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"We have a good chance"

"We have a good chance"

Frank Lampard spoke about the grand final of the FA Cup against Arsenal, emphasizing that a lot will depend on Chelsea's performance.

Frank Lampard spoke about the importance of the FA Cup final between Chelsea and Arsenal, saying that winning the trophy remains forever.

"If we win the title, it is something that will go down in history. "Once we reach the performance standards we have during the season, we will have a good chance of winning," Lampard said initially.

The "blue" coach knows the importance of winning the FA Cup, as he has won the trophy four times in the past as a footballer: "It will be a big boost for the team. Of course, such matches are important experiences for young footballers ".

Lampard then revealed that Encolo Cade and Willian are ready for battle, but Loftus-Chick will miss the final due to injury. In fact, the English coach has to make a difficult decision for the position of goalkeeper that is played between Capagero and Kepa:

"It's hard. We have competition in the team, but it becomes even harder for such matches that everyone wants to play. We must all be together as a team. "Those who come off the bench were decisive in the season."

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Treble on penalties for Paris

Paris won the League Cup by beating Lyon 6-5 on penalties.

After the championship (which was not completed on the field due to coronavirus) and the Cup, Paris trebled in France, winning the League Cup.

The champions prevailed 6-5 on Lyon penalties in the grand final. The 0-0 sealed the efforts of both teams in regular time and in overtime, but in Russian roulette Paris was cooler. Her players were perfectly targeted, in contrast to Traore who saw Kaylor Navas block the sixth penalty of the "Lions" giving the opportunity to Sarabia to give the title to the team of Thomas Tuchel.

Paris is now turning to the Champions League, where it is already in the quarterfinals, while Lyon has a rematch with Juventus for the "16", but already knows that the new season will be outside Europe. If he won the Cup he would play in the Europa League, but now as seventh he is out and the sixth Reims wins the ticket.

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Van Dyke on Keita: "It's world-class, but unlucky"

Milan have submitted a proposal to Liverpool for the acquisition, in the form of a loan, of Nabi Keita, but the English champions want to keep him at "Anfield".

The 25-year-old midfielder from Guinea joined the "red" squad in the summer of 2018 from Leipzig, instead of 55 million euros, but the injuries prevented him from showing his value.

In fact, his teammate in Liverpool, Virgil Van Dyke, spoke about the best words for his value and stressed that he hopes that the new season will not be unlucky again:

"Nabi is world-class, but he was unlucky with the injuries. I hope the new season will have such problems and will help us to claim new titles ".

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New contract until 2024 for Fati in Barcelona

Barcelona is ready to "tie" Ansou Fati until 2024.

Barcelona signed a new contract last December with 17-year-old Ansou Fati until 2022, with the option of another two years, while increasing the release clause to 170 million euros.

Now, just a few days later, he has proposed to Fati to sign the extension of his contract for two additional years, activating the option, until the summer of 2024, increasing the clause to 400 million euros!

In this way, the Barcelona team wants to "tie" the youngster, as big European teams are interested in acquiring him.

According to the front page of the Catalan sports newspaper "Sport", the management is proceeding with the extension of his contract immediately, to send a message that Fati is not for sale.

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Jimenez is going to Juventus

Wolves striker Raul Jimenez is expected to end up at Juventus, despite recent rumors that wanted him to go to Manchester United.

According to "As", the Spanish striker, who has scored 27 goals with the Wolves jersey this year, is expected to continue his career at Juventus and Serie A.

Until now, most expected him to end up at Manchester United, who have also moved to acquire him, but it seems that Jimenez will move to Italy on behalf of the "Big Lady".

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Arsenal is looking for the "bang" with Coutinho

Arsenal wants to acquire Philippe Coutinho, with Matteo Gentuzi being included in the Gunners' offer to Barcelona.

Arsenal is trying to do a "big trick" with the acquisition of Filipe Coutinho. The Brazilian midfielder played on loan at Bayern Munich but the Bavarians will not proceed with his acquisition, with the footballer returning to Barcelona.

According to the Independent, the "blaugrana" view positively a possible exchange of Coutinho with Mateo Gentuzi of Arsenal. The "gunners" intend to put on the negotiating table 10 million euros plus Gentuzi to entice "Barca".

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Michel Arteta wants to strengthen Arsenal in midfield and considers Coutinho's case ideal. In fact, if Danny Thebagios does not stay permanently in London and returns to the Real Madrid he belongs to, the acquisition of Coutinho will be a solution to the gap that will be created.

If Arsenal manages to acquire Coutinho with a cash of only 10 million euros, it will be an impressive move, considering that 145 million euros were spent for the Brazilian two years ago by Barcelona.

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Another life lesson from Klopp: "I had dark days in my life, I'm not perfect" (vid)

Speaking of mental health, Jürgen Klopp reveals his own moments of weakness and emphasizes that he is not perfect.

The Liverpool coach, along with Andy Robertson, took part in the Heads Up mental health campaign and tried to show by talking about themselves that everyone has problems and that anyone who feels weak should seek help.

What did Klopp say?

"Only when you think you are perfect is it difficult to accept that we are not perfect. This will make life easier by thinking that we humans are not perfect. I have accepted it for a long time ...

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I had dark days in my life, especially on the verge of football for my coaching career, when I was not given the opportunity to be on a bench. I looked in my bank account and saw that the money would be enough for me for a week, not for a lifetime ...

