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"Klopp is better than Pep"

"Klopp is better than Pep"

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Sk Sky Sports' Merson points out that Klopp is a top coach from Pep Guardiola.

Sky Sports analyst Paul Merson has claimed that Jκrgen Klopp is a better coach than Pep Guardiola. Manchester City are 22 points behind Liverpool. Although the Reds had injuries of key players during the year, they only threw 2 points during the season. As a result, Merson argued that Klopp was better than the Catalan coach of Manchester City.

Merson told Sky Sports: "It's 22 points behind. Come on, let's be honest, he's the only coach in the world who can do that because he's the best. '

Merson points out: 'How is Pep the best manager in the world with 22 points behind the league? We all know we need a center-back, Kompany is gone. Laporte is injured and no one knows when he will return. But Kompany is gone. '

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Liverpool players will be richly rewarded for winning the Premier League title.

There are 13 games left for the end of the season in England and the team of Jκrgen Klopp has a difference of 22 points from Manchester City. Mohamed Salah, Virgil Van Dyke, Santio Mane and their company receive a lot of money every year, but in case of winning the title, they will share an additional 4,7 million euros!

And as the "Daily Mail" reveals, the ... distribution of the specific amount will be done depending on the number of participations of each football player in the championship. However, in order to understand the financial size of the "reds" and the teams of this range, the money that the club received from last year's Champions League conquest, reached 8,2 million euros.

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Voices for Gennaro Gattuso

People in the Napoli administration are unhappy with Gennaro Gattuso, according to Italian media!

From the bad to the worst, Napoli, which did not succeed even in the home match against Lecce. The Neapolitans suffered a 3-2 defeat by a team that is struggling to stay in the category.

Napoli once again showed a mediocre competitive image and the defensive problems were huge. The Italian coach of the "partenopei" made several changes in the game plan, but they did not help.

According to the Italian media, there are several voices about Gennaro Gattuso and his work!

However, the president of Napoli has decided to keep the Italian on the team's bench until the end of the season. However, the matches against Barcelona for the "16" of the Champions League will play a decisive role in his future.

In case of qualification, everything will shine in Napoli. But an exclusion will be painful, especially if he has not shown a positive fighting spirit.

But now Gattuso's team is in danger of ... not finishing in a certain position that leads to Europe!

It remains to be seen the reactions of the club's fans, who most of the time express their views in a resounding way!

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"Defeat shame"

Juventus lost to Verona and Wojciech Szczesny admitted it was a shameful defeat for his team.

The "Bianconeri" were ahead with a goal by Cristiano Ronaldo, but they did not manage to keep the victory and so Inter will reach the top of the Italian league standings if they prevail tonight against Milan.

The Polish goalkeeper of Juventus admitted that this is a shameful result for his team.

"The defeat by Verona is embarrassing and it hurts us. We paid for it because we weren't careful and we have to see what went wrong. At home we are facing some problems and it is a shame for a team of such quality to lose points like that "were the words of Sezni.

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Poop and Onana for anti-Kepa

Pope and Onana are the select replacements for Kepa, who will probably leave Chelsea in the summer.

Kepa is not having his best days in England. The Spaniard, from a huge talent for his position, has become almost undesirable. In fact, for the first time this season, he was not even selected in the starting lineup in a championship match. Instead, the 39-year-old Caballero took his place, looking back at the possibility of becoming a key player at Chelsea. Kepa's decision to leave in the summer is almost certain and in fact his replacements have already been found. Chelsea are between Pope and Onana.

Case of Onana

Onana is fighting in Ajax and in his case very good words are heard. The young Cameroonian is looking for a step above when he went with Ajax in the Champions League semi-final and it seems that he is close to doing so. According to Dutch media, Onana will become a resident of London this summer, for 50 million euros.

On the other hand, there is the case of Pope. The 27-year-old English goalkeeper is playing for Burnley and is having a very good season. Pope likes the people of Chelsea and on the island they take the move for granted. Pope "burns" for such a transfer and knows that he has a little time ahead of him to win the "blue" people.

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Schalke-Bayern in the "8"

The draw for the German Cup quarter-finals took place in Derby, with Schalke hosting Bayern Munich, while the "ashtray" Saarbrκcken will host Fortuna Dσελsseldorf on March 3-4.

