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Λί Liverpool spent more than. 70 million to persuade Southampton to agree to the transfer of Virgil Van Dyke and the Dutch stopper went down in history as the most expensive transfer of a defensive player.

Jose Mourinho ... was waiting in the corner and didn't let the opportunity go to waste. Known for his "camel memory", the Portuguese coach did not forget the statements made by Jκrgen Klopp in 2016 regarding the transfer of Paul Pogba to Manchester United (90 million pounds) and found the perfect time to "nail" the German technician.

"Other clubs can spend more money and collect top level players, yes. But if you bring a player with 100 million and get injured, then that money ends up in the trash. If I'm forced to move differently?

In fact, I want to do it differently. I would do it differently even if I had the opportunity to spend so much money. I want a special team spirit. Not because I think it's necessary, but because that's how I want it.

On the day that football will be this, I will stop doing this job. "Because the game is about teamwork," Klopp said in support of United's. 90million acquisition of Pogba.

So when Mourinho was asked about Liverpool's move with Van Dyke, he saw an opportunity to present himself to him and did not let it fall ...

"I think the one who has to talk about this transfer in a certain way is Jκrgen and if I were any of you, I would ask him about his comments a year ago," was the Portuguese coach's "nail" that was not left. there.

"Virgil Van Dyke is the most expensive defender in the history of football. Is he better than Paolo Maldini, Giuseppe Bergomi or Rio Ferdinand? You can't say that, it's just that these are the laws of the market and you either pay or you don't. you pay.

If you pay, you obviously have a crazy money box. But if you don't pay, then you don't get the player. It is so simple. So I'm not going to criticize Liverpool's move at all, because that's the way things are. Not only in this case, because in Liverpool they do what they want to do and I am not the one who is able to comment on their actions.

The reality is that if they think the player is right for them and they really want him, then they either pay that amount or they don't get it. Because that's the way the market is today. So when we compare the amounts spent by managers and teams, we can't do the same for the different realities. "

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Klopp's response to Van Dyke

Having previously criticized transfers that have moved to such numbers, Jκrgen Klopp has been asked to explain his change of philosophy in the transfer policy he usually follows.

English journalists did not wait for Jose Mourinho to ask this question to the German coach, since ... they are dying for such intrigue.

"It's not nice, but that's the market, that's the world. And we have to adapt," Klopp admitted.

"I'm amazed at how things have changed in the last two years, there have been big changes. Especially in the last six months, almost everything has changed and we as a club can't change that.

Of course, no club could do it on its own, but many clubs together can and will do so in the future. The market is always shaped by need and opportunity.

When you want to sign a player, the last thing I think about is his price to be honest. Not because I like to scatter money around, but because I only think about the player. There comes a time when you learn the price and then whether you accept it or not

The changes in football are great. We have to adapt. So is. It has changed and this does not mean that all transfers will now be in this category. It's the same as before.

"Half a year ago, I think, there was a big transfer of an attacking player and now there has been a big transfer for a defensive player," concluded the Liverpool coach.

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Near Tosun and Everton

People of Everton are in Turkey to make the final negotiations for the purchase of Cenk Tosun from Besiktas!

People from Everton are in Turkey to complete the transfer of Cenk Tosun.

According to "Sky Sports", envoys from the administration are in Istanbul to make the final negotiations for the Turkish killer. The only difference between the two teams is the amount they claim for the player.

Everton have so far offered up to 20 million euros, with Besiktas asking for 25. However, if there is a good will, the deal will be made and Tosun will play in the Premier League with the jersey of the confectioners, with the Turks stating that they will there will be an agreement within the next 24 hours.

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Father Azar: "Eden has not renewed, he is waiting for Real"

Eden Hazard's father has admitted that his son turned down a contract extension from Chelsea in the hopes of signing him to Real.

Eden Hazard's ... hope of being transferred to Real is hidden behind the negative response he gave to Chelsea for extending his contract beyond 2020, as his father said.

Thierry Azar stressed that his son is in no hurry to extend the current terms of cooperation with the English champions, as he wants to leave open the possibility of his future installation at the "Santiago Bernabeu".

"Eden has not renewed his contract with Chelsea because he wants to be available in case of future interest from Real Madrid. It is a club whose jersey he would like to wear in the future. So far, however, there has not been the slightest contact, "he said.

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Cristiano asked for a reasonable sale price for Paris or United

"Alarm" in Paris and Manchester! According to the "Daily Record", Ronaldo asked Pereth to throw him in the hammer for 100 million euros, in order to get a transfer to United or Paris!

"Fire" in view of summer, in the… winter, puts the "Daily Record"!

According to an exclusive report by the British media, Cristiano Ronaldo's relationship with the owner of Real Madrid, Florentino Perez, has reached a historic low, with the Portuguese superstar asking the 70-year-old businessman to set a reasonable selling price. manages to transfer to Manchester United or Paris Saint-Germain!

