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"Right time"

"Right time"

Jενrgen Klopp believes that the time has come to start the Premier League again, with Liverpool wanting just two wins to win the championship and math.

The coach of the "Reds" spoke about the resumption, saying: "I always said that we do not want to rush. But now I don't think it's a hurry. I am very happy that we can all run together, not even small groups. It's time to dump her and move on. We want two victories to win it, of course we will not have our fans by our side, but now we have to move forward. "

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Four weeks of full preparation

At a time when the Government and teams have agreed on a differentiated medical protocol, the request of the Union of Italian Footballers for the part of the preparation is coming.

The president of the Union, Damiano Tomasi, asked the players to have four weeks of full preparation before the start of the championship, which essentially means that the start should be postponed until about June 20. In fact, the players do not back down from their request, fearing injuries.


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Newcastle communication with Napoli for Losano

Napoli reportedly contacted Napoli to find out if there is a possibility of acquiring Irwin Losano, according to an Italian report.

Newcastle's relationship with Napoli to ask about the possibility of acquiring Irwin Losano, reveals today's publication of the website "Area Napoli".

The Mexican winger has not been able to make a difference with the shirt of "Partenopei", after his acquisition by Eindhoven last summer, scoring only three goals in 23 appearances.

West Ham and Everton have also expressed interest in acquiring Losano, with the Caracas still having the advantage of the "wallet" of Saudi investors, according to the same report.

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Plan for single matches in the "8" phase and then Final Four

According to AS, UEFA is planning to complete the Champions League with the Final Four in Istanbul!

Change of data regarding the conduct of the quarterfinals and semifinals of the Champions League!

According to the Spanish newspaper AS, UEFA officials, in consultation with the European Union (ECA) and the European leagues, are working on a plan for single matches in the "8" phase and then the Final Four, which will take place in Istanbul. .

Of course, the four teams that will complete the eight of the quarterfinals will have to clarify first, as the rematch of the pairs Manchester City-Real Madrid, Barcelona-Napoli, Bayern Munich-Chelsea-Juventus and Juventus is left.

At the same time, the plan of the European federation is to restart the Champions League on August 8, while in the same publication there is talk of postponing the start of the events of the next season, so that the players can rest during the month of September.

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From June 4, Liga NOS returns with games on a daily basis!

Portugal is expected to copy the Spanish model!

As the executive director of the organizing authority, Sonia Carneiro, told Radio Renascenca, Liga NOS 'plan for its calendar includes games on a daily basis, from Monday to Sunday!

"We will have football from Monday to Sunday, with the exception of some days in July, where this will not be possible. Fans will starve to death for a ball they've had for two and a half months. It will be eight fantastic football weeks. We are working with the television networks to shape the schedules, but always in consultation with the teams, which will have a minimum of three to four days of rest, "he said.

The big category of Portuguese football will restart on June 4, while its goal is to be completed on July 26.

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For Cavani, Inter

The Italian team is moving for the acquisition of Edison Cavani, with the "nerazzouri" trying to bring him to Milan.

Antonio Conte will be very active in the upcoming transfer market. The Italian coach wants to close the "gap" from Juventus and is looking for reinforcements, with Cavani in the spotlight.

The Uruguayan striker will be released from Paris Saint-Germain next summer and can negotiate the next stage of his career.

The Argentine star of Inter will logically be a thing of the past. So Conte is in the market for his replacement. He is certainly looking on the top shelf, as the loss of Lautaro will hurt the team. Cavani is definitely a top striker and the Nerazzurri are doing everything they can to make him their own.

The well-known journalist Gianluca Di Marzio also confirmed their interest. In fact, according to Inter, he has already approached the player's side and is in constant negotiations with her. So she has formalized her intentions for the experienced ace and is now trying to persuade him to sign.