The draw for the quarterfinals of the German Cup took place this afternoon at the football museum in Dortmund, with the veteran striker Jeronimo Kakaou taking a derby!

Specifically, Schalke will host Bayern Munich, while in the remaining three matches of the "8" Bayer Leverkusen will play inside with the Union of Berlin, Eintracht Frankfurt will host Werder Bremen in the match against "Zambia" home ”by Fortuna Dσελsseldorf.

The games will take place on March 3-4, while the grand final of the Cup is scheduled for May 23, as every year, at the Olympic Stadium in Berlin.

Briefly, the pairs of "8":
Schalke-Bayern Munich
Bayer Leverkusen-Union of Berlin
Eintracht Frankfurt-Werder Bremen
Saarbrρίcken-Fortuna Dσελsseldorf

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At SPAL, Di Biaggio

Leonardo Seblici is expected to leave the bench at SPAL, with Luigi Di Biaggio being the favorite to replace him.

The new defeat of SPAL, this time at home from Sassuolo, is expected to bring changes to the team.

Leonardo Semblici will leave the bench of SPAL, after six years, according to the Italian media! The first candidate to succeed him is Luigi Di Biaggio, who is currently free in the market.

Di Biaggio has coached Italy and the small national teams of the "squadra azura" and seems to be the elite of the administration.

Juventus are reportedly willing to sell the Welshman.

According to Tuttosport, Juventus are planning to sell Aaron Ramsey at the end of the season, although they acquired him only last summer as a free agent from Arsenal.

The 29-year-old midfielder has played in 19 games for the Bianconeri, scoring two goals, but has suffered, as throughout his career, from muscle injuries.

Rivaldo supports Messi

Rivaldo took a stand on the issue that was created in Barcelona with Lionel Messi and Eric Abidal.

Eric Abidal's recent statements about what was happening during the days of Ernesto Valverde in Barcelona are still provoking reactions.

"Messi's reaction, through which he criticized Abidal, seems normal to me. Messi has every right to be angry with Abidal for the way he complained about the professionalism of some players in training, especially when he did not mention specific names. He challenged the whole team. It's hard to talk about it, those of us from the outside, but Messi just tried to defend himself and the team and keep his reputation. Abidal was naive when he said this in an interview, which of course would have a big impact on the media, forcing Messi to react. This problem must be solved internally. Abidal did not do it with deceit, but in the end he hurt the club ", Rivaldo commented.

Cavani refused any contact

Edinson Cavani knocked on the door ... with brief procedures for the people of Barcelona!

It is known that Barcelona tried even in the top five to bring in a central striker who would take the place of the injured Luis Suarez. However, the Catalans did not succeed and now they are running and not reaching.

According to the Spanish media at the time, Blaugrana had made an official offer to several footballers.

However, as the French L'Equipe reveals, Edinson Cavani was one of them! The Uruguayan took a breather from his departure from Paris and Barcelona tried to bring him to Barcelona.

The strange thing is that the Uruguayan denied any contact, emphasizing from the beginning to the Spaniards that he does not want to play in the Camp Nou.

His decision to play for Atletico Madrid has been made. This was at least shown by the attitude of the footballer towards the interest of the Catalans. The experienced ace interrupted the discussions before he was even informed about the duration and the financial part of the contract.

On the other hand, he may not have wanted to take the place of his teammate in the national team of Uruguay.

The only solution for Kike Setien's team now is to acquire a striker who is playing in the Spanish league.

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Press Releases

Leipzig - Atletico with 0% rake in Lisbon!

And yet… the summer is hot at Pamestoixima.gr with Champions League! The quarterfinal phase continues tonight at "Jose Alvalade", home of Sporting Lisbon. Leipzig against Atletico Madrid to a couple who do not want names, but grace is a given. The German team is possessed by ignorance of danger but is lined up with a resounding absence: the top scorer Werner is no longer a resident of Leipzig and his gap is considered unfilled. Coach Julian Nagelzman has worked on two teams and it remains to be seen who will choose so that the "bulls" appear as competitive as possible against the more experienced Atletico.