The price, according to the same report, is around € 100 million (or less), with the British reporting that it has already signaled an alarm in Manchester and Paris over who will be able to to secure the signature of the -wanted- 33-year-old midfielder.

Recall, the symbolic release clause in Ronaldo's contract (signed in November 2016) is 1 billion euros.

The article notes that CR7's relationship with Florentino Perez is so bad that he doesn't even want to talk to him himself, and the reason is mostly financial, since, although he thinks ( and is considered) the best footballer in the world, earns less money from both Messi and Neymar…

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Klopp: "It's not going to last forever in this life."

Enjoyable once again, Liverpool coach Jτικόςrgen Klopp analyzed how the captain's armband ended up in the home match against Swansea (5-0) in Filipe Coutinho.

"I don't want to spoil it for you, but when Henderson and Milner don't play, Coutinho is our next oldest player and that's why he became the leader. Maybe I could think more cunningly and give him the armband so he doesn't leave Liverpool, but that's not the case. "Except for my wedding, nothing is going to last forever in this life, but we will see what happens because there is always a solution for everything," said the German coach about his team's new "captain", the 25-year-old Brazilian. international midfielder.

Without Harry Kane, Tottenham is in danger of welcoming the new year

A virus threatens to deprive Tottenham of Harry Kane's presence in the away match against Swansea on January 2.

Without Harry Kane, Tottenham is in danger of welcoming the new year.

The top scorer of 2017 is suffering from a virus that has not allowed him to take part in the last training sessions of the "spurs" and as Mauricio Pochettino stated, everyone in the team's camp is waiting to see if he will be available in Tuesday's away match. with Swansea.

The London club has no obligations this weekend, as the match with West Ham (21st game) is set for January 4.

The extra pounds of Lukakos. Source of evil

Romelos Lukakos' extra pounds are responsible for the sharp drop in his performance, according to Jose Mourinho, with the team's doctors reassuring him.

Romelu Lukaku's demonic start at Manchester United foreshadowed an exciting year for himself, with 11 goals in 10 games leaving plenty of promise.

Of course, only four goals in the 19 matches that followed abruptly landed the fans of the "red devils" in the harsh reality, with Jose Mourinho looking to find the ... bull of the first games.

According to the Sun, the source of the evil is said to be the extra pounds of the Belgian, with the team's doctors reassuring the Portuguese coach, emphasizing that they are muscle mass and not fat.

Buffon: "It is very likely that I will stop. A 40-year-old has a duty to make room for others "

Gigi Buffon has announced that he will probably retire at the end of the season.

The crew of the year does not exclude anyone and it seems that they are approaching for Gigi Buffon. The Italian goalkeeper told Spiegel that he will probably spend the last season of his career.

"It simply came to our notice then. A 40-year-old has a duty to make room for others. I know better than anyone that by continuing I hinder someone else's development and this is the last thing I would like. However, I will always be at the disposal of Juventus and the Italian national team, I am a soldier of theirs and I will always be there, even in my 80s! ", Stressed the great goalkeeper.

Still, it seems that he has not overcome the failure of Italy to be in the finals of the World Cup. "I'm disappointed that we lost the World Cup qualifiers and I will probably regret it for the rest of my life. We deprived some children of this beating heart of Italy's participation in the World Cup ".

Carlos: "This is the difference between Ronaldo and Messi"

Roberto Carlos believes that Cristiano Ronaldo has a very big "plus" in the comparisons with Lionel Messi.

According to Roberto Carlos, Cristiano Ronaldo's hard work and constant progress is his noticeable difference from Lionel Messi.

"Cristiano has worked very hard to improve. The way he trains is awesome. He wants to get better every day. That's the difference with Messi. Messi is a phenomenon. But it is the professionalism, the training and the motivation for success that give Ronaldo a lead over everyone, "said the Brazilian left-back.

Xavi: "We are Messi, De Bruyne is City"

Manchester City have the DNA of Barcelona and Kevin De Bruyne is Lionel Messi of the "citizens", according to Xavi.

Xavi once again praises his former coach, Pep Guardiola, emphasizing that he transferred ... Barcelona to the Premier League. Specifically, he states that the Catalan did not adapt to the data of the Premier League, but succeeded in his own way, while he pointed out that Kevin De Bruyne is the Messi of Manchester City.

"We had Messi in Barcelona, ​​Manchester City have De Bruyne. Every time he takes the ball you have the feeling that he will do something special. You can't win every game with 3 or 4-0, especially in the Champions League. That's when you need something out of the ordinary.

City are playing with Barcelona's DNA, but it's no surprise. They are in great shape and no matter how well the players play, Pep should be praised. Pep's teams don't happen by chance, records and trebles don't come by chance, it's because he is obsessed with winning. He hates defeat and that hurts the players.

