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July 22 the award

July 22 the award

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Δύο In two weeks from today, Liverpool will be awarded for the 19th championship in its history.

The date was announced where Liverpool will celebrate the championship that they have missed so much since they had to win it since 1990. The "reds" in this match will face the team that mathematically gave it to Chelsea.

The Londoners prevailed 2-1 over Manchester City on June 25 and crowned Liverpool Premier League champions. The match is scheduled for 22:15 live on Cosmote TV. It is the penultimate race of this year's English Championship race, while the last one, Jμάrgen Klopp's team will travel to St. James Park to face Newcastle.

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The teams of the Premier League start on September 12

The teams of the Premier League are in disagreement with the English Federation regarding the start date of the championship of the next season.

This year's Premier League is coming to an end and the first discussions are already taking place for the start date of the next season.

According to a report by the "Telegraph", the teams of the Premier League want the start of the new league on September 12 so that the English National Team has completed its obligations for the UEFA Nations League.

The English Football Association does not agree with this opinion and prefers August 29 as the start date, although there is not much chance of that. It will take 34 weeks and four vaccinations to complete the Premier League. This means that everything will be very marginal in this case, as the next Euro is scheduled to start on June 11, 2021.

Another possibility that is being seriously considered is that the English teams that will participate in the European competitions will not participate in the League Cup next season, something that will financially damage the English Federation in case of its implementation.

On Thursday (9/7), the Premier League will meet to decide on the start date of the next season, while there will be a vote to close the transfer window. The most probable date is October 5, as defined by UEFA.

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Mourinho: "I hate the quiet in the locker room"

Dissatisfied with his players is Jose Mourinho, as he considers that they are absorbed by social media.

Tottenham's players were the target of criticism from Jose Mourinho after the 3-1 defeat by Sheffield United, who accused them of not being able to react.

According to the Portuguese coach, social media has alienated his footballers, with him wanting to communicate more with each other.

"I hate the quiet in the locker rooms and in the meetings, I hate the monologues and talking to the players for 20 minutes. They should constantly motivate each other, and not be closed to themselves ", were the words of Mourinho.

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Traore was injured in the shoulder

Unexpectedly in the Wolves, as Adama Traore hit his shoulder again and a change was made in the match against Sheffield United.

Bad luck is coming for the Wolves, who have been defeated by Sheffield United and are in danger of joining the next games without the valuable midfielder Andama Traore.

The 24-year-old Spaniard injured his shoulder and was forced to change in the 79th minute of the match.

As coach Nuno Espirito Santo confirmed, Traore shrugged for the 4th time this year (!), Something that worries the "wolves", who will clash with Olympiakos in early August for the Europa League.

"It simply came to our notice then. It hurts a lot, but he is a strong child. He will fight and he will overcome it ", said the Portuguese coach.

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The climate for Kepa will change

Frank Lampard believes that the appearance of Kepa Arithambalaga in the 3-2 victory over Crystal Palace, will prove to be crucial for the Spaniard after the season.

Kepa underwent a major operation on Scott Dan's head in the final minute of the match, with Frank Lampard believing that this would change the mood for the Chelsea goalkeeper.

For the past two years, the Blues goalkeeper has been widely criticized for his performances, with few believing that the Spaniard is not worth the € 80 million he spent on the club.

"That's why Kepa is here, I'm happy for him. He did a great operation for us in the end, that's why he is there, so he deserves congratulations ", the English coach stressed.

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Second thoughts

Mason Grindwood's impressive performances put Ole Gunnar Solskj δεύτεr in second thought about the possibility of acquiring Lyon striker Moussa Dembele.

Mason Grindwood scores "in a flash" and this has not gone unnoticed by Ole Gunnar Solskier, who decided to "freeze" the case of Moussa Dembele.

The French striker of Lyon has been intensely concerned with the transfer news of the "red devils" in recent years.

But according to the Daily Star, United withdrew from the hunt for the Lyon ace due to the rapid progress of the 18-year-old English striker who forced them to invest in him.