Competitively, however, Cavani does not have the same data as Laoutaros. However, the arrival of such a player with minimal transfer costs will raise the team, while giving the financial opportunity to Conte to be strengthened in other positions on the roster.

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Compensates for seasonal holders

With an official announcement, Manchester United will compensate the long-term holders for the remaining home games of the season.

After Everton, Manchester United also announced that they will compensate the holders of season tickets for the remaining home games of the season, since when and if they take place, they will be closed to the public.

In detail, the announcement:

"Dear ones - while the Premier League and other football authorities have not yet completed the arrangements for the resumption of the 2019/20 season, following the publication of the UK government's recovery strategy on 11 May, it is now widely accepted that any games that they may only take place behind closed doors.

We share your frustration that you will not be able to watch United in person through the pitch, but we encourage you to provide your continued loyal support from the comfort and safety of your home.

To help you with this, the Premier League and Media Partners will work to provide the best coverage for our games.

We also ask for your cooperation. don't travel to stadiums where we play our games. By supporting the home and following government guidance, you will play your part in keeping your friends, family and all our fans safe.

This united effort to stay at home will give us the best opportunity to protect the health of everyone in our community.

We are committed to reimbursing the cost of tickets for these games and we want to make the process as easy as possible for all supporters. "

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Al-Kalaifi: "Cristiano Ronaldo has no limits"

Rumor has it that Paris ... is looking sweetly at Cristiano Ronaldo, after the apotheosis of its owner, Nasser Al Kelaifi, to the Portuguese superstar.

The owner of Paris Saint-Germain, Nasser Al Kelaifi, spoke with the best words about Cristiano, with rumors that the Portuguese superstar of Juventus has been targeted by the French team.

"Cristiano Ronaldo has no limits. He has proved it, after all. Year after year it proves that it has a unique determination. He always wants to improve. He never stands still, "said the strongman of the Paris team.

"Beckham's tenure with the team was short but important. He was a leading figure. Zlatan was always there when you needed him. In difficult games he was there. He knew how to deal with each situation separately, "he said, referring to Beckham and Zlatan.

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Felix would like to play ... immediately

Atletico Madrid's young striker, Joao Felix ... can't wait to restart in Spain.

With the announcement of a date not yet announced, Spain is in the process of training, hoping that on June 12, the center of the championship will be held again.

"We feel very good that we are playing again and we are in training. If it were up to me, we would be back in action this weekend, but we have to wait and work hard to make a good restart. Now, we've started working on the ball again and we're going to do it every day to get back to normal. I missed playing with my teammates and scoring goals, "said the young Portuguese of Atletico.

Mauricio Sari wants to strengthen the team's roster

Very close to the exit from the team is Pjanic, but the leaders of Juventus intend to give other players to bring income.

Mauricio Sari wants to strengthen the team's roster. The Juventus coach has found his candidate targets, but before he can move for them, money must go into the club's coffers.

Miralem Pjanic is the first to leave and go to Barcelona. However, it seems that at least three other players will follow him.

With the colonial crisis hitting all the teams in Europe, the "bianconeri" certainly do not remain unaffected. That's why they look to react to reduce the hassle. So in addition to the "salary cap" that they will apply to future contracts, they are looking to reduce the already existing payroll.

Their main concern is the concession of players who are paid a lot but do not reciprocate accordingly. Or they may not be able to do so in the near future as they grow older. Pjanic is already one foot away from the team, with the most likely destination being Barcelona. But apart from that, Mauricio Sari will continue his discarding.

Gonzalo Higuain, Douglas Costa and Sami Kentira are also expected to follow in Bosnia's footsteps. The first two, however, are already in demand and several groups have expressed interest. The German midfielder, due to his declining performance in recent years, finds it difficult to find a buyer. But it is a given that he is on the blacklist of Juventus people and they will do everything they can to push him to the exit.

So the goal is to reduce the club's fixed costs so that younger and more talented players can come for the future. Of course, they will not have the same financial requirements.

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