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"It has something special"

"It has something special"

Two (2) Funds (5.40 & 5.08) with 8/10 points from Guru L

Ργ J παρουσίαrgen Klopp's presence on the bench was a catalyst for Virgil Van Dyke's decision to continue his career at Liverpool.

The 28-year-old Dutch defender revealed that he had suggestions from other greats in the Premier League, but chose the "reds" because he wanted to work with the German coach.

"I had the opportunity to go to Chelsea and Manchester City. When you compare the clubs, you look at the history, the city, the existing roster, the plans of each team for the immediate future. But the most important thing you look at is the coach and Jκrgen Klopp is an important reason why I chose to continue my career at Liverpool, "said Van Dyke, adding that he was talking about Klopp:

"It simply came to our notice then. Is it his energy? Is it the overall picture? Sometimes I sit and think about what he does and what he has more than others. I think that's the way he handles situations. Every morning you go to training, you see that he is happy.

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Mourinho for Ancelotti: "I think he's a fantastic man"

In a special way, Jose Mourinho expressed his appreciation and admiration for the Everton coach.

On Monday night, Tottenham will host Everton at the Hotspur Stadium as part of the 33rd game of the Premier League. This means that in the training part, Jose Mourinho will face Carlo Ancelotti.

The Portuguese coach of the "spurs" expressed his admiration and appreciation for the Italian coach of the "confectioners" at the press conference, clarifying that he intends to violate the measures taken for the protection of the corona in order to embrace him.

Specifically, he stated: "I believe that everyone in football admires Carlos as a coach and as a person, and anyone who does not know him as a person knows him as a coach.

I like him very much as a person, he has been and is one of the best coaches in the world for the last 20 years.

I consider it a privilege for the Premier League to find Carlo again and it is also a privilege for Everton to have him as a coach "to conclude:

"I was lucky enough to spend some time with him, I think he's a fantastic person and that's why I'm thinking of breaking the mandatory rule of one meter distance so I can hug him."

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Zidane: "We're not going to relax"

Real Madrid coach Zinedine Zidane described the refereeing issue as quite tedious.

Zinedine Zidane gave his own answer to those who accuse his team of arbitration.

After the end of the match with Athletic Bilbao, the French coach of Real Madrid stressed that he is tired of hearing that the "queen" is winning with the help of the referee.

Details of what Zinedine Zidane said:
- For arbitration: "I am tired of hearing all the time that we are winning with the help of the referee. But he is not going to change. They will always say the same things. I don't care, but the players deserve more respect. But no one is going to distract us from our goal. "

- On whether his team has secured the title: "Until it's math, we're not going to relax. We have already shown our strength and determination. However, what I have to say is that we feel great and this "7 in 7" that we have done after the resumption is impressive ".

Ramos: "We don't win the championship because of the referees"

Sergio Ramos was decisive in another victory for Real and stated that the referees did not play a role. "I stepped on Raul Garthia but it was nothing," Sevilla said.

"We had 11 finals, we had to watch each match separately and get three points each time. Today were three important points because we are putting pressure on Barcelona. Fortunately, everything depends on us, "said the 34-year-old, referring to the refereeing. "We don't win the championship because of the referees, nor do we lose it because of the referees. We must not say that what they do is decisive, Real is far ahead in the standings. We don't care. " As for the phase in which he seemed to take a penalty on Raul Garcρθa, he commented. "I pressed him a little, but I had my back turned, I don't think it was anything."

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Nemanja Matic is expected to remain a United player until 2023.

The reversal is over and Nemanja Matic "seals" his future at Manchester United.

The Serbian defensive midfielder who seemed to be given in the middle of the season that he would leave with the completion of his contract with the "red devils", as he had been seduced by a generally bad image of his team.

However, the 31-year-old is a key "cog" of Ole Gunnar Solskj στηνr in United's counterattack in the second half of the season and therefore it was decided to renew the cooperation, according to the report by Gianluca Di Marzio.

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Great achievement by the Belgian striker.

Inter may have lost to Bologna 2-1, but Romelu Lukaku has made a great contribution to this match.

Specifically, the Belgian forward opened the score and reached 20 goals this year in the league. Somehow he became the first player after Ronaldo (phenomenon) to reach 20 goals in 30 appearances in SERIE A with Inter.

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Fenerbahce is Mata

Reports in Turkey say that Juan Mata is very close to moving from Manchester United to Fenerbahce.

Manchester United midfielder Juan Marta is a breath away from his transfer to Fenerbahce, according to today's publication of "Sansursuz Futbol".

The "canaries" have already started negotiations with the "red devils", against the background of the summer transfer window, with the result that there is optimism on their part for the acquisition of the 32-year-old ace.

Marta has another one-year contract with Manchester United, while he has a secure position as a key player in the plans of Ole Gunnar Solskj .r.

