αυτές οι νίκες των «κόκκινων» συνοδεύτηκαν από 4/4 over 3,5 γκολ ενώ και τα επτά τελευταία παιχνίδια τους με γηπεδούχο τη Λίβερπουλ μας χάρισαν γκολ και θέαμα (7/7 «4-6 γκολ»).

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The "hot" matches continue tonight, with the eyes of the football fans focused on Rome, where Roma and Juventus compose an extremely interesting match in Serie A!

Roma are in the middle of a change in technical leadership, with Paulo Fonseca counting hours and Massimiliano Allegri, former Juventus, having stated that he is ready to take over the Romans! In the "bianconeri", Andrea Pirlo starts a new course, undertaking to lead them to 10ο consecutive championship title.

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In the Greek Super League, AEK hosts Lamia in a game with clear roles of favorites and underdogs. The "Union" eliminated St. Gallen in the middle of the week at the Europa League level and after the obstacle of Lamia, it will be called to overcome the equivalent of Wolfsburg. The players of Massimo Carrera will be determined for the victory against the Lamiotes of George Petrakis who are looking for the first positive result after two defeats.

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The action in the Greek Super League continues in "G. Karaiskakis ", with Olympiakos hosting Panetolikos. The "red and whites" want to secure the three points as soon as possible because the away match with Omonia for the play offs of the Champions League follows.

Panaitolikos has collected a point after two games and will look for the surprise, relying on its midfield. In the last 8 games of the two teams in Faliro, Olympiakos scored an equal number of victories, will the series expand tonight?

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In Milan, Inter makes its debut in this year's Serie A against Fiorentina. Antonio Conte's "nerazzurri" start their obligations and do not want to think about losing points. They have quality in the roster and will try to dethrone the "bianconeri" from the top. For their part, the "viola" imposed themselves on Torino and aim at 2/2 to remain in the first places. Tradition, however, shows Inter, with 18 wins in their last 24 games when they host Fiorentina.

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The night of AEK with 0% rake!

3th The qualifying round of the Europa League is taking place tonight and it is time for AEK to play in order to qualify for the play offs of the tournament. The winner of the pair Saint Gallen - AEK will face the winner of the pair Wolfsburg - Desna.

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AEK will find in front of it for the third time a Swiss team, with the previous times they have left it with a sweet taste. In the 1995-96 season he overcame the obstacle of Zion (2-0, 2-2) and in the 2003-04 season the equivalent of the Grasshoppers (3-1, 0-1). However, this will be the maiden time that St. Gallen faces a Greek club.

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