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"Our great moment"

"Our great moment"

Premier League champions Manchester United face second-placed Liverpool next Sunday and Paul Pogba spoke of a great moment.

The French midfielder was the scorer in yesterday's victory (0-1) of Manchester United at the headquarters of Burnley.

The "red devils" are at the top, having three points more than Liverpool, which will be waiting for them on Sunday at "Anfield". 

"It will be a beautiful game for everyone," Pogba told BBC Sport.

"It's a big game, so let's get ready for it. We knew that if we beat Burnley we would be at the top when we faced Liverpool. We have to stay calm, now is the big time. We will see what is going to happen ", added the Frenchman. 

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Solskier: "We are ready to face Liverpool"

Manchester United with a goal by Paul Pogba went victorious (0-1) from the headquarters of Burnley, in a postponed match and is alone at the top of the Premier League, three points ahead of the champions, Liverpool, which they face on Sunday.

It is the first time that Manchester United has achieved this, having played at least 17 games, since the last game of its course in 2012-13, having Sir Alex Ferguson on its bench. 

"The cancellation of Maguire's goal made us nervous, but then we played a great second half. "I do not look at the score now, I will do it in April", said Ole Gunnar Solskier after the match.

"I always said that Paul (Pogba) is a very important player for us. Today (ss: yesterday) he played a great match and not only for the goal he scored. "Now we will face the champions, we are ready", added the Norwegian coach of the "red devils" who will go to "Anfield" next Sunday to play with Liverpool. 

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One year undefeated away from United

Manchester United, after their 1-0 victory at Burnley, completed a year undefeated away from Old Trafford.

Ole Gunnar Solskj .r's team has 15 unbeaten away games, with 12 wins and 3 draws. Fate, of course, plays strange games since the last defeat of United was in Anfield from Liverpool with 2-0 thanks to goals by Van Dyke and Salah. 

And now on Sunday the two "big" of English football face each other in Anfield, with United being in the 1st place of the Premier League with 36 points, while Liverpool in the 2nd with 33 points. 

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Atletico Madrid player Dembele

Musa Dembele is also officially an Atletico player, with the Spaniards announcing the loan of the French striker from Lyon for the rest of the season.

Musa Dembele, who is on loan from Lyon, will play for Atletico Madrid until the end of the season. The cost of the loan is 1.5 million euros, while there is also an option to buy the French striker from Rojiblancos amounting to 33.5 million. euros plus a 5 million bonus. 

However, the French have already found and acquired Dembele's replacement, as they earlier announced Islam Slimani, who was released from Leicester. 

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"The administration examines all cases and any interest"

The general manager, Bebe Marotta, confirmed the rumors about the possible sale of Inter, which is facing a serious liquidity problem.

Inter is owned by Xiang Jidong's Suning and in recent days it had become known in Italy that the club is looking for an investor or 'teammate' to enter the coffers immediately. The reason is that the Chinese government has given a line not to make large investments abroad and especially in football and since the boss aims to get into politics, he can not ignore the directive. In fact, the liquidity problem is so big in the Nerazzurri, that according to Gazzetta dello Sport, the players have been paid salaries for only two months since the beginning of the season, while it is not known whether coach Antonio Conte receives the accrued benefits.

Before the match with Fiorentina for the "16" of the Coppa Italia, Marotta was asked and it was clear. "The administration is examining all the cases and any interest that exists. With respect to the history of the club, guided by the future. The management works in a stable environment and is based on a solid technical staff. "What is happening should not affect us."

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Everything shows that Luka Modric will continue next year at Real.

Luka Modric is very close to a contract renewal agreement with Real. The Croatian midfielder confirmed that he is close to remaining in the "queen" until the summer of 2022.

"We are talking to the management and I am happy about it, but I can not say anything more now", stressed the 35-year-old ace, who if he signs will complete a decade at Real.

This year, despite his. Years, he remains the main choice of Zinedine Zidane, having 23 appearances, 4 goals and 1 assist.

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Barrel: "Lukaku has physical strength like that of Shaquille O'Neal"

Nicolo Barela spoke with the best words about his teammate at Inter, Romelu Lukaku, comparing him to Sakil O'Neill.

The praise of his teammate in Inter, Romelu Loukakou, was woven by the midfielder of "nerazzuri", Nikolo Barela.

The 23-year-old international, with his statements to an Italian media, referred to the character of the Belgian striker, but also to his ... rarely for a football player, physique. Typically, Barella compared Lukaku to the great NBA glory, Shaquille O'Neal!

"Lukaku has physical strength like that of Shaquille O'Neal. His power is his great "weapon". No one can shake him, even in training. It takes three players to stop him. He is a ... monster of nature "

The 23-year-old midfielder initially stated, stressing that: "Romelou is something more than that. He is a great leader, as he always has a good word to say to everyone, he suits everyone, while he enters the field as decisively as anyone else ".

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Very close to Milan - Tsalhanoglou agreement

It has evolved into a serial, but it seems that it is in the last episodes. Milan and Hakan Tsalhanoglou are approaching a final agreement for a contract until 2024.

The Turkish playmaker is another player - for the very best - in the last year, he is the No. 1 in creating opportunities in the 5 big leagues and since he remains free, he had created interest from teams such as Bayern Munich and Manchester United. However, as it emerged in the last few days and it was confirmed after his manager's appointment with the Rossoneri, he will continue to play at the San Siro. The two sides agreed to make mutual concessions and according to the latest reports, Tsalhanoglou will sign a new contract until 2024 and his annual earnings will be 4 million euros per year plus a bonus.

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One step before the renewal, Neymar

Neymar is one step ahead of the renewal of his contract with Paris Saint-Germain.

Neymar is approaching the renewal of his contract with Paris Saint-Germain.

According to "Mundo Deportivo", the star of the French team will remain with the Parisians, with his contract expiring in 2022.

The 28-year-old forward was much talked about last summer, as he constantly stated that he wants to return to Barcelona and rumors were constantly coming out that "Ney" is one step ahead of the "blaugrana". However, this never happened.

Paris Saint-Germain want to keep the Brazilian in the team and according to foreign media offer him a lucrative contract.

With the Parisians, he has made 97 appearances, scoring 79 goals and 46 assists, since 2017 when he wore the jersey of the French club for the first time.

Manchester City ace Sergio Aguero caught the eye of Barcelona.

Barcelona entered the game of acquiring the star of Manchester City, Sergio Aguero.

The 32-year-old Argentine's contract expires in the summer with the "citizens", something that… put in their socket "blaugrana" who want to bring the striker back to Spain.

Aguero has been with the English club for ten years and is waiting for the City administration to offer him a new contract, something that has not happened so far.

The statistics of the Argentine in the "citizens" are impressive, as since 2011 when he wore the Manchester City jersey for the first time until now, he has made 379 appearances, counting 256 goals and 73 assists.

Witsel: "It is difficult to catch up with EURO"

Axel Witsel is in a bad psychological state, who underwent surgery yesterday, after he had suffered a ruptured Achilles tendon in his left leg, in the Dortmund derby with Leipzig.

"It will be very difficult for me to win the European Championship with the national team. "I will do everything to catch up, but unfortunately it is very difficult," said the 31-year-old Belgian international midfielder.

Witsel will miss the rest of the German league season and national team coach Roberto Martinez has said he will wait until the last minute to include him in the Red Devils' squad.

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