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Dortmund cut it off in Man. United.

Dortmund took a clear stand against the pressure of Manchester United for the acquisition of Jadon Sancho.

According to a reputable Ruhr newspaper, Borussia informed the "red devils" that the English winger will be granted this summer only with the amount of 120 million euros and not with a smaller one.

So far no other team has hit Sancho and with most clubs being extremely frugal due to the pandemic with these demands from Dortmund it will be difficult to sell.

The 20-year-old ace had a great season with 20 goals and an equal number of assists in 44 appearances in all competitions.

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Marca reports that Real want to save around 200 million euros.

Those of Real's friends who are expecting big transfers this summer are called upon to reconsider. According to Marca, it is likely that the "queen" will not make any transfers, at least not exactly.

The reason is that the club wants to save around 200 million euros, to cover the damage from the pandemic and the absence of people for at least the next few months.

For this reason, a priority for Real is to sell players who are not counted. He has already sold Xavi Sanchez to Valladolid and Ashraf Hakimi to Inter, while Gareth Bale, Hames Rodrεςguez, Brahim Dias, Danny Thembagios and Mariano Dias are also on the list of players under transfer.

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Ballack for Werner: "He made the right decision"

Michael Ballack commented on Timo Werner's decision to continue his career at Chelsea and not at Liverpool.

The 24-year-old former Leipzig striker has found a breath of fresh air from Liverpool, as Jργrgen Klopp has been keen to sign him, but will eventually wear the Chelsea shirt from next season.

According to the veteran German ace, Werner's choice is absolutely right, as the "blues" will have the opportunity to be more influential.

"If Liverpool were the solution, then they have made the right decision. You need to consider specific things, such as how long you will be playing and how important you will be in the team.

Liverpool won the Champions League and the Premier League. How could Timo suddenly appear and leave one of the Salah, Mane and Firmino on the bench every week? ” said Balak first to complete:

"Chelsea are building a new, young team with a young coach. It's a great project to be a part of, given Timo's young age. Being a key player in a huge club like Chelsea is the best thing for him. It could have a much bigger impact there than if he went to Liverpool. "

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    ** ΕΣΤΕΡΣΟΥΝΤ - ΜΙΑΛΜΠΙ: Led at 2 inside Ostersund. Mialbi comes from 2 victories.

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    ** AKISASPOR - BALIKESIRSPOR: Five points behind 2η Akisa's position with one fight less. With 6 wins, 1 draw and 1 defeat in the last 8 games, Akissa. From 3 defeats, Balikesirspor comes without scoring, remaining without a win in the last 8 of the championship. I cried Over 1.5 and - 1 -.

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    ** LEVANTE - SOSIEDAD: Levante easily defensively attacks with (41-46) goals in 33 games. In the last 7 he managed 5 G / G. With 3 Over 2.5 and G / G in the 4 most recent, Sociedad. G/G & Over 2.5

    ** SPORTING HICHON - HIRONA: 0-0,1-1.

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    ** HAIDENCHAM - BERDER BREMIS: Werder in the regular season got 22 points away from home and 9 points at home. In the last 4, he counts 3 victories. - 2 -

    ** TOTENAM - EVERTON: Only West Ham have won Tottenham in their last six games. Everton come from 6 victories with 2 defeats in the last 2 of the Premier. With 10 G / G in the last 6 games, Tottenham. With 7 Over in the last 6 games, Everton. Over 2.5

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    ** REAL SARAGOSA - VAGIEKANO: From 2 defeats comes Zaragoza, which comes out deformed with 4 defeats, 2 victories in the last 6 of Segunda. G / G in the last 4 away games Vallecano which in 18 away games has a total of goals (23-23). G/G

    ** SEVILLE - EPSBAR: Sevilla comes from a double (0-3) in Leganes, which remains undefeated in the last 10 games of La Liga. From home defeat comes Eibar with 2 wins 2 draws 3 losses in 7 immediately before. Seville Over 1.5, in total Over 2.5 and - 1 -.

    ** MOREIRENSE - SPORTING LISAVONAS: Only Rio Ave lost to Moreirense in the last 11 games of the league. From 4 wins 1 draw comes Sporting L with an easy goal. G/G

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Press Releases

Spectacular pandemonium with 0% rake and Bet Builder!

The 4η their racing Super League play offs ends tonight with two great games! Aris - PAOK (19:15) and AEK - Olympiacos (21:30), with the interest focusing on the effort of the "Biceps" to occupy the second place!

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In the middle of the week, the Cup final in which AEK and Olympiacos will participate became known. The Union overcame the obstacle of Aris in overtime while Olympiakos submitted PAOK. Now, the championship is back with the two games taking their breath away!

