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Theft: & quot; Looking forward to the derby & quot;

Klopp: "I'm looking forward to the derby"

From a fanatical viewer of the big English football derby, Jκrgen Klopp is now the protagonist. The Liverpool coach did not hide that he is counting the hours for tomorrow's match against Man. United at Anfield.

"We are talking about a very big game and very important. When I was in Germany I did everything to see this derby. Now I am here! I do not remember many negative opposite. Sometimes we didn't get the results we deserved. We haven't won much and we have to change that. I know it will be a very strong game and we will be prepared for it. This week we have achieved our big goal in the Champions League. We had a day to enjoy it. "But since yesterday we have returned and I can't wait for the derby with United," Klopp said.

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Van Dyke: "We know what we will face"

In the difficulties that Liverpool will face in the big derby against Manchester United, Virgil Van Dak stood with his statements.

Liverpool host Manchester United next Sunday at Anfield in the biggest derby on the Island.

The "reds" are in excellent condition, after the victory-qualification against Napoli in the Champions League, while on the other hand the team of Jose Mourinho is looking to react after the bad start in the championship.

In a statement to the English media, Liverpool defender Virgil Van Dyke spoke about this great "battle", clarifying that the "red devils" have a very good offensive line and should be careful. In addition, he appeared very happy for the defensive image that his team has shown so far.

"It simply came to our notice then. We have a good pace so far, so we don't have to worry about anything, "said the Dutch international, adding:" Manchester United have good players, especially in its attacking line, so we have to be prepared. We have to play our game and put them under pressure. "

"Our defensive image makes us all proud. We all have a share in this, as we all work together in defense and attack. But obviously for me personally as a defender, to see that we have conceded six goals is really very good, "he added.

"We still have a long way to go, but we are definitely proud of our start. I have been here for almost a year since I signed and I have really enjoyed every part of this journey, "he added.

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Cristiano has heard not only stories, but also advice

Cristiano Ronaldo is preparing to live for the first time the Juventus derby with Torino and it seems that some people took care to inform him about the game that is coming ...

The two teams will face each other on Saturday and the Portuguese superstar stated that he has already heard not only stories, but also advice on the importance of the result for Juventus, at Derby della Mole.

"I learned that our fans never want to see us lose to Inter and Torino. In fact, one of the caretakers of the team asked me to win and explained a story to me with his grandmother ... "Ronaldo said characteristically.

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Allegri: "Cristiano will rest in one of the next matches"

In one of the upcoming matches of Juventus, Max Allegri intends to leave Cristiano Ronaldo out of the mission to rest.

This season is evolving in the best way for Juventus. The "Bianconeri" with Cristiano Ronaldo are now on their roster, marching to win another Italian championship, while they are in the "16" of the Champions League and have aspirations to win the cup with the big ears.

Now, the fact that the "Old Lady" is eight points ahead of the second Napoli, allows Max Allegri to make a rotation. Speaking to the press conference about the match against Torino, the Italian coach stressed that he is thinking of resting their team's supership in one of the upcoming games.

Detailed placement of the experienced coach:

"Cristiano will rest in one of the next matches with Roma, Atalanta or Sampdoria. As for his comments about being in the best team. At Juventus we all work hard and the methods work. "

This season, Cristiano Ronaldo has found the net 11 times and has shared 8 assists in 20 appearances (1729.) In all competitions with the Juventus jersey.

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Cahill for Arsenal

Gary Cahill's cycle at Chelsea is not only coming to an end but it is automatically giving birth to a new "hater" for the "Blue" Arsenal.

Six years and the end of the relationship between Cahill and Chelsea. The 32-year-old defender is now one foot away from Stamford Bridge. The main reason is his non-use by Mauricio Sari, with the Italian quietly finishing the experienced defender. The player's departure from Chelsea has been leaked on the Island for months, but today's post brings a scenario that may create a war.

The Daily Star reports that the name of Cahill is very complicated with the transfer report of Arsenal. The "Kanonierides" on the other hand have not shown a willingness to chase the case of a central defender, however their report connects them directly.

The rumor has it that Gary Cahill recently spoke privately with his Chelsea boss, Mauricio Sari. The Italian clarified that he still does not have him in his plans, opening the exit door wide. It is characteristic that the 32-year-old has played only 21 minutes in the Premier League this season, while last year he rarely stayed out of the starting lineup.

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United for over 100 million euros for Coulibaly

United's defensive line requires immediate "retouching", with the Red Devils preparing to blow up the bank by bringing a real rock to Old Trafford.

In each of their games, United presents its well-known weakness. The Achilles' heel of the English club is undoubtedly its defensive layout, with the need to find a stopper to seem imperative. There are many names on the table, but one stands out. He is none other than Napoli's central defender, Calindou Coulibaly.

The African stopper is currently considered one of the top players on the planet. The "Partenopei" are committed to the future of the 27-year-old, however they understand that the hourglass of his stay in San Paolo is increasingly empty. Reports in Italy and the UK say Manchester United are willing to spend more than € 100 million.

The most accurate transfer of a defender in history for a central defender remains that of Virgil Van Dyke. Liverpool spent no more or less 80 million euros to make the Dutch stopper their own. However, United seem to be preparing to dust off this record in the case of Coulibaly.

The Senegalese defender is not excluded in less than a month to wear a new jersey playing in the magical world of the Premier League.

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The people of the club have lost the ball with Dembele

Usman Dembele has created a new job in Barcelona, ​​as the "Blaugrana" want to solve the problem by waking up the young man in the morning.

In Barcelona they don't know what to do with Usman Dembele! The people of the club have lost the ball with the Frenchman.

Yes, he is a great footballer, but on the other hand he is not consistent. The opposite is true. At the same time, the young striker has shown particular weakness in electronic games, as a result of which he is slow to fall asleep, which leads him to be late and wake up.

