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New NoviLeague with € 1,000,000 to the winner & € 220,000 guaranteed to everyone!

The new Novileague comes with even bigger prizes and more chances to win, after all watching the same race you participate in 2 competitions at the same time!

The Novileague returns to Novibet with 1,000,000 € to the winner, € 220,000 guaranteed winnings to the participants, new structure, more championships and even more ways to win, since through one match you participate in two competitions at the same time. It just stays the same, that you participate for free!

In the new Novileague, the sure thing is that you will not lose your interest for a moment!

What changed

  • € 1,000,000 top prize (instead of € 500,000): Even more chances in the new Novileague. You can do 35 correct predictions to the exact score in 100 games? That is, you find almost 1 in 3 scores and… you are a millionaire!
  • Fourfold guaranteed prize: The guaranteed € 50,000 of the previous tenders now became € 220,000.
  • Watching a match you participate in two competitions at the same time, completely free!
  • Now you guess not only the exact scores, but also him anytime match scorer, so as not to lose your interest in the 90 minutes of the match! Every 20 games, a guaranteed € 44,000 is distributed!
  • € 22,000 is distributed per 20 games in the league Find the Scorer. Until the end of the Novileaguethere will be five such tournaments. The winner in each of them wins € 20,000 and the 2th 2,000 €.
  • Other 22,000 € are shared every 20 races and in the championships Find the Exact Score. The first of each of the 5 leagues -after the end of the 20 games- receives here also 20,000 € and the second 2,000 €.

This is how the news is played Novileague (Click Here)

It starts on Thursday with the match Liverpool - Burnley (21/1, 22:00), lasts 100 games and ends in the final of the Champions League (29/5).

It is reminded that the winner of the previous one Novileague, ο Α.Κ, received € 50,000 on 23/12/2020. Will there be a millionaire in the new Novileague?

Write your own story in one of the biggest Cash contests ever!

Terms and Conditions apply to the Competition The competition is free and no participation in the games is required

Additional information

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