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Manchester City are watching what is happening in Barcelona with Lionel Messi and consider him the favorite to acquire him. The clause and the salary.

The Catalan legend has come under public scrutiny with technical director Eric Abidal, which has opened the door to talk and perhaps the door to leave the Camp Nou. At the same time, in the Citizens' Offices, there is confidence that the club is the favorite to acquire Messi, who in the past has worked with a number of people at the club, such as coach Pep Guardiola and the directors. , Ferran Soriano and Chiki Begiristain.

The release clause
The whole scene with the left-footed magician gives City a reason to hope for the unthinkable, while there are other facts that allow the English champions to dream. Recently, Blaugrana president Josep Maria Bartomeu revealed that Messi has a clause in his contract that allows him to be released in the final every season without giving a single euro.

The salary
City, or any other team that wants to shake up the planet, must first break the piggy bank and commit to money in the future, as the six-time Golden Ball winner earns about 6 million euros a year. The Manchester club has spent. 65bn on transfers over the last 1.5 years, so, logically speaking, it won't matter if it's liquid to acquire one of the top players ever.

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Ronaldo: "Fisherman in Madeira"

Cristiano Ronaldo turned 35 and revealed that he never imagined that he would make such a career but that he would be a fisherman in Madeira.

Details of what the Portuguese superstar of Juventus, Cristiano Ronaldo, said in Canal 11:

"I never thought I would do all this ... I imagined that at 35 I would be a fisherman in Madeira, not that I would have such a career ... I wanted to become a professional footballer but I couldn't think I would achieve that much."

Regarding the Champions League with Juventus: "I am given the opportunity to win another Champions League. We know how difficult it is, the success of this event depends on many factors, but it is possible to succeed because we have a good team. We have to take one step at a time. "

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The transfer window in the Premier League until the early hours of September 1

In the early hours of September 1, the "deadline" of the summer transfer window returns to the Premier League.

The meeting of the teams of the Premier League brought developments. It has been heard a lot lately and finally today it has become a reality. The teams that make up the top league in England sat down at the table to discuss the next season. In addition to the procedures, a very important decision was made regarding the summer transfer window. Last year's model is changing.

In the end, the change in spring transfers lasted only one year. From the very new season, the right to acquire footballers in the Premier League, extends until the early hours of September 1st. In other words, as was the case all the years except last season. Recall that the transfers last year ended on August 8, in the sense that the teams should have completed his roster before the start of the new transfer window. This logic did not work (at least as they would like) and so we return to the traditional recipe.

In addition to the change in the transfer regulations, we had another, more formal development. The teams agreed that the 2020-2021 championship will start on August 8. A date that has always been chosen in recent years.

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250 games had to be played ...

A terrible statistic comes to light shortly after the exclusion of Real Madrid with a score of 4-3 from Sociedad.

In particular, Zinedine Zidane received four goals in a game for the first time as a coach. And for that to happen, they had to go through 250 matches! 193 with Real and 57 with Real Castilla.

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Dembele opens the door to the operating room

Usman Dembele is expected to undergo surgery in Finland next Tuesday.

Usman Dembele is expected to walk through the door of the operating room!

The French midfielder is having problems with his right knee ligaments and is expected to undergo surgery to restore his problem.

This will take place next Tuesday in Finland, a place where the footballer himself has decided to have surgery since he has his own doctor there.

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The premiere in the Premier League on August 8

The Premier League has announced that the championship of the 2020/21 season will start on August 8, 2020.

Since the beginning of February, the Premier League has announced that the championship of the new season will start on August 8.

From this alone one can understand the organization that exists in the biggest championship in the world.

Let's not forget that at this time other players have not even completed their preparations.

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The return of Coutinho

The people of Liverpool and Jενrgen Klopp ... look at the case of Felipe Coutinho!

If nothing else after his departure from Liverpool, Coutinho's course is in ... decline. The Brazilian failed to make a difference in Barcelona, ​​with the Catalans loaning him to Bayern Munich.

However, the Bavarians have already decided not to use the purchase option signed in the agreement. This means that after the end of the season, Coutinho will return to Barcelona.

But even in Barcelona, ​​they are not burning for the stay of the experienced ace at the Camp Nou. This automatically means that if a good financial proposal arrives, then they are willing to discuss it.

This has put the people of Liverpool in second place! At the urging of Jκrgen Klopp, the British are considering moving to acquire the Brazilian. However, they are not willing to put their hand deep in their pocket, as they want to agree on a reasonable amount.

