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Full for Sunday's final

Full for Sunday's final

In training, Chelsea had no problem dominating Malm. For the second time (3-0) and are now preparing for the League Cup final (24/2) against Manchester City.

Mauricio Sari's side, after their victory in Sweden, came in second, this time with 3-0, scoring all their goals in the second half and focusing fully on Sunday's (24/2) final for the League Cup against in Manchester City.

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Bayern-Paris for Hudson Odoi

Bayern Munich and Paris are moving to acquire Hudson Odoi, according to English reports.

The case of 18-year-old Chelsea striker Hudson Odoi is being investigated by Bayern Munich and Paris Saint-Germain.

According to English Media, the young man is not happy with his participation time in the "blues". It should be noted that after expressing his desire to sell, he has only fought for 13 minutes.

Beyond that, both the Bavarians and the Paris team want to include the young Englishman in their squad.

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No problem, Chelsea

In training, Chelsea had no problem dominating Malm. For the second time (3-0) and are now preparing for the League Cup final (24/2) against Manchester City.

Mauricio Sari's side, after their victory in Sweden, came in second, this time with 3-0, scoring all their goals in the second half and focusing fully on Sunday's (24/2) final for the League Cup against in Manchester City.

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Pirlo: "Simeone didn't want to offend anyone at Juventus"

Simeone found an unexpected ... defender of his famous celebration in the match against Juventus!

Simeone's celebration in the match against Juventus has caused a lot of discussion and negative comments.

Simeone is known for his expressive and explosive character. Sometimes, however, he crosses the line, which he did in the match against Juventus.

The Argentine coach celebrated his team's first goal in a special way. It was a given that it will go viral! However, it is not something he has never done before.

Most did not like his move at all, others as they took care to justify him!

Among them was Andrea Pirlo. The former Juventus ace did not "kill" Simeone, something we did not expect, due to his passage from the "bianconeri".

"Cholo just wanted to show that his team has all the skills to do it. He was right because he did it. He didn't want to offend anyone at Juventus and that seems to be the case, "he said.

His punishment is given

However, the Spanish media believe that UEFA will punish the experienced coach.

Several reports speak of a heavy ax that will reach 5-6 races off the bench!

The punishment will be announced in the coming days. However, it is a given that the organizing authority has severely punished similar behaviors in the past.

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Fine to Klopp

Jργrgen Klopp was fined 45.000 XNUMX by the Football Association of England on Thursday.

This is due to the comments of the German coach of Liverpool against the referee of the match against West Ham on February 4 for the Premier League.

The FA called on Klopp to apologize, admitting the charges against him.

Klopp had stated that Kevin Fred's performance was affected by his decision to award the goal to Santos Mane, a goal that should not be counted as offside.

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Klopp: "Solskier is doing a very good job."

The big derby of the English championship between Manchester United and Liverpool is approaching and the daily life of the two great opponents is moving around this particular match.

In this context, Jκrgen Klopp spoke with flattering words about Ole Gunnar Solskj .r and the fact that United have been transformed since the Norwegian sat on its bench.

"I am a coach and I know that in our work there are no magic. You can't just change the image of a team with words. But we are blessed to work in teams with really good players and Ole Gunnar Solskier is doing a very good job. He has a way of raising the level and that makes him a perfect coach for a top team. I don't know him, we talked for a while, "said Klopp.

To continue Sunday's game: "Manchester is a team that can play differently depending on the occasion. We will see how they play against us. In a few areas they are not good and I think they have an answer for every threat against them. It will be a game that will be judged on physical condition and will be very demanding for both teams ".

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"Only the announcement remains for Godin"

Inter technical director Giuseppe Marotta said only the announcement was made to formalize the acquisition of Diego Godin.

Giuseppe Marotta has confirmed the transfer of Diego Godin to Inter! The technical director of "Nerazzurri" stated that only the announcement is left to formalize the acquisition of the Uruguayan defender, while he also made a small report on the issue of Mauro Icardi!