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Η δράση has continuity in Series A, With the Milan to host the Roma in a game that could once have been a title derby! This season, the "Rossoneri" are struggling to find themselves in the top six and European tickets while the "Gialorosi" want to exhaust their chances of entering the top six. What will happen tonight? Will the Milanese or the Romans be the winners of the great game?

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The whole Premier League game with 0% rake! Great return of Serie A!

It is a fact! The Premier League is here again! The 30th game continues today with four great matches. Watford - Leicester, Brighton - Arsenal, West Ham - Wolves and Bournemouth - Crystal Palace.

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Italian football fans are back on the ramparts due to the resumption of Serie A next weekend, with four postponed matches. The day before yesterday, the Cup final was held, with Napoli winning the title in the penalty shootout. Now the action continues with the championship!

Those who expected this year's scudetto to be the most exciting in terms of title claim have been vindicated, with Juventus and Lazio to have distance of a degree and the finale foretells exciting! And if the "Bianconeri" were considered the favorites last summer, the "Latsiali" have been a pleasant surprise, with Immobile leading them safely (27 goals in 26 games).

In the following positions they give European ticketsThe Inter, who could not withstand the pressure of the championship, is expected to be in his groups Champions League. For the fourth and last place that leads to the top inter-club competition, they are arguing Atalanta, Roma and the Cup Winner Napoli, while for his three positions Europa League there are potentially seven teams claiming them (Milan, Verona, Sassuolo, Cagliari, Fiorentina).

At tail, where interest is always undiminished, the Udinese and Turin struggling to escape once and for all, with Genoa's teams (Sampdoria, Genoa) and the Let's go ready to give it their all to avoid the fatal, to follow them almost convicted SPAL and Brescia in Serie B..

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Super action in the weekend.

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The Spanish LA Liga starts with Live Streaming and 0% rake!

The resumption of La Liga, the top division in Spanish football, takes place tonight with the first game of 28th match, the ultimate Andalusian derby. Sevilla against Betis and whoever endures! Third hosts, 12The the guests, however, the score does not play a role in these games. The common goal of victory, both for the "reds" and for the "greens" of Seville. In the first round, Sevilla beat Betis' headquarters, prevailing with a score of 2-1 (Okabos, De Jong-Moron the scorers).

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Regardless of the venue, at La Liga level, the two teams have met 96 times, with Sevilla counting 45 wins over Betis' 29 while 22 matches ended in a draw. What will happen tonight at Ramon Sanchez Pithuan?

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Crosses in Greece and in the play offs - outs with 0% rake!

Its top category Greek football returns today after 97 days off with 1th competitive, both play offs as well play outs to be in the center!

As for play offs, o Olympic (66) starts with a 14 point lead from him PAOK (52) and is the absolute favorite for the title. The "Northern Biceps" will give its own battle for the second place with AEK located one degree back (51). From then on, o Panathinaikos (44) is less likely to occupy the second position and the OFI and Mars complete the six, having 34 points each.

Tonight, at "Kleanthis Vikelidis", o Mars welcomes the OFI in a match in which the "yellow-blacks" are the favorite, based on the performance sets. In the regular season, however, the two teams drew 1-1 (XNUMX-XNUMX) in Thessaloniki, with Megiados putting the Cretans ahead and Sasha equalizing for the hosts.

The first match ends tomorrow with two great derbies, PAOK - Olympiacos (19:30) and AEK - Panathinaikos (21:30)!

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Germany and Poland with 0% rake!

Η 29η Bundesliga match continues today with their main menu five confrontations. Four of them are being held in 16:30, only the match Bayern - Fortuna is set for them 19:30.

In Berlin, the Herta treats Augsburg and wants to continue its upward course. He plays very good football after the restart and wants to exhaust every chance of entering the top six. Guests will be happy to stay away from any risk of demotion.

On our Wolfsburg, the local team welcomes Eintracht, in a game in which goal and spectacle are expected. Both opponents have shown their willingness, constantly scoring the last games. The hosts aim to stay in the top six, the guests in the maintenance away from the 16η position leading to barrage matches with her team Tsvaiteliga.

There are similar incentives in matches Mainz - Hoffenheim and Schalke - Werder. In other words, these are teams that either hope to enter the top six or are in danger of relegation.

The tonight's program completed with Bayern to oppose with Fortuna. With a few essentials, the Bavarians want to achieve another victory that will allow them to get even closer to this year's title. Fortuna is in a difficult position and will have to recover if it wants to play in the new season in the Bundesliga.

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European championships start again at Pamestoixima.gr!

And in Poland 0% rake!

The action does not end here but continues in 21:00 with her derby Polish I was distracted returning this weekend. Lech Poznan against Legia for 27η match in a great match. Pioneer the Legia, fifth h Lech, with nine points to separate them. However, games between them are always of particular interest. The delivery is shared on their last 10 appointments at Poznan (with 4/4 no goal at last), four home wins, four away wins and two draws.

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