As a result, he has missed several Blaugrana training sessions. However, it is not ruled out that such a thing will change in the future. As "Marca" announced, the people of "Barça" will assign a special man the following mission: to call Dembele every morning, in order to wake him up.

Certainly extreme circumstances require extreme measures. The question is whether they will catch on.

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Finally, Skelotto from Boca Juniors

The loss of the Copa Libertadores resulted in the termination of her collaboration with the team's coach, Guillermo Skeloto.

From now on, Boca Juniors and Guillermo Skeloto will follow separate paths, since the management of the "Chinese" announced today (14/12) the end of their cooperation with the Argentine coach.

The 45-year-old coach, after 2,5 successful years at the edge of the Boca bench, is now officially a thing of the past. In his passage from the team of Buenos Aires, he won two Argentine championships, while he led the team to the final of the Copa Libertadores.

However, according to reports from the country of the "tango", Boca seems to have already found the ideal replacement in the person of 69-year-old Jose Pekerman, who resigned from the position of the federal coach of the Colombian national team last September.

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Rivaldo: "I would like to see Isco in Barcelona"

Rivaldo expressed his desire to see Isco play with the colors of Barcelona.

Isco is not having the best days of his career at Real Madrid.

His marginalization by Solari, combined with the opposition that opened last Wednesday in the match against CSKA with the fans of the "merengues", have brought the Spanish midfielder with one foot out of Madrid.

After all, according to Spanish reports, the Madridians have taken the decision to sell the 26-year-old ace, with the "blaugrana" having been involved in several scenarios for his acquisition.

In statements to Spanish media, the former Olympiacos and AEK footballer commented on the case, expressing his desire to see Isco in Barcelona, ​​although this would be quite difficult to happen.

"Isco is a great footballer, but when a team like Real Madrid loses 3-0 at home to CSKA, even though they have qualified, things are not going well. Isco paid for it as it was in the sights of the fans before. He has to look to the future and forget what happened, "said the Blaugrana veteran." Would I like to see Isco play against Barcelona? Of course I would. He is an excellent player and I believe that such a collaboration would suit both Barcelona and Isco. In each case, they have seized it, despite obstacles we can scarcely imagine. " It is difficult to imagine that two such opponents could negotiate such a transfer. "

He will not move for an addition to Manchester City

Pep Guardiola has revealed that Manchester City will not move for an addition to the January transfer window.

As the team's coach, Pep Guardiola, clarified, the "citizens" will not go to the "bazaar" in January to acquire players, despite the rumors that connected them with several names.

The 47-year-old Catalan has been completely satisfied with his roster, as he sees his team doing extremely well in the league and the Champions League. That's why, after his statements after the game with Hoffenheim, he clarified that there will be no addition next January.

After all, the English champions have one of the most complete rosters in Europe, having many reliable solutions on all fronts.


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3th The qualifying round of the Europa League is taking place tonight and it is time for AEK to play in order to qualify for the play offs of the tournament. The winner of the pair Saint Gallen - AEK will face the winner of the pair Wolfsburg - Desna.

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AEK will find in front of it for the third time a Swiss team, with the previous times they have left it with a sweet taste. In the 1995-96 season he overcame the obstacle of Zion (2-0, 2-2) and in the 2003-04 season the equivalent of the Grasshoppers (3-1, 0-1). However, this will be the maiden time that St. Gallen faces a Greek club.

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The first game between them Olympiakos and Omonia in the play offs of the Champions League is held tonight at 22:00, with the team of Piraeus aiming to conquer the victory in order to gain a clear lead for the qualification to the "golden" groups of the organization.

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The last time the "red and whites" faced a Cypriot club was in the 2016-17 season when in the Europa League groups they suffered two defeats by APOEL in an equal number of games (0-1, 0-2). For its part, the "Queen", as is the nickname of Omonia, faced AEK in double games of the 2008-09 season (2-2, 1-0), excluding it from the continuation of the UEFA Cup.

Will Pedro Martins' team be able to take the first qualifying step or will Henning Berg's team smile?

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The first game between her Krasnodar and PAOK in the play offs of the Champions League is held tonight at 22:00, with the Greek team aiming for a positive result in order to manage to celebrate qualifying next week in Toumba and realize its dream: to be in the groups of the top inter-club organization.

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Last year, Krasnodar found another Greek club on its way, Olympiakos, in the play offs. The team of Piraeus with two victories, 4-0 at home and 2-1 away from home, secured its presence in the groups, leaving the Russians in the Europa League. The president and owner of the "bulls", Sergei Galitsky has reformed them competitively, leading them to the Russian Premier League to significant success, with a privately owned stadium and several quality foreign players wearing their jerseys. And all this if one considers that Krasnodar was founded only in 2008.

PAOK will line up on Russian soil without Rodrigo, Matos and Zampa, but it has the quality of midfielders in order to "hurt" its opponent. Abel Ferreira is aiming to start Jolis on the offensive line, who will receive help from Pelka and Zivkovic.

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Η 2η racing English Premier League ends tonight with the interesting match in "Molino", between Wolves and Manchester City. Debut with the right for the "wolves" in this year's championship, after they conquered the seat of Sheffield United, celebrating the maiden victory. The "citizens", for their part, tonight are thrown into the battle of the championship and hope not to press it like last year. In December 2019, City were hosted by the Wolves, 2-0 in front of the score but eventually lost 3-2, conceding two goals in the last ten minutes.

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The recent tradition is in favor of the hosts, with 5 wins against 3 of City while there have been two draws. Will Pep Guardiola's team start the Premier League 2020-21 victoriously or will the Wolves manage to draw another positive result?

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