"I am happy, our negotiations are at an advanced level and it is very nice to see him score yesterday. As for the rest, I think we will be able to issue the announcement soon, "he said.

As for Icardi's case, he said: "We don't know when Icardi will return, you journalists know better. We are waiting for him to return and I have nothing more to say. We hope he recovers as soon as possible when his knee pain subsides. "

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Icardi will also be out for the match against Fiorentina

Inter's experienced striker Mauro Icardi remains out of Luciano Spalletti's plans.

Mauro Icardi, who is no longer Inter's manager after his time with the management, is not counted on by Luciano Spalletti in recent games, and it is worth noting that although he had a knee problem, his tests showed that he is not serious.

However, as reported in Italy, the Argentine will be out for the match against Fiorentina with Spalletti emphasizing that Inter is willing to accept him back if he makes "the right choices", that is, to renew his contract.

Manchester United want to renew Marcus Rashford's contract until 2025

Manchester United is determined to proceed with the renewal of Marcus Rasford's contract, according to the "Daily Mirror".

Manchester United want to renew Marcus Rashford's contract until 2025, according to the "Daily Mirror".

At the moment, the contract that expired in 2020, however, his team wants to expand it and keep him in its potential for many years.

This is not just a coincidence, as the English striker, who is also at a good age, 21 years old, shows with his appearances that in the coming years he can develop even more and achieve great things.

Sala's contract is invalid

New media in the case of Sala's transfer puts English media, as he claims that the contract in Cardiff is not valid.

Emiliano Sala was ready to make his dream come true, as he would continue his career in the Premier League and consequently in Cardiff. Unfortunately, the plane on which the football player was on crashed, with the result that the 28-year-old striker is no longer with us.

Despite what has happened, Nantes still claims the money for the transfer (17 million euros) from Cardiff, but the "Daily Telegraph" came to give new information to the case.

According to the English newspaper, Sala's contract with Cardiff was not in line with Premier League rules. At the same time, the footballer was not fully registered in the team, as a result of which he is not a player of his own.

With these two elements, Sala's contract could be void, so Cardiff will not have to pay the French team. Of course, the case of this tragic event will be heard.

For Pepe and Arsenal

Arsenal also showed intense interest in acquiring Pepe, who will "fight" with Barcelona for the signing of the player.

Arsenal seem to have gotten into the trap of acquiring Lille's 23-year-old striker, Nicolas Pepe.

According to English media, after the intense interest that Barcelona has shown in the youngster and the London team, he has asked about the footballer.

For their part, the people of Lille cost the player 75 million euros, as they consider him one of the greatest talents in French football.

Pepe has scored 17 goals and 11 assists this season in 28 appearances in all competitions.

Roma is thinking of Sari

A report from Italy states that Roma are considering replacing Eusebio Di Francesco in the team's technical leadership, with Mauricio Sari.

A dinner in London was hosted by Roma President and CEO Mauricio Sari, who was asked to take over the technical leadership of the team next summer.

Dissatisfaction with the face of Eusebio Di Francesco is obvious, mainly due to the team's progress in the league and the Gialorosi are looking for a replacement.

So are James Palotta and Franco Baldini. According to a report in the Italian newspaper La Reppublica, they discussed with Sari the possibility of taking over the technical leadership of Roma in the summer and the chances of that happening increase due to the fact that Sari is not having a good time at Stamford Bridge.

As a result, in the event of Di Francesco's departure at the end of the season, Sari seems to be the first choice to replace him.

Roma are in fifth place in Serie A, in addition to the places that lead to the next Champions League, but there is also this year in which the club still participates. If the qualification against Porto is achieved, then it is possible that the climate will change for the better for Di Francesco.

Oblak ready to renew

According to Spanish media, the goalkeeper is close to renewing his contract with Atletico Madrid, according to Spanish media.

Goalkeeper Gian Oblek is ready to renew his contract with Atletico Madrid, with the amount of his new contract reaching 10 to 12 million euros, according to Spanish media.