Last year, everyone said that he had to adapt to the new data of the Premier League. He refused and now they say he is probably playing the best football they have ever seen in the league. I knew he would not compromise. Many coaches have similar ideas about the sport, but only Pep communicates them in the best way. "

Ronaldo: "Barcelona has issues with the Brazilians"

Ronaldo seems to be sending a warning message to Filipe Coutinho, who stressed that Barcelona is abusing Brazilian footballers.

Ronaldo expressed his belief that Real Madrid is an ideal destination for a Brazilian compared to Barcelona, ​​judging by his own experience.

The "phenomenon" pointed out that in Barcelona they have issues in the management of the Brazilians, as a result of which they are treated badly, citing as an example the recent divorce with Neymar.

"I felt much happier at Real Madrid, even though I had a great time at Barcelona. In the end, my story with the team ended badly, as did Neymar's.

Barcelona has issues with the Brazilians, such as Neymar, Romario, Ronaldinho and me. He treated all of us badly, despite our devotion. "

Ronaldo: "I remember there was interest from Juventus"

Cristiano Ronaldo passed through Turin when he was still in Sporting Lisbon, with him talking about the interest of Juventus but also about the vote of confidence in his favorite Manchester United.

Cristiano Ronaldo could very well be a Juventus player, with the Portuguese star revealing that the "bianconeri" had shown interest in acquiring him when he was playing for Sporting Lisbon.

In the end, the winner of the race for his signature was Manchester United, with him being grateful for the opportunity given to him by Sir Alex Ferguson, emphasizing that it was his childhood dream to play in the Premier League.

"Many clubs have been interested in me. The key man was Jorge Mendes. He gave me the right direction. I remember there was interest from Juventus and I was excited because it is a great club.

There were also discussions with Real Madrid and Manchester United. The team that offered me the best conditions was United, as I dreamed of playing in the Premier League as a child. I preferred it to Sherry A.

Manchester gave me the opportunity and I thank Sir Alex and Jorge for taking me there. "

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    ** KRASNODAR - PAOK: PAOK, after the big qualifiers against Besiktas and Benfica, finds Krasnodar on its way to enter the groups. The big difference he will face today is that Krasnodar has 8 official games on its feet in relation to Besiktas and Benfica which was the first official game for the former opponents of PAOK.

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Press Releases

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The first game between her Krasnodar and PAOK in the play offs of the Champions League is held tonight at 22:00, with the Greek team aiming for a positive result in order to manage to celebrate qualifying next week in Toumba and realize its dream: to be in the groups of the top inter-club organization.

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Last year, Krasnodar found another Greek club on its way, Olympiakos, in the play offs. The team of Piraeus with two victories, 4-0 at home and 2-1 away from home, secured its presence in the groups, leaving the Russians in the Europa League. The president and owner of the "bulls", Sergei Galitsky has reformed them competitively, leading them to the Russian Premier League to significant success, with a privately owned stadium and several quality foreign players wearing their jerseys. And all this if one considers that Krasnodar was founded only in 2008.

PAOK will line up on Russian soil without Rodrigo, Matos and Zampa, but it has the quality of midfielders in order to "hurt" its opponent. Abel Ferreira is aiming to start Jolis on the offensive line, who will receive help from Pelka and Zivkovic.

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Η 2η racing English Premier League ends tonight with the interesting match in "Molino", between Wolves and Manchester City. Debut with the right for the "wolves" in this year's championship, after they conquered the seat of Sheffield United, celebrating the maiden victory. The "citizens", for their part, tonight are thrown into the battle of the championship and hope not to press it like last year. In December 2019, City were hosted by the Wolves, 2-0 in front of the score but eventually lost 3-2, conceding two goals in the last ten minutes.

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The recent tradition is in favor of the hosts, with 5 wins against 3 of City while there have been two draws. Will Pep Guardiola's team start the Premier League 2020-21 victoriously or will the Wolves manage to draw another positive result?

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The matches for 2ο The qualifying round of the Europa League continues tonight and it is time for the participation of the two Greek teams: Aris and OFI host Kolos and Apollon Limassol, respectively.

Aris has never competed again in a European tournament with a Ukrainian club. OFI has once faced a Cypriot team in the past, in the 1995-96 Intertoto Cup, when it prevailed over Nea Salamina (2-1).

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Danes against Swiss, in the rematch of 2012, when they had met again, then at the level of play offs Europa League. Young Boys had celebrated the qualification, thanks to the 3-0 victory in Denmark and despite its defeat by Midtjylland (0-2) in Switzerland.

Midtjylland won last year's Danish championship on foot, leaving no room for reaction in the state of Copenhagen. Brian Priske, a former international defender for Portsmouth and Bruges, remains her coach who managed to lead her to the top. Young Boys comes from a double in Switzerland, revealing her superiority after the break due to COVID-19. He played attacking football and was justified, with the protagonist Gerardo Soane continuing on the edge of the bench of the "yellow-blacks".

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