In particular, in the event of the departure of one of the Mane or Salah, the return of Coutinho will be more likely to take place. It should be noted that according to Spanish media, Barcelona will not discuss any proposal of less than 80 million euros, an amount that Liverpool may approach!

Except for West Ham, Sterling

Rahim Sterling will not be present in the Manchester City championship game against West Ham.

The services of Rahim Sterling will be deprived of Manchester City in the upcoming championship game. Pep Guardiola's team will face West Ham but without the international attackers.

Rahim was injured in the previous game and lost 2-0 to Tottenham. The footballer himself will play a road game to catch the first game of the next phase of the Champions League.

On February 26, the "citizens" face Real Madrid and everyone on the Island wishes to be present in the basic formation of the Spanish coach.

Sterling, who has not scored in the new year with the City shirt, has played in 23 of the 25 games of the season.

David Luiz deified Arteta

An interesting interview was given by David Luiz. Speaking on the Arsenal site, the Brazilian defender explained the differences between Mikel Arteta and Unai Emery. The Spanish coach has taken over the bench of the gunners and has already managed to beat his player.

Although Arsenal have just three wins in nine games with their new coach, David Luiz has only good things to say about Arteta, regarding the mood in the locker room.

"It's better to sleep four hours happy than eight hours sad. When you are happy, your results will be ten times better. For me, this is true not only in football, but also in life. Arteta managed to bring joy back to the players and that is the most important thing. It's great to work with him. He tries to show us his ideas, his goals. He wants to make Arsenal great again and that's why he works hard every day. I enjoy this job, since I always played in teams that chased the top. Besides, Arteta worked with Pep, which is very important for everyone. I'm sure he will soon be among the top. "

Then David Luiz talked about how Arteta perceives football and spoke with equally flattering words about his coach.

"His philosophy is exactly the same as mine. He thinks like me and that's why it's easy to assimilate his ideas. We try to have possession and as soon as we lose the ball, we immediately run to win it again. Mikel tries every day to show us all the details, so that we can improve quickly. He loves football, he loves his job, so he conveys his enthusiasm to every player. "

Inexperienced Arteta has in his hands the difficult project of Arsenal. His players appreciate his work, but it remains to be seen on the pitch that something good is happening in the London team.

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Regarding the game in Turin, Juventus seems capable of overcoming the obstacle of Lyon that had been imposed with a score of 1-0 on French soil. Tradition shows a "bianconeri" with three wins in four games.

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The phase of 16 is completed at the Europa League level, however! THE Olympic will compete on English soil and its headquarters Wolves, seeking qualification for the next round. Copenhagen - Basaksehir, Leverkusen - Rangers, Shakhtar - Wolfsburg, Basel - Eintracht and Manchester City G. - Lincer are the other repeaters, while the games Inter - Getafe and Sevilla - Rocheh will be Duisburg, respectively).

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At 22:10 Paris Saint-Germain and Lyon compete for the League Cup trophy. Tuhel's team wants to ideally close the "stumped" during the other seasons with a treble. The big news, of course, is none other than the injury of Killian M 'Bape. The French star will be absent after the hard marking he received in the victory and conquest of the French Cup, 1 week ago. Life and death matches for the mediocre, this year, Lyon. Finished at 7η position of the championship, which means that she only needs a victory to be able to put a European ticket in her suitcases. The big battle of the French League Cup is being played at Pamestoixima.gr with 0% rake *!

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The temperature rises to Pamestoixima.gr me Series A! The Italian championship is essentially the only major European championship left. The penultimate match starts tonight with 2 matches, Parma - Atalanta and Inter - Napoli.

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Pamestoixima.gr takes you to Milan. Where Inter and Napoli clash. Two teams belonging to the Italian elite. After securing the title from Juventus, the hosts have no hopes for the title, but have returned to second place after the draw of Atalanta. Conte's team wants to close the league in the best way (on Sunday it travels to Bergamo against Atalanta) and then prepare for its European battle against Getafe (August 5). The cup winner Napoli has lost the "train" of the Champions League for next season, but she also wants a good finish (she faces Lazio on Sunday) to go with all her might in the rematch of 1-1 against Barcelona.

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The action continues with Serie A and the game Parma - Napoli! The hosts have been kept out of danger, the visitors have high hopes for the top five and want to exhaust them. The "Partenopei" count five consecutive "2-3 goals" in their trips, do you think that this record will be expanded in "Ennio Tardini?

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