Within the next week, an official announcement is expected from the "Rochiblancos" with more details regarding the extension of the 26-year-old's contract.

For Diego Simeone's team, Oblak is one of the most important players and with his terrible saves, he has offered a lot of help.

This year he has 24 appearances in the Spanish league and seven in the Champions League.

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Van Dyke: "I want to achieve great things"

The desire to achieve great things with Liverpool and to go down in history as a leader was expressed by Virgil Van Dyke.

One of the main reasons Liverpool are making such a tremendous run in this year's league is largely due to the presence of Virgil Van Dyke on the defensive line.

The 27-year-old defender, who joined the team of Jκrgen Klopp in January 2019 for the amount of 75 million euros, spoke to BBC Radio about the goals he has set with his presence in the "reds".

"I want to do great things with Liverpool, we have a fantastic team. They gave me a lot of money to get me and I want to repay them. I want to be a legend of the club ", he said.


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    ** KRASNODAR - PAOK: PAOK, after the big qualifiers against Besiktas and Benfica, finds Krasnodar on its way to enter the groups. The big difference he will face today is that Krasnodar has 8 official games on its feet in relation to Besiktas and Benfica which was the first official game for the former opponents of PAOK.

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The first game between her Krasnodar and PAOK in the play offs of the Champions League is held tonight at 22:00, with the Greek team aiming for a positive result in order to manage to celebrate qualifying next week in Toumba and realize its dream: to be in the groups of the top inter-club organization.

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Last year, Krasnodar found another Greek club on its way, Olympiakos, in the play offs. The team of Piraeus with two victories, 4-0 at home and 2-1 away from home, secured its presence in the groups, leaving the Russians in the Europa League. The president and owner of the "bulls", Sergei Galitsky has reformed them competitively, leading them to the Russian Premier League to significant success, with a privately owned stadium and several quality foreign players wearing their jerseys. And all this if one considers that Krasnodar was founded only in 2008.

PAOK will line up on Russian soil without Rodrigo, Matos and Zampa, but it has the quality of midfielders in order to "hurt" its opponent. Abel Ferreira is aiming to start Jolis on the offensive line, who will receive help from Pelka and Zivkovic.

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Η 2η racing English Premier League ends tonight with the interesting match in "Molino", between Wolves and Manchester City. Debut with the right for the "wolves" in this year's championship, after they conquered the seat of Sheffield United, celebrating the maiden victory. The "citizens", for their part, tonight are thrown into the battle of the championship and hope not to press it like last year. In December 2019, City were hosted by the Wolves, 2-0 in front of the score but eventually lost 3-2, conceding two goals in the last ten minutes.

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The recent tradition is in favor of the hosts, with 5 wins against 3 of City while there have been two draws. Will Pep Guardiola's team start the Premier League 2020-21 victoriously or will the Wolves manage to draw another positive result?

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The matches for 2ο The qualifying round of the Europa League continues tonight and it is time for the participation of the two Greek teams: Aris and OFI host Kolos and Apollon Limassol, respectively.

Aris has never competed again in a European tournament with a Ukrainian club. OFI has once faced a Cypriot team in the past, in the 1995-96 Intertoto Cup, when it prevailed over Nea Salamina (2-1).

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Danes against Swiss, in the rematch of 2012, when they had met again, then at the level of play offs Europa League. Young Boys had celebrated the qualification, thanks to the 3-0 victory in Denmark and despite its defeat by Midtjylland (0-2) in Switzerland.

Midtjylland won last year's Danish championship on foot, leaving no room for reaction in the state of Copenhagen. Brian Priske, a former international defender for Portsmouth and Bruges, remains her coach who managed to lead her to the top. Young Boys comes from a double in Switzerland, revealing her superiority after the break due to COVID-19. He played attacking football and was justified, with the protagonist Gerardo Soane continuing on the edge of the bench of the "yellow-blacks".

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