The English striker has 26 appearances in the Premier League for the current season, having scored 8 goals. In fact, Greenwood's "deadly" instinct has stood out in the Europa League games, as he already has 5 goals in 7 appearances.

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Azar suffers from an ankle problem.

New headache with Eden Hazard at Real. The Belgian midfielder suffers from ankle discomfort and is extremely doubtful for the match against Alaves.

Azar was injured in the match against Espanyol and was absent from the matches against Bilbao and Getafe.

Examinations have shown that there is an irritation and although there is no fear of major damage, care is needed to continue the period.

The 29-year-old ace has 19 appearances and 7 assists this year as he has lost several matches due to injury.

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Nuno Espirito Santo: "The headquarters factor has disappeared"

No one can enjoy football without fans in the stands, admits Nuno Espirito Santo.

All our habits have changed because of the corona.

Like football, of course, as fans are still not allowed in the stands, with the pitches empty and deserted. The disgusting image of empty seats is hoped for by everyone to end quickly and for the world to come back and start watching the games of their favorite team (whatever it is) up close.

Nuno Espirito Santo admitted what everyone is saying. That is, no one can enjoy football without people on the pitch.

Analytically everything that the coach of Wolves said:

"It's not good for anyone to take part in matches. Nobody likes to play without fans. It is very difficult to enjoy games under these conditions. We hope that soon we will be able to rely on the support of the fans. With all this, the home factor has disappeared, so it's another game we have to play. "

It is worth noting that Olympiacos' opponent in the "16" of the Europa League is playing on Wednesday night (8/7, 20:00) at the headquarters of Sheffield United.

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Manager Buffon: "He will become a coach"

Gianluigi Buffon's manager spoke about the future of the Italian goalkeeper and the prospect of becoming a coach.

Gigi Buffon's manager, Silvano Martina, spoke about the course of his client and his future, after his football career. In an interview with Radio Kiss Kiss, he said that the experienced goalkeeper will become a coach after the end of his career on the pitch. He also said that the record holder, the record holder, could become a coach at Juventus.

In particular, he said: "In my opinion, Gigi should start training after his retirement from football. He understands football and has the experience to be able to manage the locker rooms of any team. If he can sit on the Juventus bench? Yes, for me it can work. What makes him different from other goalkeepers is that he makes everything look simple, it's a gift from nature. "

He added: "They are two important players. I once talked to Gigi about Meret and he told me that Alex has the background to become one of the best in Italy. And let's not forget Gianluigi Donarouma, who has tremendous natural skills. These two will be the goalkeepers of the Italian national team in the future, at the moment they are the two most promising players in Italy at the moment. The Italian football school is always one of the best in the world. "

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Chelsea is even closer to Haverz

As the days go by, Chelsea seem to be getting closer to acquiring Bayer Leverkusen midfielder Kai Haverge.

The season is not over yet. So what; Chelsea want to return to the top as soon as possible. The "blues" show it with actions. Not just in words. The Londoners have already made two very important transfers.

That of Hakim Ziyek from Ajax and that of Timo Werner from Leipzig. Two moves that show the intentions of the English. Two moves that raise the level of Chelsea's attack even more.

However, Frank Lampard and his associates do not intend to stay there. After all, summer is big and hot. That's why they want to raise the temperature even more. How; With the "bang" of the acquisition of Kai Haverj by Bayer Leverkusen.

A player that the whole of good Europe wants, as the biggest international media have known for a long time.

Kai Haverj is no accident. For the last two years he has been doing things and miracles with the Bayer Leverkusen jersey. That's why some of Europe's biggest teams are queuing up to sign him.

For now, however, Chelsea has the first say. At least that's what Sky Sports' report reports. According to the English journalists, the "blues" have started contacts with both the German team and the player's representatives.

Not only are they doing well. But very well. However, the "aspirins" have made it clear from the outset that they are not going to sell their big star for less than € 100 million. On the other hand, the British do not want to reach or exceed this amount.

However, they believe that sooner or later their pressures will drop Bayer's demands. While they have already taken the minds of Havertz, who is trying in every way to convince his current team not to stand in the way of his career and to turn on the green light of his transfer to Chelsea.

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