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For their part, the Madrilenians will line up without Vrsaliko and Korea, the most important being the absence of the latter, of course. However, the "Cholo" Simeone has at his disposal a set of tough guys who are able to find the weaknesses of his opponents and "hit" them there. Diego Costa seems to have a slight lead for the top of the attack against Morata.

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Matsares at Pamestoixima.gr! Wolves - Sevilla and Shakhtar - Basel with 0% rake!

This summer is hot with European football! The knockout phase of the Europa League continues! In Duisburg, Wolves and Seville will face each other in order to qualify for the semifinals. Wolves managed to exclude Olympiakos and Sevilla eliminated Roma. The "wolves" are playing without stress this year, trying every time for the surprise. Clearly more experienced are the "palanganas" who have a tradition in the institution. Who do you think will smile tonight? English or Spanish?

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At the same time (22:00), in Gelsenkirchen, Shakhtar and Reign clash with the goal of the semifinals of the institution. Shakhtar overcame Wolfsburg's obstacle more easily than expected, while Basel left out another German team, Eintracht Frankfurt. In 2008, tonight's two rivals faced each other in the Champions League, with the Ukrainians scoring two victories (2-1, 5-0). Will the Swiss be able to break this unfavorable tradition or will Shakhtar be in the top four teams of the institution for 2019-20?

Two strong matches tonight for Europe League! Both are played at Pamestoixima.gr with 0% rake *!

22:00 | Wolves - Seville
22:00 | Shakhtar - Basel

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Champions League again! City - Real and Juve - Lyon with 0% rake!

The action in Champions project League returns with two great games! Manchester City - Real and Juventus - Lyon, with the English and the French having gained the lead, after the first games. As for the match of Real, the "merengues" had been defeated in front of their audience by City (1-2) and they must win in order to hope. It is recalled that the two teams had met in the semifinals of the institution in the period 2015-16, when Real Madrid had qualified and finally won the prestigious trophy.

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Regarding the game in Turin, Juventus seems capable of overcoming the obstacle of Lyon that had been imposed with a score of 1-0 on French soil. Tradition shows a "bianconeri" with three wins in four games.

City and Lyon have the lead. Real and Juventus are looking for a reversal. The Champions project League starts at Pamestoixima.gr with 0% rake * in all games.

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The summer is hot with the big games in the Champions League and Europa League playing at Pamestoixima.gr with 0% rake * and super odds! The 16 phase of the Champions League is completed in the middle of the week, with the replay of the matches! Manchester City - Real Madrid, Bayern - Chelsea, Juventus - Lyon and Barcelona - Napoli are games that take your breath away and magnetize the interest of all football fans!

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The phase of 16 is completed at the Europa League level, however! THE Olympic will compete on English soil and its headquarters Wolves, seeking qualification for the next round. Copenhagen - Basaksehir, Leverkusen - Rangers, Shakhtar - Wolfsburg, Basel - Eintracht and Manchester City G. - Lincer are the other repeaters, while the games Inter - Getafe and Sevilla - Rocheh will be Duisburg, respectively).

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First League Cup and then NBA!

Summer is hot in Pamestoixima.gr with football and basketball! Today's coupon is dominated by the big French final of the League Cup at the "Stand de France" but also the reappearance of Giannis Antitokoumbo on the floor.

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At 22:10 Paris Saint-Germain and Lyon compete for the League Cup trophy. Tuhel's team wants to ideally close the "stumped" during the other seasons with a treble. The big news, of course, is none other than the injury of Killian M 'Bape. The French star will be absent after the hard marking he received in the victory and conquest of the French Cup, 1 week ago. Life and death matches for the mediocre, this year, Lyon. Finished at 7η position of the championship, which means that she only needs a victory to be able to put a European ticket in her suitcases. The big battle of the French League Cup is being played at Pamestoixima.gr with 0% rake *!

For the… overnighters, Giannis Antetokounbo returns to action tonight (01:30). Today's program may start at 9:30 with the matches Nets - Magic, Wizards - Suns and Blazers - Grizzlies, but the match of the day is the match between the Bucks and the Celtics. John returns to action after a while and is ready for a rich spectacle. The menu of betting options with over / under players is also rich.

Will Giannis manage to exceed 27 points? Will Tatum exceed the 23 point limit? In the Pamestoixima.gr you will find markets from its magical world NBA with super odds!

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