I did not know what I would do in my life if I could not achieve something in football. I am a Christian, I believe in God, it is not so important that my life is always perfect because I know how to deal with situations and I care about the world around me. If those around me are good, so am I.

As long as problems remain in our minds, things become difficult. When you keep them to yourself, there is no room for solutions. When you talk, you make room for other, new things in your mind. People need to feel smart when they ask for help in this area. "Needing help is smart, not weakness."

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Lewandowski: "Klopp is like my father"

Robert Lewandowski spoke with the best words about Jürgen Klopp, whom he considers his father.

Robert Lewandowski spoke once again about his relationship with Jürgen Klopp, emphasizing that the German coach is like the father of the Polish striker of Bayern Munich.

The two coexisted in Borussia Dortmund, with which they celebrated two consecutive championships (2011, 2012). The international footballer spoke to Gerard Pique and Cano Football:

"Sometimes I did not understand what he was doing. I was surprised. He is like my father. You can talk to him about any topic you want, you can call him at five in the morning and tell him the problem you have and he will discuss it.

"I am very happy to remember him as someone who spoke to me as if he were my best friend."

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Matsares at Pamestoixima.gr! Wolves - Sevilla and Shakhtar - Basel with 0% rake!

This summer is hot with European football! The knockout phase of the Europa League continues! In Duisburg, Wolves and Seville will face each other in order to qualify for the semifinals. Wolves managed to exclude Olympiakos and Sevilla eliminated Roma. The "wolves" are playing without stress this year, trying every time for the surprise. Clearly more experienced are the "palanganas" who have a tradition in the institution. Who do you think will smile tonight? English or Spanish?

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At the same time (22:00), in Gelsenkirchen, Shakhtar and Reign clash with the goal of the semifinals of the institution. Shakhtar overcame Wolfsburg's obstacle more easily than expected, while Basel left out another German team, Eintracht Frankfurt. In 2008, tonight's two rivals faced each other in the Champions League, with the Ukrainians scoring two victories (2-1, 5-0). Will the Swiss be able to break this unfavorable tradition or will Shakhtar be in the top four teams of the institution for 2019-20?

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22:00 | Wolves - Seville
22:00 | Shakhtar - Basel

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Champions League again! City - Real and Juve - Lyon with 0% rake!

The action in Champions project League returns with two great games! Manchester City - Real and Juventus - Lyon, with the English and the French having gained the lead, after the first games. As for the match of Real, the "merengues" had been defeated in front of their audience by City (1-2) and they must win in order to hope. It is recalled that the two teams had met in the semifinals of the institution in the period 2015-16, when Real Madrid had qualified and finally won the prestigious trophy.

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Regarding the game in Turin, Juventus seems capable of overcoming the obstacle of Lyon that had been imposed with a score of 1-0 on French soil. Tradition shows a "bianconeri" with three wins in four games.

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The summer is hot with the big games in the Champions League and Europa League playing at Pamestoixima.gr with 0% rake * and super odds! The 16 phase of the Champions League is completed in the middle of the week, with the replay of the matches! Manchester City - Real Madrid, Bayern - Chelsea, Juventus - Lyon and Barcelona - Napoli are games that take your breath away and magnetize the interest of all football fans!

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The phase of 16 is completed at the Europa League level, however! THE Olympic will compete on English soil and its headquarters Wolves, seeking qualification for the next round. Copenhagen - Basaksehir, Leverkusen - Rangers, Shakhtar - Wolfsburg, Basel - Eintracht and Manchester City G. - Lincer are the other repeaters, while the games Inter - Getafe and Sevilla - Rocheh will be Duisburg, respectively).

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First League Cup and then NBA!

Summer is hot in Pamestoixima.gr with football and basketball! Today's coupon is dominated by the big French final of the League Cup at the "Stand de France" but also the reappearance of Giannis Antitokoumbo on the floor.

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At 22:10 Paris Saint-Germain and Lyon compete for the League Cup trophy. Tuhel's team wants to ideally close the "stumped" during the other seasons with a treble. The big news, of course, is none other than the injury of Killian M 'Bape. The French star will be absent after the hard marking he received in the victory and conquest of the French Cup, 1 week ago. Life and death matches for the mediocre, this year, Lyon. Finished at 7η position of the championship, which means that she only needs a victory to be able to put a European ticket in her suitcases. The big battle of the French League Cup is being played at Pamestoixima.gr with 0% rake *!

For the… overnighters, Giannis Antetokounbo returns to action tonight (01:30). Today's program may start at 9:30 with the matches Nets - Magic, Wizards - Suns and Blazers - Grizzlies, but the match of the day is the match between the Bucks and the Celtics. John returns to action after a while and is ready for a rich spectacle. The menu of betting options with over / under players is also rich.

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Napoli - Inter with 0% rake and Serie A with Victory Boost!

The temperature rises to Pamestoixima.gr me Series A! The Italian championship is essentially the only major European championship left. The penultimate match starts tonight with 2 matches, Parma - Atalanta and Inter - Napoli.

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Pamestoixima.gr takes you to Milan. Where Inter and Napoli clash. Two teams belonging to the Italian elite. After securing the title from Juventus, the hosts have no hopes for the title, but have returned to second place after the draw of Atalanta. Conte's team wants to close the league in the best way (on Sunday it travels to Bergamo against Atalanta) and then prepare for its European battle against Getafe (August 5). The cup winner Napoli has lost the "train" of the Champions League for next season, but she also wants a good finish (she faces Lazio on Sunday) to go with all her might in the rematch of 1-1 against Barcelona.

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